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Suchbegriffe: Honorius III.

1Buchbeitrag  The Interface between Papal Authority and Heresy: The Legates of Honorius III in Languedoc, 1216-1227
Smith, Thomas W.. (2020) - In: Authority and power in the medieval Church, c. 1000-c. 1500 S. 135-144

2Buchbeitrag  The Preacher and the Pope: Jacques de Vitry and Honorius III at the time of the Fifth Crusade (1216-27)
Vandeburie, Jan. (2018) - In: Papacy, crusade and Christian-Muslim relations S. 131-154

3Buchbeitrag  Preambles to Crusading: the "arengae" of Crusade letters issued by Innocent III and Honorius III
Smith, Thomas W.. (2018) - In: Papacy, crusade and Christian-Muslim relations S. 63-79

4Buchbeitrag  The Sermons of Pope Honorius III
Fonnesberg-Schmidt, Iben. (2018) - In: Papacy, crusade and Christian-Muslim relations S. 45-62

5Artikel  The Dynamism of a Crusade Encyclical: Pope Honorius III and Iustus Dominus (1223)
Smith, Thomas W.. (2018) - In: Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters Bd. 74 (2018) S. 111-142

6Buchbeitrag  "Pro Deo et Amore Marchionis": Honorius III, William VI of Montferrat, and the Fifth Crusade in Greece
Halliburton, Ben. (2018) - In: Papacy, crusade and Christian-Muslim relations S. 211-224

7Buchbeitrag  Archbishop Rodrigo, Honorius III, and the Fifth Crusade in Spain
Gomez, Michael. (2018) - In: The Fourth Lateran Council and the crusade movement S. 193-217

8Monographie  Curia and crusade: pope Honorius III and the recovery of the Holy Land, 1216-1227
Smith, Thomas W.. - Turnhout (2017)

9Buchbeitrag  The role of Pope Honorius III in the Fifth Crusade
Smith, Thomas W.. (2017) - In: The Fifth Crusade in Context. The Crusading Movement in the Early Thirteenth Century S. 15-26

10Artikel  [The case of "S., princeps Philippensis": two recently discovered letters by Pope Honorius III from 1217 and 1218 as a source for the relations between Alexius Slav and the Latins]
Yordanov, Kalin. (2017) - In: Bulgaria mediaevalis Bd. 8 (2017) S. 173-218

11Buchbeitrag  'Totius populi Christiani negotium': the crusading conception of Pope Honorius III, 1216-21
Claverie, Pierre-Vincent. (2017) - In: The Fifth Crusade in Context. The Crusading Movement in the Early Thirteenth Century S. 27-39

12Artikel  L'épiscopat dans les années de l'après-concile selon les registres d'Innocent III et d'Honorius III (1215-1217)
Hanne, Olivier. (2016) - In: Revue historique de droit français et étranger Bd. 94 (2016) S. 79-93

13Buchbeitrag  Pope Honorius III, the military orders and the financing of the Fifth Crusade: a culture of papal preference?
Smith, Thomas W.. (2016) - In: The Military Orders 6 Tl. 1 S. 54-61

14Monographie  Honorius III. (1216-1227): Seelsorger und Pragmatiker
Skiba, Viola. - Stuttgart (2016)

15Artikel  Bronzes inédits d'Honorius et de Valentinien III
Doyen, Jean-Marc. (2015) - In: Bulletin du Cercle d'Études Numismatiques Bd. 52, 2 (2015) S. 24-29

16Buchbeitrag  Les relations du Saint-Siège avec les ordres militaires sous le pontificat d'Honorius III (1216-1227)
Claverie, Pierre-Vincent. (2015) - In: Élites et ordres militaires au Moyen Âge S. 277-292

17Artikel  Between two kings: Pope Honorius III and the seizure of the kingdom of Jerusalem by Frederick II in 1225
Smith, Thomas W.. (2015) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 41 (2015) S. 41-59

18Sachtitel  Bullarium Hellenicum: Pope Honorius III's letters to Frankish Greece and Constantinople ; (1216 - 1227)
Duba, William OwenSchabel, Christopher [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2015)

19Buchbeitrag  The prefatory letters to the sermons of Pope Honorius III and the reform of preaching
Powell, James Matthew. (2014) - In: Powell, The Papacy, Frederick II and Communal Devotion in Medieval Italy Tl. VIII S. 95-104

20Artikel  The College of Cardinals under Honorius III: A Nepotistic Household?
Smith, Thomas W.. (2014) - In: Studies in church history Bd. 50 (2014) S. 74-85

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