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1Monographie  Necessary existence and the doctrine of being in Avicenna's Metaphysics of the healing
De Haan, Daniel D.. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

2Buchbeitrag  The Metaphysical Proof of Prophecy in Avicenna
Bertolacci, Amos. (2020) - In: Prophecy and prophets in the Middle Ages S. 39-76

3Monographie  Avicenna on the Ontology of Pure Quiddity
Janos, Damien. - Berlin [u.a.] (2020)

4Artikel  Avicenna on Mathematical Infinity
Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh. (2020) - In: Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie Bd. 102 (2020) S. 379-425

5Artikel  "From the One, Only One Proceeds": The Post-Classical Reception of a Key Principle of Avicenna's Metaphysics
Amin, Wahid M.. (2020) - In: Oriens Bd. 48 (2020) S. 123-155

6Artikel  The Role of Essentially Ordered Causal Series in Avicenna's Proof for the Necessary Existent in the Metaphysics of the Salvation
Byrne, Celia. (2020) - In: History of philosophy quarterly Bd. 36 (2020) S. 121-138

7Buchbeitrag  Reading Aristotle with Avicenna
Bertolacci, Amos. (2020) - In: The Summa Halensis. Sources and context S. 135-154

8Monographie  Analytic philosophy and Avicenna: knowing the unknown
Azadpur, Mohammad. - New York (2020)

9Artikel  The Idea and the Origins of Becoming Like God in Avicenna
Komurcuoglu, Seyma. (2020) - In: Anales del seminario de historia de la filosofía Bd. 37 (2020) S. 369-380

10Artikel  Avicenna's Outsourced Rationalism
Kaukua, Jari. (2020) - In: Journal of the history of philosophy Bd. 58 (2020) S. 215-240

11Artikel  Avicenna's influence on Maimonides "Epistle on astrology"
Harvey, Elon. (2019) - In: Arabic sciences and philosophy Bd. 29 (2019) S. 171-183

12Buchbeitrag  endoxa and the Theology of Aristotle in Avicenna's "Flying Man": Contexts for Similarities with Sceptical and Cartesian Arguments in Avicenna
Eichner, Heidrun. (2019) - In: Sceptical paths. Enquiry and doubt from antiquity to the present S. 67-82

13Artikel  Metaphysics, Elemental Transformation, Medicine: A Specimen of Avicenna's System of Thought in Ms. Escorial 621
Bertolacci, Amos. (2019) - In: Oriens Bd. 47 (2019) S. 389-417

14Artikel  Farabi and Avicenna on Contraposition
Fallahi, Asadollah. (2019) - In: History and philosophy of logic Bd. 40 (2019) S. 22-41

15Artikel  Al-Biruni and Avicenna on the Existence of Void and the Plurality of Worlds
Hullmeine, Paul. (2019) - In: Oriens Bd. 47 (2019) S. 114-144

16Buchbeitrag  Migrazione in Occidente: sul retroterra arabo e ¡a diffusione europea delle traduzioni latine di Avicenna
Bertolacci, Amos. (2019) - In: Le migrazioni nell'Alto Medioevo S. 585-602

17Artikel  The logic of Avicenna between Al-Qiyas and Mantiq al-Masriqiyyin
Chatti, Salua. (2019) - In: Arabic sciences and philosophy Bd. 29 (2019) S. 109-131

18Buchbeitrag  Avicenna between Galen and Aristotle
Strohmaier, Gotthard. (2019) - In: Brill's companion to the reception of Galen S. 215-226

19Artikel  Utiliora et meliora artis medicinae- Die Rezeption des Canon medicinae von Avicenna in einem medizinischen Text aus dem 14. Jahrhundert und seine Abschriften in europäischen Bibliotheken
Florianová, Hana. (2019) - In: Scriptorium Bd. 73 (2019) S. 251-280

20Buchbeitrag  Si può mangiare involontariamente? Contingentia ad utrumlibet e contingentia in paucioribus in Avicenna, Averroe e Alberto Magno
Porro, Pasquale. (2019) - In: La volontarietà dell'azione tra Antichità e Medioevo S. 395-422

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