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Titelstichwörter: justiciar*

1Buchbeitrag  Tame Magnates? The Justiciars of Later Medieval Scotland
MacQueen, Hector L.. (2014) - In: Essays Jenny Wormald S. 93-120

2Buchbeitrag  Policies, Priorities and Principles: The King, the Anglo-Irish and English Justiciars in the Fourteenth Century
Hartland, Beth. (2009) - In: Essays Robin Frame S. 130-140

3Buchbeitrag  Defining Lordships in Angevin Ireland: William Marshal and the king's justiciar
Flanagan, Marie-Thérèse. (2009) - In: Les seigneuries dans l'espace Plantagenêt (c. 1150 - c. 1250) S. 41-60

4Buchbeitrag  Basset, Philip (d. 1271), justiciar and royalist nobleman
Hogg, R. Malcolm. (2004) - In: Oxford dictionary of national biography

5Buchbeitrag  Art. Justiciar
Hershey, Andrew H.. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia S. 387

6Buchbeitrag  The 'Justiciarship' in Brittany and Ireland under Henry II
Everard, Judith Ann. (1998) - In: Anglo-Norman Studies 20 S. 87-105

7Buchbeitrag  The Justiciar and the Murder of the MacMurroughs in 1282
Frame, Robin. (1998) - In: Frame, Ireland and Britain 1170-1450 S. 241-247

8Artikel  Thomas Rokeby, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Justiciar of Ireland
Frame, Robin. (1996) - In: Peritia Bd. 10 (1996) S. 274-296

9Artikel  The Justiciarship and the Battle of Northampton, 1264
Hogg, R. Malcolm. (1995) - In: Historical Research Bd. 68 (1995) S. 88-99

10Artikel  The Households of the Justiciars of Richard I: An Inquiry into the Second Level of Medieval English Government
Heiser, Richard Russell. (1990) - In: The Haskins Society journal Bd. 2 (1990) S. 223-236

11Artikel  Richard de Lucy, Henry II's justiciar
Amt, Emilie M.. (1988) - In: Medieval prosopography Bd. 9, 1 (1988) S. 61-87

12Buchbeitrag  Art. Justiciar
Lyon, Bryce Dale. (1986) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 7 S. 199-200

13Artikel  Henry III, the justiciarship, and the court coram rege in 1261
Hogg, R. Malcolm. (1986) - In: The American journal of legal history Bd. 30 (1986) S. 59-78

14Monographie  The justiciarship during the Barons' War, 1258-65: the royalist justiciarship of Philip Basset, 1261-63
Hogg, R. Malcolm. - [University of Wales, Aberystwyth] (1982)

15Buchbeitrag  The origins of the justiciarship
Bates, David R.. (1982) - In: Anglo-Norman Studies 4 S. 1-12, 167-171

16Buchbeitrag  John Colton, justiciar of Ireland (1382) and archbishop of Armagh (1383-1404)
Watt, John Anthony. (1981) - In: Essays Jocelyn Otway-Ruthven S. 196-213

17Artikel  Ranulf de Gianville's formative years c.1120-1179: the family background and his ascent to the Justiciarship
Falls, James S.. (1978) - In: Mediaeval Studies Bd. 40 (1978) S. 312-327

18Artikel  Were Ralph and Richard Bassett really Chief Justiciars of England in the reign of Henry I?
Reedy, William T.. (1975) - In: Acta. Proceedings of the SUNY Regional Conferences in Medieval Studies Bd. 2 (1975) S. 74-103

19Buchbeitrag  The justiciarship in England, 1258-1265
Knowles, Clive H.. (1974) - In: Studies S. B. Chrimes S. 16-26

20Artikel  The justiciar and the murder of the MacMurroughs in 1282
Frame, Robin. (1972 - 1973) - In: Irish historical studies Bd. 18 (1972/73) S. 223-230

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