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Suchbegriffe: Book of Durrow

1Buchbeitrag  Cognition, colour and number in the Book of Durrow and other Insular gospel books
Pulliam, Heather. (2017) - In: An insular odyssey. Manuscript culture in early christian Ireland and beyond S. 138-158

2Buchbeitrag  The Book of Durrow and the Lindisfarne Gospels
Netzer, Nancy. (2017) - In: The Lindisfarne Gospels. New perspectives S. 166-182

3Buchbeitrag  Observations on the Book of Durrow memorandum
Bhreathnach, Edel. (2015) - In: FS Máire Herbert S. 14-21

4Artikel  Being and Becoming: Origins and Interpretations of Folio 3v in the Book of Durrow
Dillon, Claire. (2014) - In: Vexillum Bd. 4 (2014) S. 115-137

5Buchbeitrag  Non-Destructive, in situ Analysis of Three Early Medieval Manuscripts from Trinity College Library Dublin (Codex Usserianus Primus, Book of Durrow, Book of Armagh)
Burgio, LuciaBioletti, SusanMeehan, Bernard. (2013) - In: Making Histories S. 42-49

6Monographie  Irish ornament: the Book of Durrow and the high crosses of Ahenny
Kinstler, Angela Lynn. - [University of Wisconsin] (2007)

7Buchbeitrag  Durrow, book of
Meehan, Bernard. (2005) - In: Medieval Ireland. An encyclopedia S. 138

8Monographie  Ogam and the integumenta of word and image in the Book of Durrow
Thompson, Lacey. - [Ohio University] (2004)

9Buchbeitrag  Die Dreifaltigkeitsminiatur im Book of Durrow
Elbern, Viktor Heinrich. (2003) - In: Elbern, Fructus operis 2 S. 121-156

10Monographie  The artistic innovations and stylistic evolution evidenced in the Book of Durrow and the Book of Kells
Beachler, Jennifer. - [California State University, Dominguez Hills] (2003)

11Buchbeitrag  The Book of Durrow: the Northumbrian connection
Netzer, Nancy. (1999) - In: Northumbria's Golden Age S. 315-326

12Buchbeitrag  Durrow, Book of
Brown, Michelle P.. (1999) - In: The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England S. 147-148

13Artikel  The Book of Durrow and the question of programme
Werner, Martin. (1997) - In: Anglo-Saxon England Bd. 26 (1997) S. 23-39

14Artikel  The cross-carpet page in the Book of Durrow: the cult of the True Cross, Adomnan, and Iona.
Werner, Martin. (1990) - In: The Art bulletin Bd. 72 (1990) S. 174-223

15Buchbeitrag  Como and the Book of Durrow
Zarnecki, George. (1990) - In: Studies Peter Kidson S. 35-45

16Buchbeitrag  Early insular manuscripts: ornament and archaeology, with special reference to the dating of the Book of Durrow
Roth, Uta. (1987) - In: Ireland and Insular Art A.D. 500-1200 S. 23-29

17Buchbeitrag  Merovingian politics and insular calligraphy: the historical background to the Book of Durrow and related manuscripts
Ó Cróinín, Dáibhí. (1987) - In: Ireland and Insular Art A.D. 500-1200 S. 40-43

18Artikel  The shapes of the Book of Durrow evangelist-symbol pages
Stevick, Robert D.. (1986) - In: The Art bulletin Bd. 68 (1986) S. 182-194

19Buchbeitrag  Zur Datierung des Book of Durrow
Roth, Uta. (1986) - In: Gedenkschrift Gero von Merhart S. 277-292

20Buchbeitrag  Art. Durrow, book of
Brubaker, Leslie. (1984) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 4 S. 316-318

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