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1Sammelwerk  Armenia between Byzantium and the Orient: celebrating the memory of Karen Yuzbashyan (1927-2009).
Outtier, BernardHorn, Cornelia B.Lourié, BasileOstrovsky, Alexey [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

2Sammelwerk  Childhood in history: perceptions of children in the ancient and medieval worlds
Cojocaru, Oana Maria [Bearb.]. Aasgaard, ReidarHorn, Cornelia B. [Hrsg.]. - London [u.a.] (2018)

3Monographie  The Rabbula corpus: comprising the Life of Rabbula, his correspondence, a homily delivered in Constantinople, canons, and hymns
Rabbula <von Edessa>. Phenix, Robert R.Horn, Cornelia B. [Hrsg.]. - Atlanta, Ga. (2017)

4Sammelwerk  Children in late ancient Christianity
Horn, Cornelia B.Phenix, Robert R. [Hrsg.]. - Tübingen (2009)

5Monographie  The lives of Peter the Iberian, Theodosius of Jerusalem, and the Monk Romanus / John Rufus
Johannes <Rufus>. Horn, Cornelia B.Phenix, Robert R. [Hrsg.]. - Atlanta, Ga. (2008)

6Monographie  Beyond theology: The career of Peter the Iberian in the Christological controversies of fifth-century Palestine
Horn, Cornelia B.. - [Catholic University of America] (2001)

7Buchbeitrag  The Power of Leadership through Mediation, or How Mary Exercises Overlapping Authority
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2020) - In: Rediscovering the Marys. Maria, Mariamne, Miriam S. 99-112

8Buchbeitrag  Jesus and the Alphabet in the Caucasus: a View of the Relationship of the Georgian Infancy Gospel of Thomas to Armenian Infancy Gospel Traditions via Cross-Cultural Intersections with the Syriac, Greek, and Ethiopic Evidence
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2020) - In: Armenia between Byzantium and the Orient S. 60-96

9Buchbeitrag  Hermeneutische Dimensionen der Intertextualität und Interreligiöse Kontexte des Korans. Eine Neueinschätzung der Bedeutung des Beitrags Günter Lülings für die Entwicklung der modernen Koranforschung
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2019) - In: Die Koranhermeneutik von Günter Lüling S. 111-128

10Buchbeitrag  Apocalyptic Ecclesiology in Response to Early Islam
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2019) - In: Studies Sidney H. Griffith S. 115-156

11Artikel  The Protoevangelium of James and Its Reception in the Caucasus: Status Quaestionis
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2018) - In: Scrinium. Revue de patrologie Bd. 14 (2018) S. 223-238

12Buchbeitrag  Children in oriental Christian and Greek hagiography from the early Byzantine world (ca. 400-800 CE)
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2018) - In: Childhood in history. Perceptions of children in the ancient and medieval worlds S. 174-192

13Buchbeitrag  Jesus, the Wondrous Infant, at the Exegetical Crossroads of Christian Late Antiquity and Early Islam
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2017) - In: Exegetical Crossroads. Understanding Scripture S. 27-46

14Buchbeitrag  Children and the experience of death in Late Antiquity and the Byzantine world
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2017) - In: Children and everyday life in the Roman and late antique world S. 300-317

15Buchbeitrag  Tracing the reception of the protoevangelium of James in late antique Arabia: the case of the poetry of Umayya ibn Abi as-Salt and its intersection with the Quran
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2017) - In: Religious culture in late antique Arabia S. 123-146

16Buchbeitrag  Apocrypha on Jesus' Life in the Early Islamic Milieu: From Syriac into Arabic
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2017) - In: Senses of scripture, treasures of tradition. The Bible in Arabic S. 58-78

17Buchbeitrag  From the Roman East into the Persian empire: Theodoret of Cyrrhus and the acts of Mar Mari on parent-child relationships and children's health
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2015) - In: Children and family in late Antiquity. Life, death and interaction S. 257-288

18Buchbeitrag  Ancient Syriac Sources on Mary's Role as intercessor
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2015) - In: Presbeia Theotokou. The Intercessory Role of Mary across Times and Places in Byzantium S. 153-176

19Buchbeitrag  Transgressing claims to sacred space: The strategic advantage of the portability of relics for Antichalcedonians in Syria-Palestine in the fifth and sixth centuries CE
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2014) - In: Georgian Christian thought and its cultural context S. 45-68

20Artikel  Editing a witness to early interactions between Christian literature and the Qur'an: status quaestionis and relevance of the Arabic Apocryphal Gospel of John
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2012) - In: Parole de l'Orient Bd. 37 (2012) S. 87-103

21Buchbeitrag  Lines of Transmission between apocryphal traditions in the Syriac-Speaking World, Manichaeism, and the rise of Islam: The case of the Acts of John
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2011) - In: Actes du 10e Symposium Syriacum S. 337-356

22Buchbeitrag  Preaching and Practicing Repentance: Hesychius of Jerusalem's Influence on Ascetic Movements in Byzantine Palestine
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2011) - In: FS Stephen Gerö S. 535-552

23Artikel  Methodological and thematic perspectives on children and childhood in the first half of Eusebius of Caesarea's "Church history"
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2011) - In: Rivista di storia del cristianesimo Bd. 8 (2011) S. 231-259

24Buchbeitrag  Qur'anic Perspectives on Jesus" Death and the Apoeryphal Acta of John
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2010) - In: Gelitten, gestorben, auferstanden. Passions- und Ostertraditionen S. 143-164

25Artikel  Lines of transmission between apocryphal traditions in the Syriac-speaking world, manichaeism, and the rise of Islam: the case of the "Acts of John"
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2010) - In: Parole de l'Orient Bd. 35 (2010) S. 337-355

26Buchbeitrag  Approaches to the Study of Sick Children and Their Healing: Christian Apocryphal Acts, Gospels, and Cognate Literatures
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2009) - In: Children in late ancient Christianity S. 171-198

27Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Horn, Cornelia B.Phenix, Robert R.. (2009) - In: Children in late ancient Christianity S. XIIIff.

28Buchbeitrag  Raising Martyrs and Ascetics: A Diachronie Comparison of Educational Role-Models for Early Christian Children
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2009) - In: Children in late ancient Christianity S. 293-316

29Buchbeitrag  Children's Play as Social Ritual
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2009) - In: A people's history of Christianity. 2. Late ancient Christianity S. 95-116

30Buchbeitrag  Children in Fourth-Century Greek Epistolography: Cappadocian Perspectives from the Pens of Gregory Nazianzen and Basil of Caesarea
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2009) - In: Children in late ancient Christianity S. 103-142

31Artikel  Syriac and Arabic perspectives on structural and motif parallels regarding Jesus' childhood in Christian Apocrypha and early Islamic literature: the "Book of Mary", The "Arabic apocryphal Gospel of John", and the Qur'an
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2008) - In: Apocrypha. Revue internationale des littératures apocryphes Bd. 19 (2008) S. 267-291

32Artikel  The lives and literary roles of children in advancing conversion to christianity: Hagiography from the Caucasus in late antiquity and the middle ages
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2007) - In: Church history Bd. 76 (2007) S. 262-297

33Artikel  Reconstructing women's history from Christian-Arabic sources: the witness of the Arabic "History of the patriarchs of the Coptic Church of Alexandria" regarding challenges and ecclesial opportunities family life provided for women
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2007) - In: Parole de l'Orient Bd. 32 (2007) S. 419-444

34Artikel  Intersections: The Reception History of the Protoevangelium of James in Sources from the Christian East and in the Qu'ran
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2006) - In: Apocrypha. Revue internationale des littératures apocryphes Bd. 17 (2006) S. 113-150

35Artikel  The Virgin and the Perfect Virgin: Traces of Early Eastern Christian Mariology in the Odes of Solomon
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2006) - In: Studia patristica Bd. 40 (2006) S. 413-428

36Artikel  Children as Pilgrims and the Cult of the Holy Children in the Early Syriac Tradition
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2006 - 2007) - In: Aram periodical Bd. 18/19 (2006/07) S. 427-450

37Artikel  Children and violence in Syriac sources: the "Martyrdom of Mar Talya' of Cyrrhus" in the light of literary and theological implications.
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2006) - In: Parole de l'Orient Bd. 31 (2006) S. 309-326

38Buchbeitrag  Frühsyrische Mariologie: Maria und ihre Schwestern im Werk Aphrahats des Persischen Weisen
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2005) - In: FS Wolfgang Hage (2005) S. 313-332

39Artikel  A chapter in the pre-history of the christological controversies in Arabic: readings from the works of John Rufus
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2005) - In: Parole de l'Orient Bd. 30 (2005) S. 133-156

40Buchbeitrag  Überlegungen zur Rolle der Pneumatologie Ephräm des Syrers im Umfeld des Ersten Konzils von Konstantinopel
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2004) - In: Syriaca 2 S. 29-51

41Buchbeitrag  Theodoros Abu Qurrah, + 820
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2004) - In: Syrische Kirchenväter S. 83-100

42Artikel  Empress Eudocia and the Monk Peter the Iberian. Patronage, Pilgrimage and the Love of a Foster-Mother in Fifth-Century Palestine
Horn, Cornelia B.. (2004) - In: Byzantinische Forschungen Bd. 28 (2004) S. 197-214

43Artikel  The Armenian version of the "Life of Evagrius of Pontus"
Blanchard, Monica JoanGriffin, Carl W.Horn, Cornelia B.Timbie, Janet A.. (2000 - 2001) - In: St. Nersess theological review Bd. 5/6 (2000/01) S. 25-37

44Artikel  St. Nino and the Christianization of pagan Georgia
Horn, Cornelia B.. (1998) - In: Medieval encounters Bd. 4 (1998) S. 242-264

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