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1Sammelwerk  Die Bibel und die Frauen. Mittelalter. 6, 1: Zwischen Orient und Okzident: Frühmittelalter (6.-11. Jh.)
Consolino, Franca ElaHerrin, JudithFischer, Irmtraud [Hrsg.]. - Stuttgart (2019)

2Sammelwerk  Ravenna: its role in earlier medieval change and exchange
Herrin, JudithNelson, Jinty [Hrsg.]. - London (2016)

3Monographie  Byzanz: die erstaunliche Geschichte eines mittelalterlichen Imperiums
Herrin, Judith. - Stuttgart (2013)

4Monographie  Unrivalled influence: women and empire in Byzantium
Herrin, Judith. - Princeton, NJ [u.a.] (2013)

5Monographie  Margins and metropolis: authority across the Byzantine Empire
Herrin, Judith. - Princeton, NJ [u.a.] (2013)

6Sammelwerk  Identities and allegiances in the eastern Mediterranean after 1204
Herrin, JudithSaint-Guillain, Guillaume [Hrsg.]. - Farnham [u.a.] (2011)

7Monographie  Byzantium: the surprising life of a medieval empire
Herrin, Judith. - London (2008)

8Sammelwerk  Personification in the Greek World: from Antiquity to Byzantium
Stafford, EmmaHerrin, Judith [Hrsg.]. - Aldershot (2005)

9Sammelwerk  Porphyrogenita: essays on the history and literature of Byzantium and the Latin East in honour of Julian Chrysostomides
Dendrinos, CharalambosHarris, J.Harvalia-Crook, EireneHerrin, Judith [Hrsg.]. - Aldershot [u.a.] (2003)

10Sammelwerk  Mosaic. Festschrift for A.H.S. Megaw
Otten-Froux, CatherineHerrin, JudithMullett, Margaret E. [Hrsg.]. - London (2001)

11Monographie  Women in purple: three byzantine empresses
Herrin, Judith. - London (2001)

12Sammelwerk  A medieval miscellany
Labarge, Margaret Wade. Herrin, Judith [Hrsg.]. - London (1999)

13Monographie  The Formation of Christendom
Herrin, Judith. - Oxford (1987)

14Sammelwerk  Iconoclasm. Papers given at the Ninth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, University of Birmingham, March 1975
Bryer, Anthony Applemore Mornington. Bryer, Anthony Applemore MorningtonHerrin, Judith [Hrsg.]. - Birmingham (1977)

15Monographie  The social and economic structure of central Greece in the late twelfth century
Herrin, Judith. - [University of Birmingham] (1971 - 1972)

16Buchbeitrag  'Tantalus Ever in Tears': The Greek Anthologyas a Source of Emotions in Late Antiquity
Herrin, Judith. (2017) - In: Greek laughter and tears. Antiquity and after S. 75-86

17Buchbeitrag  The imperial feminine in Byzantium
Herrin, Judith. (2017) - In: Women in the Medieval world 4 S. 80-105

18Buchbeitrag  The icon corner in medieval Byzantium
Herrin, Judith. (2017) - In: Women in the Medieval world 1 S. 298-315

19Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Herrin, JudithNelson, Jinty. (2016) - In: Ravenna. Its role in earlier medieval change and exchange S. 1-13

20Artikel  Late antique origins of the 'Imperial Feminine': Western and Eastern empresses compared
Herrin, Judith. (2016) - In: Byzantinoslavica Bd. 74 (2016) S. 5-25

21Buchbeitrag  The Imperial Palace of Ravenna
Herrin, Judith. (2015) - In: The Emperor's house. Palaces from Augustus to the Age of Absolutism S. 53-62

22Buchbeitrag  Urban riot or civic ritual? The crowd in early medieval Ravenna
Herrin, Judith. (2015) - In: Raum und Performanz. Rituale in Residenzen von der Antike bis 1815 S. 219-240

23Buchbeitrag  Les femmes de la cour à Byzance
Herrin, Judith. (2014) - In: Impératrices, princesses, aristocrates et saintes souveraines S. 55-70

24Buchbeitrag  Female Space at the Byzantine Court
Herrin, Judith. (2013) - In: The Byzantine Court. Source of Power and Culture S. 79-82

25Buchbeitrag  Renaissance Encounters. Byzantium meets the West at the Council of Ferrara-Florence 1438-39.
Herrin, JudithMcManus, Stuart M.. (2013) - In: Renaissance encounters. Greek East and Latin West S. 35-56

26Artikel  Annotated Bibliography of Recent Publications
Herrin, Judith. (2012) - In: Wiener Jahrbuch für Kunstgeschichte Bd. 60 (2012) S. 429-436

27Buchbeitrag  The Christian Imperial Tradition - Greek and Latin
Herrin, JudithAngelov, Dimiter Georgiev. (2012) - In: Universal empire. A comparative approach to imperial culture and representation in Eurasian history S. 149-174

28Buchbeitrag  Mères et filles impériales à Byzance
Herrin, Judith. (2012) - In: Les réseaux familiaux. Antiquité tardive et Moyen Âge S. 69-76

29Buchbeitrag  Thirteenth-century Prosopography and Refugees
Herrin, Judith. (2011) - In: Identities and allegiances in the eastern Mediterranean after 1204 S. 303-308

30Buchbeitrag  Le christianisme grec au risque de l'iconoclasme
Herrin, Judith. (2010) - In: Histoire générale du christianisme 1 S. 752-771

31Buchbeitrag  Chrétiens d'Orient et d'Occident: de la méconnaissance à la rupture (VIIe-XIe s.)
Herrin, Judith. (2010) - In: Histoire générale du christianisme 1 S. 709-726

32Buchbeitrag  La continuité de l'héritage romain chrétien
Herrin, Judith. (2010) - In: Histoire générale du christianisme 1 S. 727-751

33Buchbeitrag  Book Burning as Purification
Herrin, Judith. (2009) - In: Essays Peter Brown (2009) S. 205-222

34Buchbeitrag  The Quinisext Council (692) as a Continuation of Chalcedon
Herrin, Judith. (2009) - In: Chalcedon in Context. Church Councils 400-700 S. 148-168

35Buchbeitrag  Byzantine Studies on Display
Herrin, Judith. (2007) - In: Proceedings of the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies (2006) Tl. 1 S. 3-12

36Buchbeitrag  Philippikos 'the Gentle"
Herrin, Judith. (2007) - In: Studies Averil Cameron S. 251-262

37Artikel  Turks: a Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600
Herrin, Judith. (2006) - In: History workshop journal Bd. 61 (2006) S. 238-242

38Buchbeitrag  Changing Functions of Monasteries for Women during Byzantine Iconoclasm
Herrin, Judith. (2006) - In: Byzantine women. Varieties of experience 800 - 1200 S. 1-16

39Buchbeitrag  The Icon Corner in Medieval Byzantium
Herrin, Judith. (2005) - In: Household, women, and christianities in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages S. 71-90

40Buchbeitrag  Political Power and Christian Faith in Byzantium: the Case of Irene (Regent 780-790, Emperor 797-802)
Herrin, Judith. (2004) - In: Christian and Islamic Gender Models S. 135-148

41Buchbeitrag  The Pentarchy: theory and reality in the ninth century
Herrin, Judith. (2004) - In: Cristianità d'Occidente e cristianità d'Oriente Tl. 1 S. 591-628

42Buchbeitrag  Moving bones: evidence of political burials from medieval Constantinople
Herrin, Judith. (2002) - In: Mélanges Gilbert Dagron S. 287-294

43Buchbeitrag  Philippikos and the Greens
Herrin, Judith. (2001) - In: Studies Paul Speck (2001) S. 137-146

44Buchbeitrag  Blinding in Byzantium
Herrin, Judith. (2000) - In: FS Peter Schreiner (2000) S. 56-68

45Artikel  The Imperial Feminine in Byzantium
Herrin, Judith. (2000) - In: Past and Present Bd. 169 (2000) S. 3-35

46Buchbeitrag  L'Enseignement maternel à Byzance
Herrin, Judith. (1999) - In: Femmes et pouvoirs des femmes à Byzance et en Occident S. 91-102

47Artikel  Mathematical Mysteries in Byzantium: the Transmission of Fermat's last theorem
Herrin, Judith. (1999) - In: Dialogos. Hellenic studies review Bd. 6 (1999) S. 22-42

48Buchbeitrag  Theophano: considerations on the education of a Byzantine princess
Herrin, Judith. (1995) - In: The Empress Theophano S. 64-85

49Buchbeitrag  Le istituzioni ecclesiastiche
Herrin, Judith. (1994) - In: Storia d'Europa 3 S. 761-817

50Buchbeitrag  Constantinople, Rome and the Franks in the seventh and eighth centuries
Herrin, Judith. (1992) - In: Byzantine Diplomacy S. 91-107

51Artikel  "Femina Byzantina": the council in Trullo on women
Herrin, Judith. (1992) - In: Dumbarton Oaks papers Bd. 46 (1992) S. 97-105

52Artikel  Byzance: le palais et la ville
Herrin, Judith. (1991) - In: Byzantion Bd. 61 (1991) S. 213-230

53Buchbeitrag  Byzance: le palais et la ville
Herrin, Judith. (1991) - In: Le souverain à Byzance et en Occident S. 213-230

54Buchbeitrag  Ideals of charity, realities of welfare: the philanthropic activity of the Byzantine church
Herrin, Judith. (1986) - In: Church and people in Byzantium S. 151-164

55Buchbeitrag  Art. Leo III, Emperor
Herrin, Judith. (1986) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 7 S. 544-545

56Buchbeitrag  A Christian millennium: Greece in Byzantium
Herrin, Judith. (1985) - In: The Greek World. Classical, Byzantine and Modern S. 233-250

57Buchbeitrag  Robert Browning
Cameron, Averil M.Herrin, Judith. (1984) - In: Studies Robert Browning (1984) S. xi-xiii

58Buchbeitrag  In search of byzantine women: three avenues of approach
Herrin, Judith. (1983) - In: Images of Women in Antiquity S. 167-189

59Buchbeitrag  Women and the faith in icons in early Christianity
Herrin, Judith. (1983) - In: Essays Eric Hobsbawm S. 56-83

60Buchbeitrag  Art. Constantine V
Herrin, Judith. (1983) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 3 S. 546

61Buchbeitrag  The ecclesiastical Organisation of Central Greece at the time of Michael Choniates: New evidence from the Codex Atheniensis 1371
Herrin, Judith. (1980) - In: Actes du XVe Congrès international d'études byzantines Tl. 4 S. 131-137

62Buchbeitrag  The context of Iconoclast reform
Herrin, Judith. (1977) - In: Iconoclasm. Papers given at the Ninth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies S. 15-20

63Artikel  Realities of Byzantine provincial government: Hellas and Peloponessos, 1180-1205
Herrin, Judith. (1975) - In: Dumbarton Oaks papers Bd. 29 (1975) S. 253-284

64Artikel  Aspects of the Process of Hellenization in the Early Middle Ages
Herrin, Judith. (1973) - In: The annual of the British School at Athens Bd. 68 (1973) S. 113-126

65Artikel  The collapse of the Byzantine empire in the twelfth century: a study of medieval economy
Herrin, Judith. (1969 - 1970) - In: University of Birmingham Historical Journal Bd. 12 (1969/70) S. 188-203

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