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1Artikel  Connaître la bibliothèque pour connaître les sources: Isidore de Séville
Elfassi, Jacques. (2015) - In: Antiquité tardive Bd. 23 (2015) S. 59-66

2Buchbeitrag  La forme de la ville chez Hraban Maur, en passant par Isidore de Séville et quelques autres
Perrin, Michel. (2015) - In: La forme de la ville. De l'Antiquité à la Renaissance S. 245-254

3Artikel  L'idéal monastique, les moines et les monastères du monde wisigothique selon Isidore de Séville
Barata Dias, Paula. (2015) - In: Antiquité tardive Bd. 23 (2015) S. 143-154

4Artikel  Material culture and the economy in the age of Saint Isidore of Seville (6th and 7th centuries)
Reynolds, Paul. (2015) - In: Antiquité tardive Bd. 23 (2015) S. 163-210

5Artikel  Isidore de Séville en son monde: lieux, peuples, époques
Inglebert, Hervé. (2015) - In: Antiquité tardive Bd. 23 (2015) S. 109-122

6Artikel  La translatio beati isidori y el testimonio de Lucas de Tuy.
Falque Rey, Emma. (2014) - In: Studium Legionense Bd. 55 (2014) S. 149-180

7Artikel  Isidore of Seville and the Old English Boethius
Fox, Hilary E.. (2014) - In: Medium aevum Bd. 83 (2014) S. 49-59

8Buchbeitrag  In How Many Ways Can a Text Be Written? The Textual Tradition of Isidore's Histories
Furtado, Rodrigo. (2014) - In: Wisigothica. After M. C. Díaz y Díaz S. 421-476

9Buchbeitrag  Confessio beati Isidori. Edizione dal Paris B.N. lat. 8039, fol. 24V
Stella, Francesco. (2014) - In: Wisigothica. After M. C. Díaz y Díaz S. 177-198

10Artikel  The Insertion of the Filioque into the Nicene Creed and a Letter of Isidore of Seville
Smith, Shawn C.. (2014) - In: Journal of early Christian studies Bd. 22 (2014) S. 261-286

11Artikel  Isidore's Etymologiae at the school of Canterbury
Porter, David W.. (2014) - In: Anglo-Saxon England Bd. 43 (2014) S. 7-44

12Buchbeitrag  Geography and in Isidore's Etymologies
Merrills, Andrew H.. (2013) - In: Mapping medieval geographies. Geographical encounters in the Latin west and beyond S. 45-64

13Buchbeitrag  Isidore's Etymologies: on words and things
Merrills, Andrew H.. (2013) - In: Encyclopaedism from Antiquity to the Renaissance S. 301-324

14Buchbeitrag  'Religiones' and 'gentes' in Isidore of Seville's 'Chronica maiora'
Wood, Jaimie. (2013) - In: Post-Roman transitions. Christian and Barbarian identities in the early medieval West S. 125-168

15Artikel  Considerations on the Concept of Gensans its Relationship with the Idea of Noble Identity in the Thought of Isidore of Seville (7th Century)
Frighetto, Renan. (2012) - In: Imago temporis. Medium Aevum Bd. 6 (2012) S. 117-140

16Artikel  Clean and Unclean Animals: Isidore's Book XII from the Etymologiae and the Structure of Eusebius's Zoological Riddles
Salvador Bello, Mercedes. (2012) - In: English studies. A journal of English language and literature Bd. 93 (2012) S. 572-582

17Artikel  Divine deformity: the Plinian races (via Isidore of Seville) in Irish mythology.
Bernhardt-House, Phillip A.. (2012) - In: Studia Celtica Fennica Bd. 9 (2012) S. 5-11

18Buchbeitrag  Etymologizing from eye to ear: about vowel prosthesis in Isidore's Etymologies
Nicolas, Christian. (2012) - In: Latin vulgaire - latin tardif 9 S. 795-806

19Artikel  Grégoire de Tours et Isidore de Séville historiens militaires
Richardot, Philippe. (2012) - In: Latomus Bd. 71 (2012) S. 150-160

20Buchbeitrag  Isidore's Histories in the Mozarabic scholarship of the eighth and early ninth centuries
Furtado, Rodrigo. (2012) - In: Ways of approaching knowledge in late antiquity and the early middle ages S. 264-287

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