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1Artikel  Isaac Abravanel's Rejection of Corporeal Form
Elior, Ofer. (2012) - In: Aleph Bd. 12 (2012) S. 367-402

2Artikel  Le fonti filosofiche del trattato sulle "Forme degli elementi" ("Surot ha-Yesodot") di Yishaq Abravanel (1437-1508).
Coda, Elisa. (2008) - In: Materia giudaica Bd. 13 (2008) S. 71-80

3Artikel  Yitshaq abravanel's first edition (Constantinople 1505): Rhetorical content and editorial background
Skalli, Cedric Cohen. (2007) - In: Hispania judaica bulletin Bd. 5 (2007) S. 153-175

4Buchbeitrag  Die Auslegung des Danielbuches in der Schrift "Die Quellen der Erlösung" des Don Isaak Abravanel (1437-1508)
Schorch, Stefan. (2007) - In: Die Geschichte der Daniel-Auslegung in Judentum, Christentum und Islam S. 179-197

5Artikel  La questione dei cicli cosmici nella produzione pugliese di Yishaq Abravanel
Ogren, Brian. (2006 - 2007) - In: Itinerari di ricerca storica Bd. 20/21 (2006/07) S. 141-161

6Buchbeitrag  Abravanel, Isaac (1437-1508)
Roth, Norman. (2006) - In: Key figures in medieval Europe S. 3-4

7Buchbeitrag  Authorship in the age of early Jewish print: Isaac Abravanel's "Ma'aynei ha-Yeshu'a" and the first printed edition in Ferrara 1551
Cohen Skalli, Cédric. (2006) - In: Tradition, heterodoxy and religious culture. Judaism and Christianity in the early modern period S. 185-201

8Artikel  Salomone come sapiente universale nel "Commento al Libro dei Re" di Isaac Abravanel (1437-1508)
Guidi, Angela. (2006) - In: Accademia. Revue de la Société Marsile Ficin Bd. 8 (2006) S. 61-80

9Buchbeitrag  Messianic Dreams and Political Reality: The Case of Don Isaac Abravanel.
Schmelowszky, Agoston. (2004) - In: Monotheistic Kingship. The Medieval Variants S. 137-154

10Monographie  Philosophy in a Time of Crisis: Don Isaac Abravanel, Defender of the Faith
Feldman, Seymour W.. - London (2003)

11Buchbeitrag  Abravanel, Isaac ben-Judah (1437-1508)
Ellis, Deborah S.. (2001) - In: The late medieval age of crisis and renewal S. 3-4

12Buchbeitrag  Art. Abravanel, Isaac (1437-1508)
Attias, Jean-Christophe. (2000) - In: Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages Tl. 1 S. 9

13Artikel  Consolatio: Don Ishaq Abravanel and the classical tradition
Gutwirth, Eleazar. (2000) - In: Medievalia et humanistica Ser. NS, Bd. 27 (2000) S. 79-98

14Buchbeitrag  Consolatio: Don Ishaq Abravanel and the Classical Tradition
Gutwirth, Eleazar. (2000) - In: Literacy and the lay reader S. 79ff.

15Buchbeitrag  L'argument de l'histoire dans la tradition espagnole de polémique judéo-chrétienne d'Isidore de Seville à Isaac Abravanel, et Abraham Zacuto
Genot-Bismuth, Jacqueline. (1999) - In: From Iberia to Diaspora. Studies in Sephardic History and Culture S. 197-213

16Artikel  Don Ishaq Abravanel and vernacular humanism in fifteenth century Iberia.
Gutwirth, Eleazar. (1998) - In: Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance Bd. 60 (1998) S. 641-671

17Buchbeitrag  Prophecy and perception in Isaac Abravanel
Feldman, Seymour W.. (1998) - In: Perspectives on Jewish thought and mysticism S. 223-235

18Monographie  Two Portuguese exiles in Castile: Dom David Negro and Dom Isaac Abravanel
Lipiner, Elias. - Jerusalem (1997)

19Artikel  Jewish dogmatics after the Spanish expulsion: Rabbis Isaac Abravanel and Joseph Yabes on belief in creation as an article of faith
Kellner, Menachem Marc. (1982) - In: The Jewish quarterly review Bd. 72 (1982) S. 178-187

20Buchbeitrag  Art. Abravanel Isaak (ben Jehuda), (1437-1508)
Maier, Johann. (1980) - In: Lexikon des Mittelalters Tl. 1 S. Sp. 53

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