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1Sammelwerk  Medieval Shakespeare
Morse, RuthCooper, HelenHolland, Peter [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge, UK [u.a.] (2013)

2Monographie  Shakespeare and the Middle ages
Cooper, Helen. - Cambridge (2006)

3Monographie  The English Romance in Time: Transforming Motifs from Geoffrey of Monmouth to the Death of Shakespeare
Cooper, Helen. - Oxford [u.a.] (2004)

4Monographie  Le morte Darthur: the Winchester manuscript / Sir Thomas Malory.
Malory, Thomas. Cooper, Helen [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (1998)

5Sammelwerk  The Long Fifteenth Century. Essays for Douglas Gray
Cooper, HelenMapstone, Sally L. [Hrsg.]. - Oxford (1997)

6Monographie  The Canterbury Tales
Cooper, Helen. - Oxford (1996)

7Monographie  The Structure of the Canterbury Tales
Cooper, Helen. - Athens, Ga. (1983)

8Monographie  Pastoral: Medieval into Renaissance
Cooper, Helen. - Totowa, NJ (1977)

9Buchbeitrag  Sir Thopas's mourning maidens
Cooper, Helen. (2018) - In: Essays Stephanie Trigg S. 42-55

10Buchbeitrag  A Bibliography of Helen Cooper's Published Works
Cooper, Helen. (2016) - In: Essays Helen Cooper S. 279-284

11Buchbeitrag  "The most excellent creatures are not ever born perfect”: early modern attitudes to Middle English
Cooper, Helen. (2016) - In: Imagining medieval English. Language structures and theories, 500-1500 S. 241-260

12Buchbeitrag  Arthur in transition: Malory's Morte Darthur
Cooper, Helen. (2015) - In: Romance and history. Imagining time from the medieval to the early modern period S. 120-136

13Artikel  (Plenary) 'Chaucer at the Edge: Middle English and the Rhetorical Tradition'
Cooper, Helen. (2015) - In: Marginalia Bd. 19 (2015)

14Buchbeitrag  Afterword: Malory's Enigmatic Smiles
Cooper, Helen. (2015) - In: Emotions in medieval Arthurian literature S. 181-188

15Buchbeitrag  Romance Patterns of Naming in Piers Plowman
Cooper, Helen. (2014) - In: FS A. V. C. Schmidt S. 37-64

16Buchbeitrag  The Ends of Storytelling
Cooper, Helen. (2013) - In: Traditions and innovations in the study of Middle English literature S. 188-201

17Artikel  Medieval Drama in the Elizabethan Age
Cooper, Helen. (2013 - 2014) - In: Selim Bd. 20 (2013/14) S. 237-262

18Buchbeitrag  The afterlife of personification
Cooper, Helen. (2013) - In: Medieval Shakespeare S. 98-116

19Buchbeitrag  Literary reformations of the Middle Ages
Cooper, Helen. (2011) - In: The Cambridge companion to medieval English culture S. 261-278

20Buchbeitrag  Choosing Poetic Fathers: The English Problem
Cooper, Helen. (2011) - In: Medieval and early modern authorship S. 29-50

21Buchbeitrag  Poetic fame
Cooper, Helen. (2010) - In: Cultural reformations. Medieval and renaissance in literary history S. 361-378

22Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Cooper, Helen. (2010) - In: Chaucer and religion S. XI-XIX

23Artikel  Malorys for Teaching and Reading
Cooper, Helen. (2010) - In: Arthuriana Bd. 20, 1 (2010) S. 95-99

24Buchbeitrag  Translation and Adaptation
Cooper, Helen. (2009) - In: A concise companion to Middle English literature S. 166-187

25Buchbeitrag  When Romance Comes True
Cooper, Helen. (2008) - In: Boundaries in medieval romance S. 13-28

26Buchbeitrag  Guy as Early Modern English Hero
Cooper, Helen. (2007) - In: Guy of Warwick. Icon and ancestor S. 185-199

27Buchbeitrag  Guy as early modern English hero
Cooper, Helen. (2007) - In: Guy of Warwick. Icon and ancestor S. 201-214

28Buchbeitrag  London and Southwark Poetic Companies: 'Si tost c'amis' and the Canterbury Tales
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Chaucer and the City S. 109-125

29Buchbeitrag  Chaucer, Geoffrey (ca. 1342-1400)
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Key figures in medieval Europe S. 131-135

30Artikel  Lancelot's Wives
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Arthuriana Bd. 16, 2 (2006) S. 59-62

31Buchbeitrag  A Tale of Robin Hood: Robin Hood as Bishop
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Essays Stephen Knight S. 75-90

32Buchbeitrag  Love before Troilus
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Writings on Love in the English Middle Ages S. 25-44

33Buchbeitrag  Lancelot, Roger Mortimer and the Date of the Auchinleck Manuscript
Cooper, Helen. (2005) - In: Studies John Scattergood S. 91-99

34Buchbeitrag  The classical background
Cooper, Helen. (2005) - In: Chaucer. An Oxford Guide S. 255-271

35Buchbeitrag  Thomas of Erceldoune: Romance as Prophecy
Cooper, Helen. (2005) - In: Cultural Encounters in the Romance of Medieval England S. 171-187

36Buchbeitrag  Prose Romances
Cooper, Helen. (2004) - In: A Companion to Middle English Prose S. 215-230

37Buchbeitrag  Malory's Language of Love
Cooper, Helen. (2004) - In: Arthurian studies P. J. C. Field S. 297-306

38Buchbeitrag  Speaking for the victim
Cooper, Helen. (2004) - In: Writing war. Medieval literary responses to warfare S. 213-231

39Buchbeitrag  Textual tradition and the alliterative tradition: "Canterbury tales" I.2602-2619, the D Group and Takayima MS 32
Cooper, Helen. (2004) - In: Essays Toshiyuki Takamiya S. 71-80

40Buchbeitrag  Good Advice on Leaving Home in the Romances
Cooper, Helen. (2004) - In: Youth in the Middle Ages S. 101-122

41Buchbeitrag  Malory and the Early Prose Romances
Cooper, Helen. (2004) - In: A Companion to Romance S. 104-120

42Buchbeitrag  'This worthy olde writer': "Pericles" and other Gowers, 1592-1640
Cooper, Helen. (2004) - In: A Companion to Gower S. 99-113

43Artikel  After Chaucer
Cooper, Helen. (2003) - In: Studies in the age of Chaucer Bd. 25 (2003) S. 1-24

44Buchbeitrag  Chesterton, G. K.
Cooper, Helen. (2003) - In: The Oxford companion to Chaucer S. 92

45Buchbeitrag  Women
Cooper, Helen. (2003) - In: The Oxford companion to Chaucer S. 493-496

46Buchbeitrag  II: Chaucerian poetics
Cooper, Helen. (2003) - In: New readings of Chaucer's poetry S. 31-50

47Buchbeitrag  I: Chaucerian representation
Cooper, Helen. (2003) - In: New readings of Chaucer's poetry S. 7-29

48Buchbeitrag  The Lancelot-Grail Cycle in England: Malory and His Predecessors
Cooper, Helen. (2003) - In: A companion to the Lancelot-Grail cycle S. 147-162

49Buchbeitrag  The Frame
Cooper, Helen. (2002) - In: Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales 1 S. 1-22

50Artikel  Chaucer's Self-Fashioning
Cooper, Helen. (2001) - In: Poetica (Tokyo) Bd. 55 (2001) S. 55-74

51Buchbeitrag  An encyclopedia of kinds
Cooper, Helen. (2001) - In: Chaucer. Blackwell Guides to Criticism S. 218-239

52Buchbeitrag  Opening up the Malory manuscript
Cooper, Helen. (2000) - In: The Malory Debate. Essays on the Texts of Le Morte Darthur S. 255-283

53Artikel  Responding to the monk
Cooper, Helen. (2000) - In: Studies in the age of Chaucer Bd. 22 (2000) S. 425-433

54Buchbeitrag  The Elizabethan Havelok: William Warner's first of the English
Cooper, Helen. (2000) - In: Medieval Insular Romance. Translation and Innovation S. 169-183

55Buchbeitrag  The four last things in Dante and Chaucer: Ugolino in the House of Rumour
Cooper, Helen. (1999) - In: New Medieval Literatures 3 S. 39-66

56Buchbeitrag  The strange history of Valentine and Orson
Cooper, Helen. (1999) - In: Tradition and Transformation in Medieval Romance S. 153-168

57Artikel  The four last things in Dante and Chaucer: Ugolino in the house of rumour
Cooper, Helen. (1999) - In: New medieval literatures Bd. 3 (1999) S. 39-66

58Buchbeitrag  Romance after 1400
Cooper, Helen. (1999) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval English Literature S. 690-719

59Buchbeitrag  Averting Chaucer's prophecies: miswriting, mismetering, and misunderstanding
Cooper, Helen. (1998) - In: A Guide to Editing Middle English S. 79-93

60Buchbeitrag  Jacobean Chaucer: "The two noble kinsmen" and other Chaucerian plays
Cooper, Helen. (1998) - In: Refiguring Chaucer in the Renaissance S. 189-209

61Buchbeitrag  Art. Chaucer, Geoffrey (ca. 1342-1400)
Cooper, Helen. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia S. 172-175

62Buchbeitrag  Counter-romance: civil strife and father-killing in the prose romances
Cooper, Helen. (1997) - In: Essays Douglas Gray S. 141-162

63Buchbeitrag  Romance after Bosworth
Cooper, Helen. (1997) - In: The Court and Cultural Diversity S. 149-157

64Buchbeitrag  M for Merlin: The Case of the Winchester Manuscript
Cooper, Helen. (1997) - In: Essays Tadahiro Ikegami S. 93-107

65Buchbeitrag  The supernatural
Cooper, Helen. (1997) - In: A Companion to the Gawain-Poet S. 277-291

66Buchbeitrag  The Book of Sir Tristram de Lyones
Cooper, Helen. (1996) - In: A Companion to Malory S. 183-201

67Buchbeitrag  The order of the tales in the Ellesmere manuscript
Cooper, Helen. (1995) - In: The Ellesmere Chaucer S. 245-261

68Buchbeitrag  Generic variations on the theme of poetic and civil authority
Cooper, Helen. (1991) - In: Poetics. Theory and Practice in Medieval English Literature S. 83-103

69Artikel  Gender and personification in Piers Plowman
Cooper, Helen. (1991) - In: The yearbook of Langland studies Bd. 5 (1991) S. 31-48

70Buchbeitrag  The shape-shiftings of the Wife of Bath, 1395-1670
Cooper, Helen. (1990) - In: Studies Derek Brewer S. 168-184

71Artikel  "Peised evene in the balance": a thematic rhetorical topos in the "Confessio amantis"
Cooper, Helen. (1990) - In: Mediaevalia Bd. 16 (1990) S. 113-139

72Buchbeitrag  Chaucer and Ovid: a question of authority
Cooper, Helen. (1988) - In: Ovid Renewed. Ovidian Influences on Literature and Art from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century S. 71-81

73Artikel  Langland's and Chaucer's prologues
Cooper, Helen. (1987) - In: The yearbook of Langland studies Bd. 1 (1987) S. 71-81

74Artikel  Chaucer and Joyce.
Cooper, Helen. (1986) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 21 (1986) S. 142-154

75Artikel  Wyatt and Chaucer: a re-appraisal
Cooper, Helen. (1983) - In: Leeds studies in English Ser. NS, Bd. 14 (1983) S. 104-123

76Buchbeitrag  The girl with two lovers: four Canterbury tales
Cooper, Helen. (1981) - In: Studies J. A. W. Bennett S. 65-79

77Artikel  Magic that does work
Cooper, Helen. (1976) - In: Medievalia et humanistica Ser. NS, Bd. 7 (1976) S. 131-146

78Artikel  The goat and the eclogue
Cooper, Helen. (1974) - In: Philological quarterly Bd. 53 (1974) S. 368-379

79Artikel  The scales of justice and "The woman taken in adultery"
Cooper, Helen. (1973) - In: Parergon Bd. 5 (1973) S. 16-20

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