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1Artikel  Is (also) Magna Carta an ecclesiastical document? The preeminent role of the church in the development of english legal system.
Cavalaglio, Lorenzo. (2018) - In: Vergentis Bd. 5 (2018) S. 113-129

2Artikel  The Cheshire Magna Carta: distinctive or derivative?
White, Graeme J.. (2018) - In: Historical Research Bd. 91 (2018) S. 185-201

3Monographie  The reinvention of Magna Carta 1216-1616
Baker, John Hamilton. - Cambridge (2017)

4Buchbeitrag  Die Magna Carta
Zanke, Sebastian. (2017) - In: Richard Löwenherz. König - Ritter - Gefangener S. 372-373

5Sammelwerk  Magna Carta e Rule of law nell'ordinamento inglese
Torre, Alessandro [Hrsg.]. - Napoli (2017)

6Buchbeitrag  Magna Carta e Rule of law nell'ordinamento inglese
Abbondante, Fulvia. (2017) S. 11-32

7Buchbeitrag  Dalla Corona alle Corti. Magna Carta e common law
Torre, Alessandro. (2017) - In: Magna Carta e Rule of law nell'ordinamento inglese S. 93-219

8Buchbeitrag  Magna Carta and ins commune: A Consideration of the Scholar-Administrators of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Taliadoros, Jason. (2017) - In: Essays Joseph Ward Goering S. 362-385

9Sammelwerk  Le huitième centenaire de la Magna carta
Machelon, Jean-PierreCartier, Emmanuel [Hrsg.]. - Paris (2017)

10Buchbeitrag  Magna Carta: From King John to Western Liberty
Vincent, Nicholas C.. (2017) - In: Le huitième centenaire de la Magna Carta S. 33-49

11Buchbeitrag  Magna Carta, Common law Constitutionalism e mutamenti della funzione giurisdizionale
Guastaferro, Barbara. (2017) - In: Magna Carta e Rule of law nell'ordinamento inglese S. 57-74

12Buchbeitrag  Le radici culturali della Magna Carta tra interpretazioni tradizionali e nuovi orizzonti
Freda, Dolores. (2017) - In: Magna Carta e Rule of law nell'ordinamento inglese S. 33-56

13Buchbeitrag  Magna Carta. La vita dell'antico documento nella realtà giuridica presente: un approccio culturale
Rovitto, Maria Teresa. (2017) - In: Magna Carta e Rule of law nell'ordinamento inglese S. 75-92

14Artikel  Of the many significant things that have ever happened, what should we teach? Magna Carta as a focus for learning about power
McConnell, Tony. (2017) - In: Teaching history (2017) S. 46-

15Monographie  The Production and Use of Administrative Documents in Somerset from Glanvill to Magna Carta
Sutherland-Harris, Robin Kathleen. - [University of Toronto] (2017)

16Buchbeitrag  From the Articles of the Barons to Magna Carta
Hudson, John G. H.. (2016) - In: Anglo-Norman studies 38 S. 1-18

17Buchbeitrag  Why do we Europeans celebrate the anniversary of Magna Carta? Introductory remarks
Rau, ZbigniewZurawski vel Grajewski, Przemyslaw P.Tracz-Tryniecki, Marek. (2016) - In: Magna Carta: a central European perspective of our common heritage of freedom S. 1-36

18Sammelwerk  The Magna Carta in Australia: Celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the Granting of the Magna Carta
Speed, R. [Hrsg.]. - Australia (2016)

19Buchbeitrag  King John, Magna Carta and the Thirteenth-Century English Church
Gemmill, Elizabeth. (2016) - In: The Rights and Aspirations of the Magna Carta S. 1-20

20Monographie  Women and the Magna Carta: a treaty for rights or wrongs?
Scutt, Jocelynne A.. - Basingstoke (2016)

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