RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Monographie  Jean sans Terre
Lachaud, Frédérique. - Paris (2018)

2Buchbeitrag  Johann Ohneland
Mauntel, Christoph. (2017) - In: Richard Löwenherz. König - Ritter - Gefangener S. 370-371

3Artikel  "Talia autem clausis occulis pertransire non possumus…" Angebliche Briefe Philipps von Schwaben, Innocenz' III., Johann Ohnelands und Stephan Langtons in der Brüsseler Handschrift 19020
Wasserfuhr, Mario-Marcel. (2017) - In: Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters Bd. 73 (2017) S. 75-124

4Buchbeitrag  The Military Orders at the Court of King John
Webster, Paul. (2012) - In: The Military Orders 5 S. 209-218

5Artikel  Aliénor de Bretagne, une héritière entre Richard Coeur de Lion, Jean sans Terre et Henri III
Carter Van Horn, Kathy P.. (2012) - In: Bulletin de la Société Archéologique du Finistère Bd. 140 (2012) S. 267-286

6Monographie  Girard d'Athée and the men from the Touraine: their roles under King John.
Rickaby, Caroline. - [University of Durham] (2011)

7Buchbeitrag  Crown, Cathedral and Conflict: King John and Canterbury
Webster, Paul. (2011) - In: Cathedrals, communities and conflict in the Anglo-Norman world S. ??

8Artikel  Jean sans Terre et les origines de la Gascogne anglaise: droits et pouvoirs dans les arcanes des sources
Vincent, Nicholas C.. (2011) - In: Annales du midi Bd. 123 (2011) S. 533-567

9Monographie  Girard d'Athee and the Men from the Touraine. Their Roles under King John
Rickaby, Margaret Caroline. - [University of Durham] (2011)

10Monographie  King John in history
Sobehrad, Lane. - [Southern Methodist University] (2010)

11Sammelwerk  Magna Carta and the England of King John
Loengard, Janet S. [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge (2010)

12Artikel  King John's Testament and the Last Days of his Reign
Church, Stephen D.. (2010) - In: The English Historical Review Bd. 125 (2010) S. 505-528

13Buchbeitrag  Jocelin of Wells: the making of a bishop in the reign of King John
Vincent, Nicholas C.. (2010) - In: Jocelin of Wells. Bishop, builder, courtier S. 9-33

14Buchbeitrag  Losing France and Becoming England: Shakespeare's King John and the Emergence of State-Based Diplomacy
Watkins, John. (2009) - In: Shakespeare and the Middle Ages (2009) S. 78-102

15Sammelwerk  Records, administration and aristocratic society in the Anglo-Norman realm: papers commemorating the 800th anniversary of King John's loss of Normandy
Vincent, Nicholas C. [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge (2009)

16Buchbeitrag  King John's early grants of markets and fairs
Britnell, Richard Hugh. (2009) - In: Britnell, Markets, trade and economic development in England and Europe Tl. IV S. 90-96

17Artikel  The Care of the Royal Tombs in English Cathedrals in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: The Case of the Effigy of King John at Worcester
Church, Stephen D.. (2009) - In: The antiquaries journal Bd. 89 (2009) S. 365-388

18Buchbeitrag  Fouke Fitz Waryn III and King John: Good Outlaw and Bad King
Burgess, Glyn Sheridan. (2008) - In: Bandit territories. British outlaw traditions S. 73-98

19Buchbeitrag  The Career of Godfrey of Crowcombe: Household Knight of King John and Steward of King Henry III
Carpenter, David A.. (2008) - In: War, government and aristocracy in the British Isles, c.1150 - 1500 S. 26-54

20Artikel  King John's Attack on Man in 1210
Beuermann, Ian. (2007) - In: Northern Studies Bd. 40 (2007) S. 23-50

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