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1Sammelwerk  Frisians of the early middle ages
Hines, JohnIJssennagger, Nelleke L. [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (2021)

2Sammelwerk  The migration period between the Oder and the Vistula (Vol. 1-2)
Bursche, AleksanderHines, JohnZapolska, Anna [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

3Sammelwerk  Frisians and their North Sea neighbours: from the fifth century to the Viking age
Hines, JohnIJssennagger, Nelleke L. [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge (2017)

4Sammelwerk  The Baiuvarii and Thuringi: an ethnographic perspective
Hines, John [Bearb.]. Fries-Knoblach, JanineSteuer, Heiko [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (2014)

5Sammelwerk  Anglo-saxon graves and grave goods of the 6th and 7th centuries AD: a chronological framework
Bayliss, AlexHines, JohnNielsen, Karen HøilundScull, Christopher J. [Hrsg.]. - London (2013)

6Sammelwerk  John Gower, trilingual poet: language, translation, and tradition
Dutton, Elisabeth M.Hines, JohnYeager, Robert F. [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge (2010)

7Sammelwerk  Cædmon's hymn and material culture in the world of Bede: six essays
Frantzen, Allen J.Hines, John [Hrsg.]. - Morgentown (2007)

8Sammelwerk  Land, sea and home: proceedings of a conference on Viking-period settlement, at Cardiff, July 2001
Hines, JohnLane, AlanRedknap, Mark [Hrsg.]. - Leeds (2004)

9Monographie  Old-Norse sources for Gaelic history.
Hines, John. - Cambridge (2002)

10Sammelwerk  The pace of change: studies in early-medieval chronology ; [papers ... discussed at an invitation symposium funded by the Danish Humanities Research Council which was held at ... Aalborg, from 24 - 27 March 1996]
Hines, JohnHøilund Nielsen, KarenSiegmund, Frank [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (1999)

11Sammelwerk  The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Edix Hill (Barrington A), Cambridgeshire: excavations, 1989 - 1991 and a summary catalogue of material from 19th century interventions
Malim, TimHines, John [Hrsg.]. - York (1998)

12Monographie  A new corpus of Anglo-Saxon great square-headed brooches
Hines, John. - Woodbridge (1997)

13Sammelwerk  The Anglo-Saxons from the migration period to the eighth century. An ethnographic perspective
Hines, John [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (1997)

14Monographie  The Fabliau in English. Longman Medieval and Renaissance Library
Hines, John. - London [u.a.] (1993)

15Sammelwerk  Introductory Essays on Egils saga and Njáls saga
Hines, JohnSlay, Desmond [Hrsg.]. - London (1992)

16Monographie  The Scandinavian character of Anglian England in the pre-Viking period
Hines, John. - Oxford (1984)

17Buchbeitrag  Religion and Conversion amongst the Frisians
Hines, John. (2021) - In: Frisians of the early middle ages S. 311-338

18Buchbeitrag  Frisians of the Early Middle Ages: An Archaeoethnological Perspective
IJssennagger-van der Pluijm, NellekeHines, JohnWood, Ian N.. (2021) - In: Frisians of the early middle ages S. 1-12

19Artikel  New insights into Early Old English from recent Anglo-Saxon runic finds
Hines, John. (2020) - In: North-western European language evolution Bd. 73 (2020) S. 69-90

20Buchbeitrag  From East to West: Miniature Buckets Pendants in Anglian England
Hines, John. (2019) - In: Interacting barbarians. Contacts, exchange and migrations in the first Millennium AD S. 81-90

21Artikel  Two Personal Names in Recently Found Anglo-Saxon Runic Inscriptions: Sedgeford (Norfolk) and Elsted (West Sussex)
Hines, John. (2019) - In: Anglia Bd. 137 (2019) S. 278-302

22Buchbeitrag  Cultural Difference and Cultural Diversity in Migrant Populations
Hines, John. (2019) - In: Le migrazioni nell'Alto Medioevo S. 157-176

23Buchbeitrag  Below Malvern: MS Digby 86, the Grimhills and the Underhills in their regional and social context
Hines, JohnJulian-Jones, Melissa. (2019) - In: Interpreting MS Digby 86. A Trilingual Book from Thirteenth-Century Worcestershire S. 255-272

24Buchbeitrag  The Anglo-Saxon settlement at Catholme, Staffordshire: a reassessment of the chronological evidence and possible reinterpretation
Hines, John. (2018) - In: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 21 S. 47-59

25Buchbeitrag  The Anglo-Frisian Question
Hines, John. (2017) - In: Frisians and their North Sea neighbours S. 25-42

26Buchbeitrag  A new chronology and new agenda: the problematic sixth century
Hines, John. (2017) - In: Transformation in Anglo-Saxon culture. Toller lectures on art, archaeology and text S. 1-22

27Buchbeitrag  Introduction: Frisians - Who, When, Where, Why?
Hines, JohnIJssennagger, Nelleke L.. (2017) - In: Frisians and their North Sea neighbours S. 1-4

28Buchbeitrag  A glimpse of the heathen Norse in Lincolnshire
Hines, John. (2017) - In: Essays Richard N. Bailey S. 118-126

29Buchbeitrag  Cosmeston, South Wales: Conquest, colonisation and material culture change
Forward, AliceHines, John. (2016) - In: Agrarian technology in the medieval landscape S. 125-141

30Artikel  The Benedicite Canticle in Old English Verse: An Early Runic Witness from Southern Lincolnshire
Hines, John. (2015) - In: Anglia Bd. 133 (2015) S. 257-277

31Buchbeitrag  Burial and Religion in pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon England
Hines, John. (2015) - In: Dying Gods. Religious beliefs in northern and eastern Europe in the time of Christianisation S. 63-71

32Buchbeitrag  From AnleifR to Havelok: The English and the Irish Sea
Hines, John. (2014) - In: Celtic-Norse relationships in the Irish Sea in the Middle Ages 800 - 1200 S. 187-214

33Buchbeitrag  The Origins of East Anglia in a North Sea Zone
Hines, John. (2013) - In: East Anglia and its North Sea World in the Middle Ages S. 16-43

34Buchbeitrag  Literary Sources and Archaeology
Hines, John. (2011) - In: The Oxford handbook of Anglo-Saxon archaeology S. 968-985

35Buchbeitrag  No place life home? The Anglo-Saxon social landscape from within and without
Hines, John. (2011) - In: Anglo-Saxon England and the continent S. 21-40

36Artikel  Units of Account in Gold and Silver in Seventh-Century England: Scillingas, Sceattas and Pningas
Hines, John. (2010) - In: The antiquaries journal Bd. 90 (2010) S. 153-174

37Buchbeitrag  Dress and Personal Items: Brooches
Rogers, NicolaHines, JohnOttaway, PatrickJones, JenniferPanter, Ian. (2009) - In: Life and economy at early medieval Flixborough S. 1-6

38Buchbeitrag  "Beowulf" and Archaeology - Revisited
Hines, John. (2008) - In: Studies Rosemary Cramp (2008) S. 89-105

39Artikel  The writing of English in Kent: Contexts and influences from the sixth to the ninth century
Hines, John. (2007) - In: North-western European language evolution Bd. 50/51 (2007) S. 63-92

40Artikel  Ekphrasis as Speech-Act: Ragnarsdrápa 1-7
Hines, John. (2007) - In: Viking and medieval Scandinavia Bd. 3 (2007) S. 225-244

41Buchbeitrag  Fit for a King? Regalia and Weaponry in Early Anglo-Saxon Royal Graves
Hines, John. (2007) - In: Weapons, weaponry and man. In memoriam Vytautas Kazakevicius S. 223-230

42Buchbeitrag  Famous Last Words: Monologue and Dialogue in Hamdismál and the Realization of Heroic Tale
Hines, John. (2007) - In: Essays Margaret Clunies Ross S. 177-200

43Artikel  Fit for a King? Regalia and Weaponry in Early Anglo-Saxon Royal Graves
Hines, John. (2007) - In: Archaeologia Baltica Bd. 8 (2007) S. 223-230

44Buchbeitrag  Changes and Exchanges in Bede's and Caedmon's World
Hines, John. (2007) - In: Caedmon's hymn and material culture in the world of Bede S. 191-220

45Artikel  Gerefa 15 i 17: A Grammatical Analysis of the List of Nouns
Hines, John. (2006) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 50 (2006) S. 268-270

46Buchbeitrag  The Early Runic Inscriptions from Kent and the Problem of Legibility
Hines, John. (2006) - In: Das futhark und seine einzelsprachlichen Weiterentwicklungen S. 188-208

47Artikel  An Inscribed Lead Plaque from Holm St Benets, Norfolk
Hines, John. (2004) - In: Nytt om runer Bd. 19 (2004) S. 14-15

48Buchbeitrag  At Home in the Viking Period
Hines, John. (2004) - In: Land, sea and home. Proceedings S. 1-6

49Buchbeitrag  Supre-ge - the foundations of Surrey
Hines, John. (2004) - In: Aspects of archaeology and history in Surrey. Towards a research framework for the county S. 91-102

50Buchbeitrag  Iohannes Gower, Armiger, Poeta: Records and Memorials of His Life and Death
Hines, John. (2004) - In: A Companion to Gower S. 23-41

51Artikel  "For sorwe of which he brak his minstralcye": The Demise of the "Sweete Noyse" of Verse in the Canterbury Tales
Hines, John. (2003) - In: Studies in the age of Chaucer Bd. 25 (2003) S. 299-308

52Buchbeitrag  Nations and kingdoms: a view from above
Hines, John. (2003) - In: After Rome. The short Oxford history of the British Isles S. 23-58

53Buchbeitrag  Society, community, and identity
Hines, John. (2003) - In: After Rome. The short Oxford history of the British Isles S. 61-101

54Buchbeitrag  The conversion of the old Saxons
Hines, John. (2003) - In: The continental Saxons from the migration period to the tenth century. An ethnografic perspective S. 299-328

55Buchbeitrag  Myth and Reality: The Contribution of Archaeology
Hines, John. (2003) - In: Old Norse Myths, Literature and Society S. 19-39

56Buchbeitrag  Lies, damned lies, and a "Curriculum Vitae": reflections on statistics and the populations of early Anglo-Saxon inhumation cemeteries
Hines, John. (2002) - In: Burial in early medieval England and Wales S. 88-102

57Buchbeitrag  Attitude problems? The Old Saxon and Old English Genesis poems
Hines, John. (2001) - In: Language Structure and Variation S. 69-90

58Buchbeitrag  Angeln and the Angles
Hines, John. (2001) - In: Von Thorsberg nach Schleswig S. 37-51

59Buchbeitrag  The Role of the Frisians during the Settlement of the British Isles
Hines, John. (2001) - In: Handbuch des Friesischen S. 503-511

60Buchbeitrag  Eclectic art of the early Anglo-Saxon jewelry
Hines, John. (2000) - In: From Attila to Charlemagne S. 283-291

61Artikel  Welsh and English: mutual origins in post-Roman Britain?
Hines, John. (2000) - In: Studia Celtica Bd. 34 (2000) S. 81-103

62Buchbeitrag  Angelsächsische Chronologie: Probleme und Aussichten
Hines, John. (1999) - In: Völker an Nord- und Ostsee und die Franken. Akten des 48. Sachsensymposiums S. 19-30

63Buchbeitrag  The Anglo-Saxon archaeology of the Cambridge region and the Middle Anglian kingdom
Hines, John. (1999) - In: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 10 S. 135-149

64Buchbeitrag  The sixth-century transition in Anglian England: an analysis of female graves from Cambridgeshire
Hines, John. (1999) - In: The pace of change. Studies in early-medieval chronology S. 65-79

65Buchbeitrag  Introduction: studies in early-medieval chronology
Hines, John. (1999) - In: The pace of change. Studies in early-medieval chronology S. VII-X

66Buchbeitrag  Culture groups and ethnic groups in northern Germany in and around the Migration Period
Hines, John. (1999) - In: Die Altsachsen im Spiegel der nationalen und internationalen Sachsenforschung S. 219-232

67Buchbeitrag  Grave finds with runic inscriptions from Great Britain
Hines, John. (1998) - In: Runeninschriften als Quellen interdisziplinärer Forschung S. 186-196

68Buchbeitrag  The Anglian migration in British historical research
Hines, John. (1998) - In: Die Wanderung der Angeln nach England S. 155-165

69Artikel  An Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Oakington, Cambridgeshire
Taylor, AlisonDuhig, CorinneHines, John. (1997) - In: Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society Bd. 86 (1997) S. 57-90

70Buchbeitrag  Religion: the limits of knowledge
Hines, John. (1997) - In: The Anglo-Saxons from the migration period to the eighth century S. 375-401

71Buchbeitrag  Trading Places: Royalty and Urbanism in Norse Literatur
Hines, John. (1997) - In: Sagas and the Norwegian experience S. 263-270

72Buchbeitrag  Functions of literacy and the use of runes
Hines, John. (1997) - In: Runor och ABC S. 79-92

73Buchbeitrag  Britain after Rome. Between multiculturalism and monoculturalism
Hines, John. (1996) - In: Cultural Identity and Archaeology. The Construction of European Communities S. 256-270

74Artikel  A great square-headed brooch fragment from Buckinghamshire
Farley, MichaelHines, John. (1996) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 40 (1996) S. 211-214

75Artikel  An Early Anglo-Saxon Wrist-clasp from the Parish of Baydon
Hines, John. (1996) - In: The Wiltshire archaeological and natural history magazine Bd. 89 (1996) S. 130-131

76Buchbeitrag  Focus and boundary in linguistic varieties in the North-West Germanic continuum
Hines, John. (1995) - In: Friesische Studien 2 S. 35-62

77Buchbeitrag  Cultural change and social organisation in early Anglo-Saxon England
Hines, John. (1995) - In: After Empire. Towards an Ethnology of Europe's Barbarians S. 75-93

78Artikel  Egill's Höfuðlausn in time and place
Hines, John. (1994) - In: Saga book of the Viking Society for Northern Research Bd. 24 (1994) S. 83-104

79Buchbeitrag  The becoming of the English: identity, material culture and language in early Anglo-Saxon England
Hines, John. (1994) - In: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 7 S. 49-59

80Artikel  North-Sea trade and the proto-urban sequence
Hines, John. (1994) - In: Archaeologia Polona Bd. 32 (1994) S. 7-26

81Artikel  The alloys of a sample of Anglo-Saxon great square-headed brooches
Brownsword, RogerHines, John. (1993) - In: The antiquaries journal Bd. 73 (1993) S. 1-10

82Artikel  A gold bracteate from Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire
Hines, John. (1993) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 37 (1993) S. 219-222

83Buchbeitrag  The Scandinavian Character of Anglian England: An Update
Hines, John. (1992) - In: The Age of Sutton Hoo S. 315-329

84Buchbeitrag  Some observations on the runic inscriptions of early Anglo-Saxon England
Hines, John. (1991) - In: Old English Runes and their Continental Background S. 61-83

85Buchbeitrag  Scandinavian English: a creole in context
Hines, John. (1991) - In: Language Contact in the British Isles S. 403-427

86Buchbeitrag  The runic inscriptions of early Anglo-Saxon England
Hines, John. (1990) - In: Britain 400-600. Language and History S. 437-455

87Buchbeitrag  Philology, archaeology and the adventus Saxonum vel Anglorum
Hines, John. (1990) - In: Britain 400-600. Language and History S. 17-36

88Buchbeitrag  The military context of the adventus Saxonum: some continental evidence
Hines, John. (1989) - In: Weapons and Warfare in Anglo-Saxon England S. 25-48

89Buchbeitrag  What is the Source of the Anglian English Wrist-Clasps?
Hines, John. (1984) - In: Sachsen-Symposion Skara 1983 S. 96-98

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