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1Monographie  The historical reputation of Edward IV, 1461-1725
Whittle, Andrew. - [University of East Anglia] (2017)

2Artikel  The Tower of London and Firearms in the Reign of Edward IV
Spencer, Dan. (2016) - In: Arms and armour Bd. 13 (2016) S. 98-110

3Monographie  The private life of Edward IV
Ashdown-Hill, John. - Stroud (2016)

4Buchbeitrag  The Treatment of Traitors' Children and Edward IV's Clemency in the 1460s
Ross, James. (2015) - In: Essays Michael Hicks S. 131-142

5Buchbeitrag  Widows and the Wars of the Roses: the Turbulent Marital History of Edward IV's Putative Mistress, Margaret, daughter of Sir Lewis John of West Horndon, Essex
Payling, Simon J.. (2015) - In: Essays Michael Hicks S. 103-116

6Buchbeitrag  Edward IV and Bury St. Edmunds' Search for Self-Government
Sutton, Anne F.. (2015) - In: Essays Michael Hicks S. 143-160

7Artikel  The Parliamentary Representation of Stamford from Edward IV to Henry VII
Rogers, Alan. (2014) - In: Nottingham medieval studies Bd. 58 (2014) S. 185-252

8Buchbeitrag  The Netherlandish Glass in the Upper Chantry of King Edward IV.
Cole, William. (2014) - In: A history of the stained glass of St George's chapel, Windsor castle S. 68-78

9Artikel  John Don, Edward IV's First Mayor of Southampton, 1461-62
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: Hampshire studies Bd. 68 (2013) S. 149-160

10Buchbeitrag  "The Arrival of Edward IV" - the development of the text
Thomson, John Aidan Francis. (2013) - In: Thomson, Piety and politics in Britain, 14th - 15th centuries Tl. XXI S. 84-93

11Artikel  The Garters and the Garter Achievements of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. With an Appendix on Edward IV's Additions to the Statutes of the Order of the Garter
Visser-Fuchs, Livia. (2013) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 23 (2013) S. 1-19

12Buchbeitrag  Edward IV and the Politics of Conciliation in the Early 1460s
Payling, Simon J.. (2013) - In: The Yorkist age. Proceedings S. 81-94

13Buchbeitrag  L'importance des femmes dans la vie et au cours du règne du roi Edouard IV d'Angelterre
Ashdown-Hill, John. (2012) - In: Femmes de pouvoir, femmes politiques durant les derniers siècles du Moyen Âge S. 167-182

14Artikel  Convocations Called by Edward IV and Richard of Gloucester in 1483: Did they ever take place?
Carson, Annette. (2012) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 22 (2012) S. 35-46

15Artikel  Edward IV's Brief Treatise and the treaty of Picquigny of 1475
Hicks, Michael A.. (2010) - In: Historical Research Bd. 83 (2010) S. 253-265

16Artikel  Warrants under the signet in the reign of Edward IV
Westervelt, Theron. (2010) - In: Historical Research Bd. 83 (2010) S. 602-616

17Monographie  Edward IV
Kleineke, Hannes. - London (2009)

18Artikel  The date of Edward IV's mintmark cinquefoil
Stewartby, Lord. (2009) - In: British Numismatic Journal Bd. 79 (2009) S. 236-238

19Artikel  Sir Thomas St. Leger, c. 1439-83: the rise and fall of a royal servant during the reigns of Edward IV and Richard III
Driver, John T.. (2008) - In: Surrey archaeological collections Bd. 94 (2008) S. 209-223

20Artikel  Royal charter witness lists and the politics of the reign of Edward IV
Westervelt, Theron. (2008) - In: Historical Research Bd. 81 (2008) S. 211-223

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