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1Artikel  Were Aelred of Rievaulx and Gilbert of Sempringham friends?: evidence from Aelred's "A certain wonderful miracle" and the Gilbertine lay brothers' revolt
Dutton, Marsha L.. (2017) - In: The American Benedictine review Bd. 68 (2017) S. 274-300

2Monographie  The Archaeology of the Monastic Order of the Gilbertines
Townend, Peter. - [University of Sheffield] (2017)

3Monographie  The decline and dissolution of the Gilbertine order.
Stephenson, Frederick. - [University of Worcester] (2012)

4Buchbeitrag  The Chapter Office in the Gilbertine Order and the Rule of St Augustine
Sorrentino, Janet Tierney. (2011) - In: The regular canons in the medieval British isles S. 173-191

5Buchbeitrag  'And then he added Canons': Gilbert, the Order of Sempringham, and the Developing Framework of Gilbertine Life
Coppack, Glyn. (2011) - In: The regular canons in the medieval British isles S. 291-312

6Artikel  Cistercian influences on Gilbertine legislation
Sykes, Katharine. (2008) - In: Citeaux Bd. 59 (2008) S. 209-235

7Artikel  Moderate psallendo: Musical participation in worship among Gilbertine nuns
Josselyn-Cranson, Heather. (2007) - In: Plainsong and medieval music Bd. 16 (2007) S. 173-186

8Buchbeitrag  Entcharismatisierung als Geltungsgrund?: Gilbert von Sempringham und der frühe Gilbertinerorden
Müller, Anne. (2005) - In: Charisma und religiöse Gemeinschaften im Mittelalter S. 151-172

9Artikel  The Gilbertine Priory of New Biggin at Hitchin
Stephenson, F. M.. (2004 - 2005) - In: Hertfordshire archaeology Bd. 14 (2004/05) S. 77-80

10Artikel  The Gilbertine priory at Newbiggin at Hitchin
Stephenson, F. M.. (2004 - 2005) - In: Hertfordshire archaeology and history Bd. 14 (2004/05) S. 77-80

11Artikel  Handling Pilgrims: The Gilbertine Cult and Robert Mannyng
Coleman, Joyce. (2004) - In: Philological quarterly Bd. 81 (2002) S. 311-326

12Buchbeitrag  Art. Gilbertines
Elkins, Sharon K.. (1998) - In: Encyclopedia of monasticism Tl. 1 S. 534-535

13Artikel  The church and Gilbertine priory of St Andres, Fishergate
Kemp, Richard L.Graves, C. Pamela. (1996) - In: Archaeology of York Bd. 2, 2 (1996) S. 294-321

14Monographie  Gilbert of Sempringham and the Gilbertine Order c. 1130-c. 1300
Golding, Brian J.. - Oxford (1995)

15Artikel  Evidence for Remedial Medical Treatment of a Severe Knee Injury from the Fishergate Gilbertine Monastery in the City of York
Knüsel, Christopher J.Kemp, Richard L.Budd, Paul. (1995) - In: Journal of archaeological science Bd. 22 (1995) S. 369-384

16Sammelwerk  The Libraries of the Cistercians, Gilbertines and Premonstratensians
Bell, David Neil [Hrsg.]. - London (1992)

17Monographie  "On the northern side of the church": the Gilbertine Order and the Gregorian reforms in twelfth-century England
Brain, Joan. - [University of Melbourne] (1991)

18Artikel  A watching brief at the Gilbertine Priory at Chicksands, Bedfordshire
Jackman, T. A.. (1991) - In: Bedfordshire archaeology Bd. 19 (1991) S. 125-129

19Buchbeitrag  Art. Gilbert v. Sempringham, Stifter des Gilbertinerordens, Heiliger (1083-1189)
Bautz, Friedrich Wilhelm. (1990) - In: Biographisch-bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon Tl. 2 S. Sp. 246

20Buchbeitrag  Aelred of Rievaulx and the Nun of Watton: An Episode in the Early History of the Gilbertine Order
Constable, Giles. (1988) - In: Constable, Monks, hermits and crusaders in Medieval Europe S. VI: 205-226

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