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1Monographie  Hope Allen's writings ascribed to Richard Rolle: a corrected list of copies
Doyle, Anthony Ian. - Turnhout (2019)

2Sammelwerk  Manuscript treasures of Durham Cathedral
Gameson, RichardDoyle, Anthony Ian [Hrsg.]. - London (2010)

3Monographie  A facsimile of the autograph verse manuscripts: Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino (California), MSS HM III and HM 744 ; University Library, Durham (England), MS Cosin V. III. 9
Hoccleve, Thomas. Burrow, John AnthonyDoyle, Anthony Ian [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2002)

4Sammelwerk  Church and crown in the fourteenth century. Studies in European history and political thought
Offler, Hilary Seton. Doyle, Anthony Ian [Hrsg.]. - Aldershot [u.a.] (2000)

5Monographie  The Vernon manuscript: a facs. of Bodleian Libr., Oxford, MS. Eng. poet. a.1
Doyle, Anthony Ian. - Cambridge (1987)

6Sachtitel  The Vernon Manuscript, A Facsimile
Doyle, Anthony Ian [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge (1987)

7Monographie  A survey of the origins and circulation of theological writings in English in the 14th, 15th and early 16th centuries, with special consideration of the part of the clergy therein.
Doyle, Anthony Ian. - [University of Cambridge] (1952)

8Buchbeitrag  A miracle of St Hilda in a migrating manuscript
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2017) - In: Essays Richard N. Bailey S. 243-247

9Buchbeitrag  The Migration of a Fifteenth-Century Miscellany
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2017) - In: Essays Ralph Hanna S. 113-124

10Buchbeitrag  Recent Directions in Medieval Manuscript Study
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2014) - In: New directions in medieval manuscript studies and reading practices S. 1-14

11Buchbeitrag  Books with Marginalia from St. Mark's Hospital, Bristol
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2014) - In: Essays Derek Pearsall (2014) S. 177-191

12Buchbeitrag  The Two Issues of Mores Book against Luther
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2014) - In: Essays A. S. G. Edwards S. 105-120

13Buchbeitrag  Codicology, Palaeography, and Provenance
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2013) - In: The making of the Vernon manuscript S. 3-26

14Buchbeitrag  William Darker: the Work of an English Carthusian Scribe
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2011) - In: Medieval manuscripts, their makers and users S. 199-212

15Buchbeitrag  The Production of Copies of the Canterbury Tales and the Confessio Amantis in the Early Fifteenth Century
Doyle, Anthony IanParkes, Malcolm Beckwith. (2010) - In: The history of the book in the West. A library of critical essays Tl. I S. 361-408

16Buchbeitrag  The portrait of Laurence of Durham as scribe
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2010) - In: Glosses Christopher de Hamel S. 11-16

17Buchbeitrag  Penwork Flourishing of Initials in England from c.1380
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2009) - In: Tributes Kathleen L. Scott S. 65-72

18Artikel  Elements of Medieval English Codicology (1944)
Ker, Neil RipleyDoyle, Anthony Ian. (2008) - In: English manuscript studies 1100-1700 Bd. 14 (2008) S. 244-250

19Buchbeitrag  A manuscript of Petrus Dorlandus of Diest's "Viola animae"
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2008) - In: Studies in Carthusian monasticism in the late middle ages S. 155-162

20Artikel  The Speculum Spintuakum from Manuscript to Print
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2008) - In: Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of manuscripts and printing history Bd. 11 (2008) S. 145-154

21Buchbeitrag  A letter written by Thomas Betson, Brother of Syon Abbey
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2004) - In: Essays Toshiyuki Takamiya S. 255-267

22Buchbeitrag  Neil Ripley Ker: 1908-1982
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2002) - In: Interpreters of early medieval Britain S. 472-482

23Buchbeitrag  The libraries of the Carthusians
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2001) - In: Syon Abbey (Corpus of British medieval library catalogues) S. 607-652

24Buchbeitrag  Recent directions in medieval manuscript study
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2000) - In: New Directions in Later Medieval Manuscript Studies S. 1-14

25Buchbeitrag  Ushaw College, Durham, MS 50. Fragments of the Prick of Conscience, by the same scribe as Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS 201, of the B text of Piers Plowman
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (2000) - In: Studies Jeremy Griffiths S. 43-49

26Buchbeitrag  English Carthusian books not yet linked with a charterhouse
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1998) - In: Essays William O' Sullivan S. 122-136

27Buchbeitrag  Bede's Death Song in Durham Cathedral Library, MS. A.IV.36
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1998) - In: Symeon of Durham. Historian of Durham and the North S. 157-160

28Buchbeitrag  The Original and Later Structure of Durham University Library, MS Cosin V.II.6
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1998) - In: Symeon of Durham. Historian of Durham and the North S. 120-127

29Buchbeitrag  William Claxton and the Durham Chronicles
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1997) - In: Essays Andrew Watson S. 335-355

30Buchbeitrag  Stephen Dodesham of Witham and Sheen.
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1997) - In: Essays M. B. Parkes S. 94-115

31Buchbeitrag  De iniusta vexacione Willelmi episcope primi per Willelmum regem filium Wellelmi magni Regis
Piper, Alan J.Doyle, Anthony Ian [Bearb.]. Offler, Hilary Seton [Hrsg.]. (1997) - In: Chronology, conquest and conflict

32Buchbeitrag  The study of Nicholas Love's Mirror, retrospect and prospect.
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1997) - In: Nicholas Love at Waseda S. 163-174

33Buchbeitrag  The copyist of the Ellesmere Canterbury Tales
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1995) - In: The Ellesmere Chaucer S. 49-67

34Buchbeitrag  Lectulus noster floridus: an allegory of the penitent soul
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1995) - In: Studies Siegfried Wenzel S. 179-190

35Buchbeitrag  A bibliography of the published writings of A.I. Doyle.
Rainey, E.. Doyle, Anthony Ian [Bearb.]. (1995) - In: Studies A. I. Doyle (1995) S. 420-433

36Artikel  Recusant versions of the Meditationes vitae Christi
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1994 - 1996) - In: The Bodleian Library record Bd. 15 (1994/96) S. 411-413

37Buchbeitrag  A palaeographer's view
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1994) - In: Speaking in our tongues. Proceedings S. 93-97

38Buchbeitrag  Microfilms of Parkminster Manuscripts
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1993) - In: Die Kartäuser und ihre Welt. Kontakte und gegenseitige Einflüsse Tl. 2 S. 294

39Buchbeitrag  A fragment of an eighth-century Northumbrian office book.
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1992) - In: Studies Helmut Gneuss S. 11-27

40Buchbeitrag  Book production by the monastic orders in England (c.1375-1530): assessing the evidence
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1990) - In: Medieval book production S. 1-19

41Buchbeitrag  The English provincial book trade before printing
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1990) - In: Six Centuries of the Provincial Book Trade in Britain S. 13-29

42Buchbeitrag  Beverley Minster before the early thirteenth century
Morris, Richard K.Cambridge, EricDoyle, Anthony Ian. (1989) - In: Medieval Art and Architecture in the East Riding of Yorkshire S. 9-32

43Buchbeitrag  The European circulation of three Latin spiritual texts
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1989) - In: Latin and vernacular S. 129-146

44Buchbeitrag  Publication by members of the religious orders
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1989) - In: Book production and publishing in Britain S. 109-123

45Buchbeitrag  How could ISTC help to integrate the study of medieval manuscript & printed books?
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1987) - In: Bibliography and the study of 15th-century civilisation S. 35-38

46Buchbeitrag  Remarks on the surviving manuscripts of Piers Plowman
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1986) - In: Essays G. H. Russell S. 35-48

47Artikel  Reflections on some manuscripts of Nicholas Love's Myrrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1983) - In: Leeds studies in English Ser. NS, Bd. 14 (1983) S. 82-93

48Buchbeitrag  Retrospect and prospect
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1983) - In: Manuscripts and Readers in Fifteenth-Century England S. 142-146

49Buchbeitrag  English books in and out of court from Edward III to Henry VII
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1983) - In: English Court Culture in the Later Middle Ages S. 163-181

50Buchbeitrag  The manuscripts
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1982) - In: Middle English Alliterative Poetry and its Literary Background S. 88-100, 142-147

51Buchbeitrag  Carthusian participation in the movement of Works of Richard Rolle between England and other parts of Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1981) - In: Kartäusermystik und -Mystiker Tl. 2 S. 109-120

52Buchbeitrag  Early 15th-century copies of Gower's Confessio Amantis and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1981) - In: Buch und Text im 15. Jahrhundert S. 47-50

53Buchbeitrag  University College, Oxford, MS. 97 and its relationship to the Simeon Manuscript (British Library Add. 22283)
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1981) - In: Essays Angus McIntosh S. 265-282, 401-405

54Buchbeitrag  Problems in recording the contents of the Cosin manuscripts
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1981) - In: Middle English Prose. Essays on Bibliographical Problems S. 65-80

55Buchbeitrag  The production of copies of the Canterbury Tales and the Confessio Amantis in the early fifteenth century
Doyle, Anthony IanParkes, Malcolm Beckwith. (1978) - In: Essays N. R. Ker S. 163-210

56Buchbeitrag  Further observations on Durham Cathedral Ms. A.IV.34
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1976) - In: Essays G. I. Lieftinck S. 35-47

57Artikel  Further texts of Chaucer's minor poems
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1975) - In: Studies in Bibliography. Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia Bd. 28 (1975) S. 41-61

58Buchbeitrag  The shaping of the Vernon and Simeon manuscripts
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1974) - In: Studies Rossell Hope Robbins S. 328-341

59Artikel  A new Chaucer manuscript
Doyle, Anthony IanPace, George Blocker. (1968) - In: Publications of the Modern Language Association of America Bd. 83 (1968) S. 22-34

60Buchbeitrag  A text attributed to Ruusbroec circulating in England.
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1964) - In: Opstellen Leonce Reypens S. 153-171

61Artikel  More light on John Shirley
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1961) - In: Medium aevum Bd. 30 (1961) S. 93-101

62Artikel  An Unrecognized Piece of "Piers the Ploughman's Creed" and Other Work by Its Scribe
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1959) - In: Speculum Bd. 34 (1959) S. 428-436

63Artikel  A Scottish Augustinian psalter
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1957) - In: The Innes Review Bd. 8 (1957) S. 75-85

64Artikel  Adversaria from a Rouen breviary
Allen, L.Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1956) - In: Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance Bd. 18 (1956) S. 114-119

65Artikel  The Work of a Late Fifteenth-Century English Scribe, William Ebesham.
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1956 - 1957) - In: Bulletin of the John Rylands Library Bd. 39 (1956/57) S. 298-325

66Artikel  Books connected with the Vere family and Barking abbey
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1955 - 1960) - In: Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society Ser. NS, Bd. 25 (1955/60) S. 222-243

67Artikel  Two medieval calendars and other leaves removed by John Bowtell from University Library MSS.
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1949) - In: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society Bd. 1 (1949) S. 29-36

68Artikel  A prayer attributed to St Thomas Aquinas
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1948) - In: Dominican Studies Bd. 1 (1948) S. 229-238

69Artikel  Borley and the Waldergraves in the Sixteenth Century
Doyle, Anthony Ian. (1944 - 1949) - In: Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society Ser. NS, Bd. 24 (1944/49) S. 17-31

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