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1Buchbeitrag  Intolerance and tolerance: only one 'one and only' God or more
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (2004) - In: Philosemitism, antisemitism and "the Jews". Perspectives S. 17-30

2Buchbeitrag  At the frontiers of faith
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (2002) - In: Religious Violence between Christians and Jews S. 138-156

3Monographie  Seeing salvation: images of Christ in art
MacGregor, NeilLangmuir, Erika. - London (2000)

4Sammelwerk  The Yale Dictionary of Art and Artists
Langmuir, ErikaLynton, Norbert. - New Haven, Conn. [u.a.] (2000)

5Buchbeitrag  The tortures of the body of Christ
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1996) - In: Christendom and its Discontents S. 287-309

6Artikel  The faith of Christians and hostility to Jews
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1992) - In: Studies in church history Bd. 29 (1992) S. 77-92

7Buchbeitrag  The faith of Christians and hostility to Jews
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1992) - In: Christianity and judaism S. 77-92

8Monographie  History, religion, and antisemitism
Langmuir, Gavin I.. - Berkeley, Calif. [u.a.] (1990)

9Artikel  Comment [on: Jeremy Cohen, Scholarship and Intolerance in the Medieval Academy: The Study and Evaluation of Judaism in European Christendom]
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1986) - In: The American Historical Review Bd. 91 (1986) S. 614-624

10Buchbeitrag  Historiographic crucifixion
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1985) - In: Mélanges Bernhard Blumenkranz S. 109-127

11Artikel  Thomas of Monmouth: Detector of Ritual Murder
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1984) - In: Speculum Bd. 59 (1984) S. 820-846

12Buchbeitrag  Historiographic crucifixion
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1984) - In: Approaches to Judaism in Medieval Times Tl. 1 S. 1-26

13Artikel  ""L'audaci imprese..."" Nicolò dell'Abate's frescoes from "Orlando Furioso"
Langmuir, Erika. (1981) - In: Storia dell'arte Bd. 42 (1981) S. 139-150

14Buchbeitrag  Tanquam servi: the change in Jewish status in French law about 1200
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1980) - In: Les juifs dans l'histoire de France S. 24-54

15Buchbeitrag  From Ambrose of Milan to Emicho of Leiningen: the transformation of hostility against Jews in northern Chrisyendom
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1980) - In: Gli ebrei nell'alto medioevo Tl. 1 S. 313-368

16Buchbeitrag  Qu'est-ce que "les Juifs" signifiaient pour la société médiévale?
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1978) - In: Ni juif ni grec. Entretiens sur le racisme S. 179-190

17Buchbeitrag  L'absence d'accusation de meurtre rituel à l'ouest du Rhône
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1977) - In: Juifs et judaïsme de Languedoc S. 235-249

18Artikel  'Per commune consilium regni' in Magna Carta.
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1972) - In: Studia Gratiana Bd. 15 (1972) S. 465-485

19Artikel  The Knight's Tale of Young Hugh of Lincoln,
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1972) - In: Speculum Bd. 47 (1972) S. 459-482

20Artikel  Anti-Judaism as the Necessary Preparation for Anti-Semitism
Langmuir, Gavin I.. (1971) - In: Viator Bd. 2 (1971) S. 383-390

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