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1Sammelwerk  The instant of change in medieval philosophy and beyond
Duba, William OwenSchabel, Christopher [Bearb.]. Goubier, FrédéricRoques, Magali [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2018)

2Monographie  The forge of doctrine: the academic year 1330-31 and the rise of scotism at the University of Paris
Duba, William Owen. - Turnhout (2017)

3Sammelwerk  Studies in later Medieval intellectual history in honor of William J. Courtenay
Duba, William OwenFriedman, Russell L.Schabel, Christopher [Hrsg.]. - Leuven [u.a.] (2017)

4Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Duba, William Owen. (2016)

5Sachtitel  Bullarium Hellenicum: Pope Honorius III's letters to Frankish Greece and Constantinople ; (1216 - 1227)
Duba, William OwenSchabel, Christopher [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2015)

6Sammelwerk  Medieval supposition theory revisited: studies in memory of L.M. de Rijk
Braakhuis, Henk A. G.Duba, William OwenKneepkens, Corneille HenriSchabel, Christopher [Bearb.]. Bos, Egbert Peter [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2013)

7Sachtitel  Actes de Famagouste du notaire génois Lamberto di Sambuceto (décembre 1299-septembre 1300),
Balard, MichelSchabel, ChristopherDuba, William Owen [Hrsg.]. - Nicosia (2012)

8Monographie  Seeing God: Theology, beatitude and cognition in the thirteenth century
Duba, William Owen. - [University of Iowa] (2006)

9Artikel  Dante, Paris, and the Benefactor of Saint-Jacques
Duba, William Owen. (2020) - In: Vivarium Bd. 58 (2020) S. 65-88

10Artikel  The Bull in the Book: A 1308 Witness to the Career of Francesco Caracciolo, Chancellor of Paris
Duba, William Owen. (2020) - In: Fragmentology Bd. 3 (2020) S. 141-148

11Buchbeitrag  The Human Soul: Definitions and Differentiae in Late-Medieval Commentaries on the Sentences
Duba, William OwenRibordy, Olivier. (2020) - In: Philosophical psychology in late-medieval commentaries on Peter Lombard's 'Sentences' S. 197-226

12Buchbeitrag  'Fragmentarium‘
Duba, William Owen. (2019) - In: Digitale Mediävistik und der deutschsprachige Raum S. 221-223

13Buchbeitrag  Mathematical and Metaphysical Space in the Early Fourteenth Century
Duba, William Owen. (2019) - In: Space, imagination and the cosmos from antiquity to the early modern period S. 91-106

14Artikel  Fragments and Fragmentology (Editorial)
Duba, William OwenFlüeler, Christoph. (2018) - In: Fragmentology Bd. 1 (2018) S. 1-5

15Buchbeitrag  Quasi-Aristotelians and Proto-Scotists
Duba, William Owen. (2018) - In: The instant of change in medieval philosophy and beyond S. 60-84

16Buchbeitrag  Instrumenta Miscellanea Cypria. A Catalogue of Cypriot Documents in the Instrumenta Miscellanea of the Vatican Archives
Schabel, ChristopherDuba, William Owen. (2018) - In: Studi Sergio Pagano Tl. 2 S. 807-820

17Artikel  Fragments and Fakes: The Arbor consanguinitatis of the Fondation Martin Bodmer and a Contemporary Forgery
Duba, William OwenFlüeler, Christoph. (2018) - In: Fragmentology Bd. 1 (2018) S. 121-153

18Buchbeitrag  From Scotus to the Platonid: Hugh of Novocastro, Landulph Caracciolo, and Francis of Meyronnes
Duba, William Owen. (2018) - In: Divine ideas in Franciscan thought (XIIIth-XIVth century) S. 239-370

19Buchbeitrag  Illi sollertissimi philosophi erraverunt in multis. The Eternity of the World among Early Scotists, with Editions of Questions by Hugh of Novocastro and Landolfo Caracciolo
Duba, William Owen. (2017) - In: Studies William J. Courtenay S. 145-256

20Buchbeitrag  Franciscan Mixtures: William of Brienne on the elements
Duba, William Owen. (2017) - In: Materia. Nouvelles perspectives de recherche dans la pensée et la culture médiévales S. 123-150

21Buchbeitrag  Auctoritates and Aristoteles in Peter Auriol
Duba, William Owen. (2017) - In: Les Auctoritates Aristotelis, leur utilisation et leur influence chez les auteurs médiévaux S. 155-186

22Artikel  Quasi-Aristotelians and Proto-Scotists
Duba, William Owen. (2017) - In: Vivarium Bd. 55 (2017) S. 60-84

23Artikel  Remigio, Auriol, Scotus, and the Myth of the Two-Year Sentences Lecture at Paris
Duba, William OwenSchabel, Christopher. (2017) - In: Recherches de théologie et philosophie médiévales Bd. 84 (2017) S. 143-179

24Buchbeitrag  Masters and Bachelors at Paris in 1319: The "lectio finalis" of Landolfo Caracciolo, OFM
Duba, William Owen. (2016) - In: Schüler und Meister S. 315-365

25Buchbeitrag  Landolfo Caracciolo, 'In tertium librum Sententiarum', d. 40, q. unica
Caracciolo, Landolfo. Schabel, ChristopherDuba, William Owen [Hrsg.]. (2016) - In: Schüler und Meister S. 366-370

26Buchbeitrag  Rebuilding the Stemma: Understanding the Manuscript Tradition of Francis of Marchia's Commentaries on Book II of the Sentences
Duba, William Owen. (2014) - In: Durand of Saint-Pourçain and his Sentences commentary S. 119-170

27Artikel  Aristotle in Hell and Aquinas in Heaven: Hugo de Novocastro, OFM and Durandus de Aureliaco, OP
Duba, William Owen. (2014) - In: Bulletin de philosophie médiévale Bd. 56 (2014) S. 183-194

28Buchbeitrag  The Man in the Middle: Peter Auriol's Syllogistic Commentaries on the Gospel of John
Duba, William Owen. (2014) - In: "In principio erat Verbum". Philosophy and theology S. 229-246

29Buchbeitrag  Three Franciscan Metaphysicians after Scotus: Antonius Andreae, Francis of Marchia, and Nicholas Bonet
Duba, William Owen. (2014) - In: A companion to the Latin medieval commentaries on Aristotle's Metaphysics S. 413-494

30Buchbeitrag  Faith in Francis of Meyronnes' Commentary on Book III of the Sentences and in the Tractatus de virtutibus .
Duba, William Owen. (2014) - In: Fides Virtus. The Virtue of Faith from the Twelfth to the Early Sixteenth Century S. 315-334

31Buchbeitrag  Destroying the Text: Contemporary Interpretations of John XXII's 'Constitutiones'
Duba, William Owen. (2014) - In: Papst Johannes XXII. Konzepte und Verfahren seines Pontifikats S. 41-74

32Buchbeitrag  Conversion, vision and faith in the life and works of Richard FitzRalph
Duba, William Owen. (2013) - In: Richard FitzRalph. His life, times and thought S. 103-127

33Buchbeitrag  The Ontologica! Repercussions of Francis of Marchia's Distinction between Determination de possibili and de inesse
Duba, William Owen. (2012) - In: Contingenza e libertà. Teorie francescane del primo Trecento S. 177-202

34Buchbeitrag  The Souls after Vienne: Franciscan Theologians' Views on the Plurality of Forms and the Plurality of Souls, ca. 1315-30
Duba, William Owen. (2012) - In: Psychology and the other disciplines S. 171-272

35Buchbeitrag  The Legacy of the Bologna Studium in Peter Auriol's Hylomorphism
Duba, William Owen. (2012) - In: Philosophy and theology in the studia of the religious orders and at papal and royal courts S. 277-302

36Artikel  Ni chose, ni non-chose: The Sentences-Commentary of Himbertus de Garda, OFM
Duba, William OwenSchabel, Christopher. (2011) - In: Bulletin de philosophie médiévale Bd. 53 (2011) S. 149-232

37Buchbeitrag  Francis of Meyronnes
Duba, William Owen. (2011) - In: Encyclopedia of medieval philosophy. Philosophy between 500 and 1500 S. 364-366

38Buchbeitrag  What is Actually the Matter with Scotus? Landolfo Caracciolo on Objective Potency and Hylomorphic Unity
Duba, William Owen. (2010) - In: Lo scotismo nel Mezzogiorno d'Italia S. 269-302

39Buchbeitrag  Pierre de Jean Olivi et l'action instantanée
Duba, William Owen. (2010) - In: Pierre de Jean Olivi, philosophe et théologien S. 169-180

40Artikel  Neither First, nor Second, nor... in his Commentary on the Sentences. Francis of Marchia's intentiones neutrae
Duba, William Owen. (2010) - In: Quaestio Bd. 10 (2010) S. 285-314

41Artikel  The Beatific Vision in the Sentences Commentary of Gerald Odonis
Duba, William Owen. (2009) - In: Vivarium Bd. 47 (2009) S. 348-363

42Artikel  Peter Auriol the rhetorician: a recently discovered treatise on rhetorical figures
Duba, William Owen. (2009) - In: Bulletin de philosophie médiévale Bd. 51 (2009) S. 63-73

43Buchbeitrag  The Status of the Patriarch of Constantinople alter the Fourth Crusade
Duba, William Owen. (2008) - In: Diplomatics in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1000 - 1500 S. 63-92

44Buchbeitrag  Continental Franciscan Quodlibeta after Scotus
Duba, William Owen. (2007) - In: Theological quodlibeta in the Middle Ages. 2. The fourteenth century S. 569-650

45Artikel  The redactions of Francis of Marchia's Commentary on Book III of the Sentences
Duba, William OwenSchabel, Christopher. (2006 - 2008) - In: Picenum seraphicum Bd. 25/26 (2006/08) S. 69-100

46Buchbeitrag  Francis of Marchia on Christ's Cognition of the Word
Duba, William Owen. (2006) - In: Intellect et imagination dans la philosophie médiévale Tl. 3 S. 1613-1624

47Buchbeitrag  Moral Edifìcation, thè Searchfor Truth, and the Papal Court: Pierre Roger (Clement VI) and the Intellectual Atmosphere of Avignon
Duba, William Owen. (2006) - In: La vie culturelle, intellectuelle et scientifique à la cour des papes d'Avignon S. 303-318

48Buchbeitrag  Francesco di Marchia sull'Immaculata Concezione
Duba, William Owen. (2004) - In: Atti del 2 Convegno Internazionale su Francesco d'Appignano S. 59-75

49Artikel  Francesco di Marchia sulla conoscenza intuitiva mediata e mediata
Duba, William Owen. (2003 - 2004) - In: Picenum seraphicum Bd. 22/23 (2003/04) S. 121-157

50Artikel  Aristotle's Metaphysics in Peter Auriol's Commentary on the Sentences
Duba, William Owen. (2001) - In: Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale Bd. 12 (2001) S. 549-572

51Artikel  The Afterlife in Medieval Frankish Cyprus
Duba, William Owen. (2000) - In: Epitirida of the Cyprus Research Centre Bd. 26 (2000) S. 167-194

52Artikel  The Immaculate Conception in the works of Peter Auriol
Duba, William Owen. (2000) - In: Vivarium Bd. 38 (2000) S. 5-34

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