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Titelstichwörter: Richard Middleton

1Buchbeitrag  Richard of Middleton
Cross, Richard. (2011) - In: Encyclopedia of medieval philosophy. Philosophy between 500 and 1500 S. 1132-1134

2Buchbeitrag  Richard of Middleton (ca. 1249-1302)
Brown, Stephen F.. (2007) - In: Historical dictionary of medieval philosophy and theology S. 242-243

3Buchbeitrag  Richard of Middleton.
Cross, Richard. (2003) - In: A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages S. 573-578

4Buchbeitrag  Richardus de Mediabilla (Richard of Middleton, Richard of Menneville) (c. 1249-c. 1307)
Plevano, Roberto. (2002) - In: The rise of the medieval world S. 369-371

5Buchbeitrag  Richard of Middleton contra Thomas Aquinas on the question whether the created world could have been eternally produced by God
Veldhuijsen, Peter van. (1990) - In: The Eternity of the World in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas and his Contemporaries S. 69-81

6Monographie  The disintegration of divine illumination theory in the franciscan school, 1285-1300: Peter of Trabes, Richard of Middleton, William of Ware
Doyle, Patrick J.. - [Marquette University] (1984)

7Artikel  Richard of Middleton, O.F.M. on esse and essence
Cunningham, Francis A.. (1970) - In: Franciscan Studies Bd. 30 (1970) S. 49-76

8Artikel  Legal influence in the work of Richard Middleton
Wahl, James A.. (1969) - In: Manuscripta Bd. 13 (1969) S. 67-80

9Monographie  Richard de Middleton: sa vie, ses oeuvres, sa doctrine
Hocedez, Edgar. - Louvain (1925)

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