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Titelstichwörter: Gawain

1Sachtitel  Ywain and Gawain
Fichte, Joerg O. [Hrsg.]. - Stuttgart (2017)

2Buchbeitrag  Az átváltozás és a Gawain-csoport
Virág, Csilla. (2017) - In: Az ember - kultúrtörténeti és poétikai megközelítésben S. 11-22

3Buchbeitrag  The Return of Gawain: Thoughts on Composite Caskets in the Light of Some Recent Acquisitions
Antoine-König, Élisabeth. (2017) - In: Essays Paul Williamson S. 151-162

4Artikel  The Servants of Chivalry?: Dwarves and Porters in Malory and the Middle English Gawain Romances
Leitch, Megan G.. (2017) - In: Arthuriana Bd. 27, 1 (2017) S. 3-27

5Artikel  An animal studies and ecocritical reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Ralph, Iris. (2017) - In: Neohelicon Bd. 44 (2017) S. 431-444

6Monographie  Warriors and wilderness in medieval Britain: from Arthur and Beowulf to Sir Gawain and Robin Hood
Melrose, Robin. - Jefferson (2017)

7Artikel  New Light on the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Manuscript: Multispectral Imaging and the Cotton Nero A.x. Illustrations
McGillivray, MurrayDuffy, Christina. (2017) - In: Speculum Bd. 92, Suppl. 1 (2017) S. S110-S144

8Buchbeitrag  Quale letto per Sir Gawain ? Trasformazioni del meraviglioso nella letteratura inglese del Medioevo
Faraci, Dora. (2016) - In: Aspetti del meraviglioso nelle letterature medievali. Medioevo latino, romanzo, germanico e celtico S. 329-340

9Buchbeitrag  The Subversion of "Cortaysye" in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Varandas, Maria Angélica. (2016) - In: Parodies courtoises, parodies de la courtoisie S. 117-132

10Artikel  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Lines 2411-13
Edwards, Anthony Stockwell Garfield. (2016) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 51 (2016) S. 515-517

11Buchbeitrag  Announcing a Literary Find Apparently Related to the "Gawain"-poet
Cervone, Cristina MariaSpearing, Anthony Colin. (2016) - In: Essays A. C. Spearing S. 219-221

12Artikel  Bertilak's Green Vision: Land Stewardship in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Martinez, Ann Marie. (2016) - In: Arthuriana Bd. 26, 4 (2016) S. 114-129

13Buchbeitrag  Sovereign Meat: Reassembling the Hunter King from Medieval Forest Law to The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle
Provost, Jeanne. (2016) - In: The politics of ecology. Land, life, and law in medieval Britain S. 56-81

14Artikel  "Til þat he nezed ful neghe into þe Norþe Walez": Gawain's Postcolonial Turn
Smith, Joshua Byron. (2016) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 51 (2016) S. 295-309

15Artikel  Gawain and the Nick of Time: Fame, History, and the Untimely in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Godden, Richard H.. (2016) - In: Arthuriana Bd. 26, 4 (2016) S. 152-173

16Buchbeitrag  Sir Gawain or the Remains of King Arthur. Ars oblivionis versus ars memoriae in Kazuo Ishiguro's 'The Buried Giant'
Fichte, Joerg O.. (2016) - In: Formen arthurischen Erzählens vom Mittelalter bis in die Gegenwart S. 361ff.

17Buchbeitrag  Comedy in the Works of the Gawain Poet and in Henri Bergson
Putter, Ad. (2016) - In: Parodies courtoises, parodies de la courtoisie S. 15-30

18Artikel  Obligation, Marvel, and Passion in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Slojka, Ewa. (2016) - In: The Mediaeval Journal Bd. 6, 2 (2016) S. 81-110

19Artikel  Emotion and Narrative Empathy inSir Gawain and the Green Knight
Harbus, Antonina. (2016) - In: English studies. A journal of English language and literature Bd. 97 (2016) S. 594-607

20Monographie  The power of the medieval Solomon-magus and Solomon-auctor revealed through the Canterbury Tales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and the Tale of the Sankgreal
Knudson, Karen R.. - [Purdue University] (2016)

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 1027