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1Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Rubin, Miri. (2016)

2Monographie  The Middle Ages: a very short introduction
Rubin, Miri. - Oxford [u.a.] (2014)

3Sammelwerk  Picturing Mary: woman, mother, idea ; [this book accompanies the exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C., December 5, 2014, to April 12, 2015]
Verdon, Timothy G.Katz, Melissa R.Remensnyder, Amy G.Rubin, Miri [Bearb.]. - London (2014)

4Sammelwerk  Religious conversion: history, experience and meaning
Katznelson, IraRubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - Farnham [u.a.] (2014)

5Sammelwerk  Charisma and religious authority: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim preaching, 1200 - 1500
Jansen, Katherine LudwigRubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2010)

6Monographie  Emotion and devotion: the meaning of Mary in medieval religious cultures
Rubin, Miri. - Budapest [u.a.] (2009)

7Sammelwerk  Christianity in Western Europe c.1100-c.1500
Rubin, MiriSimons, Walter [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge (2009)

8Monographie  Mother of God: a history of the Virgin Mary
Rubin, Miri. - London (2009)

9Sammelwerk  Medieval Christianity in practice
Rubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - Princeton, NJ (2009)

10Sammelwerk  European religious cultures: Essays offered to Christopher Brooke on the occasion of his eightieth birthday
Rubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - London (2008)

11Monographie  The hollow crown: a history of Britain in the late Middle Ages
Rubin, Miri. - London (2006)

12Sammelwerk  Love, friendship and faith in Europe, 1300 - 1800
Gowing, LauraHunter, MichaelRubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - Basingstoke [u.a.] (2005)

13Sammelwerk  The Work of Jacques Le Goff and the Challenges of Medieval History
Rubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (1997)

14Monographie  Corpus Christi: the eucharist in the late medieval culture
Rubin, Miri. - Cambridge (1994)

15Sammelwerk  Framing Medieval Bodies
Kay, SarahRubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - Manchester (1994)

16Monographie  Corpus Christi. The Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture
Rubin, Miri. - Cambridge (1992)

17Sammelwerk  Church and city 1000-1500. Essays in honour of Christopher Brooke
Abulafia, David S. H.Franklin, Michael J.Rubin, Miri [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge [u.a.] (1992)

18Monographie  Charity and community in medieval Cambridge
Rubin, Miri. - Cambridge [u.a.] (1987)

19Buchbeitrag  Norwich 1144: Origins and Afterlives
Rubin, Miri. (2018) - In: The medieval roots of antisemitism. Continuities and discontinuities S. 257-264

20Buchbeitrag  La Vierge Marie, un défi pour l'historien
Rubin, Miri. (2017) - In: Sedes sapientiae. Vierges Noires, culte marial et pèlerinages en France méridionale S. 163ff.

21Buchbeitrag  Social Life and Religious Culture in Twelfth-Century Norwich and Norfolk
Rubin, Miri. (2016) - In: Anglo-Norman studies 38 S. 155-168

22Buchbeitrag  Christendom's regional systems
Rubin, Miri. (2015) - In: The Cambridge History of the World 5 S. 415-446

23Buchbeitrag  Cosa pensiamo quando diciamo Corpus Christi
Rubin, Miri. (2015) - In: Il corpus domini. Teologia, antropologia e politica S. 25-36

24Buchbeitrag  Blood and the Virgin Mary
Rubin, Miri. (2015) - In: Blood, symbol, liquid S. 1-16

25Buchbeitrag  Ecclesia and synagoga: The Changing Meanings of a Powerful Pairing
Rubin, Miri. (2014) - In: Studies Ora Limor S. 55-86

26Buchbeitrag  The Symbolic Meaning of a Meal and a Mother
Rubin, Miri. (2014) - In: Images, cultes, liturgies. Les connotations politiques S. 41-48

27Buchbeitrag  God-bearer and woman: christian traditions of picturing Mary throughout history.
Rubin, Miri. (2014) - In: Picturing Mary. Woman, mother, idea S. 27-37

28Buchbeitrag  Cults of Saints
Rubin, Miri. (2013) - In: The Oxford handbook of women and gender in medieval Europe S. 480-495

29Buchbeitrag  Response
Rubin, Miri. (2013) - In: Authority in Byzantium S. 151-154

30Buchbeitrag  Popular Attitudes to the Eucharist
Rubin, Miri. (2012) - In: A companion to the Eucharist in the Middle Ages S. 447-470

31Buchbeitrag  Liturgy and sacraments in the formation of religious identity
Rubin, Miri. (2011) - In: Religiosità e civiltà. Identità delle forme religiose S. 257-266

32Buchbeitrag  From 'Theotokos' to 'Mater Dolorosa': Continuity and Change in the Images of Mary
Rubin, Miri. (2011) - In: Resonances. Historical essays on continuity and change S. 59-80

33Buchbeitrag  Epilogue
Rubin, Miri. (2011) - In: The Christ child in medieval culture. Alpha es et o! S. 293-298

34Buchbeitrag  Imágenes de la Virgen María
Rubin, Miri. (2010) - In: II Jornadas Complutenses de Arte Medieval S. 109-124

35Artikel  Imágenes de la Virgen Maria
Rubin, Miri. (2010) - In: Anales de historia del arte Bd. 20, 1 (2010) S. 109-124

36Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Rubin, MiriSimons, Walter. (2009) - In: Christianity in Western Europe c.1100-c.1500 S. 1-8

37Artikel  Gestures of Pain, Implications of Guilt: Mary and the Jews
Rubin, Miri. (2009) - In: Past and Present Bd. 203, Suppl. 4 (2009) S. 80-95

38Buchbeitrag  Sacramental life
Rubin, Miri. (2009) - In: Christianity in Western Europe c.1100-c.1500 S. 217-237

39Artikel  Response to Janet L. Nelson's Organic Intellectuals in the Dark Ages
Rubin, Miri. (2008) - In: History workshop journal Bd. 66 (2008) S. 18-20

40Buchbeitrag  The Passion of Mary
Rubin, Miri. (2008) - In: The passion story. From visual representation to social drama S. 53-66; 240-242

41Buchbeitrag  Mary and the Middle Ages: from diversity to discipline
Rubin, Miri. (2007) - In: Discipline and diversity. Papers S. 212-229

42Buchbeitrag  Religiöse Symbole und politische Kulturen im spätmittelalterlichen England
Rubin, Miri. (2006) - In: Europa im späten Mittelalter. Politik - Gesellschaft - Kultur S. 51-70

43Buchbeitrag  The Space of the Altar
Rubin, Miri. (2006) - In: Sacred and secular in medieval and early modern cultures. New essays S. 167-176

44Artikel  The Challenges and Rewards of Medieval Studies in the United Kingdom
Rubin, Miri. (2006) - In: Journal of English and Germanic Philology Bd. 105 (2006) S. 102-117

45Buchbeitrag  Identities
Rubin, Miri. (2006) - In: A social history of England 1200 - 1500 S. 383-412

46Buchbeitrag  How Urban? How English? Town Life in Late Medieval England.
Rubin, Miri. (2005) - In: Stadt und Region. Internationale Forschungen und Perspektiven S. 83-94

47Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Gowing, LauraHunter, MichaelRubin, Miri. (2005) - In: Love, friendship and faith in Europe, 1300 - 1800 S. 1-14

48Buchbeitrag  Desecration of the host: the birth of an accusation
Rubin, Miri. (2005) - In: Medieval religion. New approaches. Rewriting histories S. 363-375

49Buchbeitrag  Religious Symbols and Political Culture in Fifteenth-Century England
Rubin, Miri. (2004) - In: Political culture in late medieval Britain S. 97-110

50Buchbeitrag  Introduction: rites of passage
Rubin, Miri. (2004) - In: Rites of passage. Cultures of transition in the fourteenth century S. 1-12

51Buchbeitrag  The Promise and Problems of the Mass. Innocent III through the Eyes of Martin Luther
Rubin, Miri. (2002) - In: FS Peter Johanek (2002) S. 651-663

52Buchbeitrag  Blut: Opfer und Erlösung in der christlichen Ikonographie
Rubin, Miri. (2001) - In: Blut. Kunst, Macht, Politik, Pathologie S. 89-100

53Buchbeitrag  An English anchorite: the making, unmaking and remaking of Christine Carpenter.
Rubin, Miri. (2001) - In: Pragmatic utopias. Ideals and communities, 1200-1630 S. 204-233

54Artikel  Europe Remade: Purity and Danger in Late Medieval Europe
Rubin, Miri. (2001) - In: Transactions of the Royal Historical Society Ser. 6, Bd. 11 (2001) S. 101-124

55Buchbeitrag  Art. Host, desecration of
Rubin, Miri. (2000) - In: Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages Tl. 1 S. 693

56Buchbeitrag  Art. Juliana of Mont-Cornillon (1192-1258)
Rubin, Miri. (2000) - In: Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages Tl. 1 S. 791

57Buchbeitrag  Art. Eucharist: the West
Rubin, Miri. (2000) - In: Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages Tl. 1 S. 503-504

58Artikel  A decade of studying medieval women, 1987-1997.
Rubin, Miri. (1998) - In: History workshop journal Bd. 46 (1998) S. 213-239

59Buchbeitrag  The languages of late-medieval feminism
Rubin, Miri. (1998) - In: Perspectives on Feminist Political Thought in European History S. 34-49

60Buchbeitrag  Rudolph of Schlettstadt, O.P.: reporter of violence, writer on Jews
Rubin, Miri. (1998) - In: Christ among the medieval Dominicans S. 283-292

61Buchbeitrag  Art. Prostitution
Rubin, Miri. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia S. 619-620

62Buchbeitrag  Medieval bodies: why now, and how?
Rubin, Miri. (1997) - In: The Work of Jacques Le Goff S. 209-219

63Buchbeitrag  Ein neuer Feiertag im liturgischen Buch. Das Fronleichnamsfest
Rubin, Miri. (1996) - In: Der Codex im Gebrauch S. 31-40

64Buchbeitrag  The body, whole and vulnerable, in fifteenth-century England
Rubin, Miri. (1996) - In: Bodies and disciplines. Intersections of literature and history in fifteenth-century England S. 19-28

65Buchbeitrag  Imagining the Jew: the late medieval eucharistic discourse
Rubin, Miri. (1995) - In: In and Out of the Ghetto. Jewish-Gentile Relations S. 177-208

66Buchbeitrag  The poor
Rubin, Miri. (1994) - In: Fifteenth-Century Attitudes S. 169-182

67Buchbeitrag  The person in the form: medieval challenges to bodily "order"
Rubin, Miri. (1994) - In: Framing Medieval Bodies S. 100-122

68Buchbeitrag  Choosing Death? Experiences of Martyrdom in Late Medieval Europe
Rubin, Miri. (1993) - In: Martyrs and martyrologies S. 153-183

69Buchbeitrag  Fraternities and lay piety in the later Middle Ages
Rubin, Miri. (1993) - In: Einungen und Bruderschaften S. 185-198

70Artikel  Choosing death? Experiences of martyrdom in late medieval Europe
Rubin, Miri. (1993) - In: Studies in church history Bd. 30 (1993) S. 153-183

71Buchbeitrag  Stadtgeschichte und Laienfrömmigkeit - Das englische Beispiel
Rubin, Miri. (1993) - In: Stadtgeschichtsforschung. Aspekte, Tendenzen, Perspektiven S. 37-53

72Artikel  Desecration of the host: the birth of an accusation
Rubin, Miri. (1992) - In: Studies in church history Bd. 29 (1992) S. 169-185

73Buchbeitrag  Symbolwert und Bedeutung von Fronleichnamsprozessionen
Rubin, Miri. (1992) - In: Laienfrömmigkeit im späten Mittelalter S. 309-318

74Buchbeitrag  The eucharist and the construction of medieval identities
Rubin, Miri. (1992) - In: Culture and History, 1350-1600. Essays on English Communities, Identities and Writing S. 43-63

75Artikel  The Culture of Europe in the Later Middle Ages
Rubin, Miri. (1992) - In: History workshop journal Bd. 33 (1992) S. 162-175

76Buchbeitrag  A bibliography of Christopher Brooke
Brooke, Christopher Nugent Lawrence. Abulafia, David S. H.Franklin, Michael J.Rubin, Miri [Bearb.]. (1992) - In: Essays Christopher Brooke (1992) S. 333-339

77Buchbeitrag  Der Körper der Eucharistie im Mittelalter
Rubin, Miri. (1992) - In: Gepeinigt, begehrt, vergessen S. 23-40

78Buchbeitrag  Religious culture in town and country: reflections on a great divide
Rubin, Miri. (1992) - In: Essays Christopher Brooke (1992) S. 3-22

79Buchbeitrag  Small Groups: Identity and Solidarity in the Late Middle Ages
Rubin, Miri. (1991) - In: Enterprise and Individuals in Fifteenth-Century England S. 132-150

80Buchbeitrag  Development and change in English hospitals, 1100-1500
Rubin, Miri. (1989) - In: The Hospital in History S. 41-59

81Artikel  Corpus Christi fraternities and late medieval piety
Rubin, Miri. (1986) - In: Studies in church history Bd. 23 (1986) S. 97-109

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