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1Buchbeitrag  The Moneyers and Domesday Book (The Christine Mahany Memorial Lecture)
Naismith, Rory. (2023) - In: Anglo-Norman Studies 45 S. 181-

2Monographie  From the Domesday Book to Shakespeare's Globe: The Legal and Political Heritage of Elizabethan Drama
Goy-Blanquet, Dominique. - Turnhout (2023)

3Buchbeitrag  The Domesday Survey. Mobility, Adaptation and Innovation in Early Conquered England
Baxter, Stephen. (2022) - In: Norman Connections - Normannische Verflechtungen zwischen Skandinavien und dem Mittelmeer S. 140-155

4Buchbeitrag  From Dawes to Domesday: recovering genealogies of settler colonialism.
Andrews, Tarren. (2022) - In: Transmissions and Translations in Medieval Literary and Material Culture S. 337-353

5Monographie  Surveying the Domesday Book
Keith, Simon H.. - Oxford (2022)

6Monographie  The shaping of the English landscape: an atlas of archaeology from the Bronze Age to Domesday Book
Green, Chris T.. - Oxford (2021)

7Artikel  The Acta of William the Conqueror, Domesday Book, the Oath of Salisbury, and the Legitimacy and Stability of the Norman Regime in England
Dalton, Paul. (2021) - In: Journal of British Studies Bd. 60 (2021) S. 29-65

8Artikel  The Wall Tenements of Oxford in Domesday Book, and the Process of Burghal Formation
Haslam, Jeremy. (2021) - In: Oxoniensia Bd. 86 (2021) S. 47-62

9Buchbeitrag  Decision-making and Workflow in the Making of Exon Domesday
Alvarez López, FranciscoCrick, Julia. (2021) - In: Scribes and the presentation of texts (from Antiquity to c. 1550) S. 155-176

10Buchbeitrag  Episcopal Exon? Exeter, Cathedral Library, MS 3500 and the Role of Bishops in the Domesday Survey
Lane, Lois. (2020) - In: Conquests in eleventh-century England 1016, 1066 S. 99-120

11Buchbeitrag  Domesday in Disguise
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2020) - In: Tributes John Lowden S. 224-240

12Monographie  The later Saxon and early Norman manorial settlement at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire: archaeological investigation of a Domesday book entry
Marshall, Alistair. - Oxford (2020)

13Artikel  How and Why was Domesday Made?
Baxter, Stephen. (2020) - In: The English Historical Review Bd. 135 (2020) S. 1085-1131

14Monographie  Law and order in medieval Chester, 1066-1506: evidence from Domesday Book, Chester city courts and medieval texts
Greatorex Roskilly, Vanessa J.. - [University of Chester] (2019)

15Buchbeitrag  Le contrôle des terres royales dans le royaume anglo-saxon (IXe au début du XIe siècle): que saurions-nous sans le Domesday Book?
Lavelle, Ryan. (2019) - In: Biens publics, biens du roi. Les bases économiques des pouvoirs royaux dans le haut Moyen Âge S. 213-231

16Artikel  Exon Domesday: méthodes numériques appliquées à la codicologie pour l'étude d'un manuscrit anglo-normand
Stokes, Peter A.Noël, Geoffrey. (2019) - In: Tabularia (2019)

17Artikel  The Domesday Book of South Cumbria
Whalley, Neil. (2018) - In: Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Ser. NS, Bd. 18 (2018) S. 105-122

18Buchbeitrag  Domesday in the Close: English Cathedral Clergy in the Late Eleventh Century
Barrow, Julia S.. (2018) - In: FS Véronique Gazeau S. 99-114

19Artikel  Doing Things beside Domesday Book
Symes, Carol Lynne. (2018) - In: Speculum Bd. 93 (2018) S. 1048-1101

20Buchbeitrag  Art. Domesday Book
Jefcoate, G. P.. (2017) - In: Lexikon des gesamten Buchwesens online

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