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1Monographie  Three Anglo-Norman kings: the lives of William the Conqueror and sons
Benoît <de Sainte-More>. Short, Ian [Hrsg.]. - Toronto (2018)

2Artikel  Cum saca et soca, et tol et theam: the status of English terminology in Latin acta of William the Conqueror
Timofeeva, Olga. (2017) - In: Mittellateinisches Jahrbuch Bd. 52 (2017) S. 195-215

3Artikel  Embroidering history. The famous Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of the battle between England's King Harold and Duke William of Normandy, but the extraordinarily well-preserved 12th-century embroidery also reveals much about the landscape and the architecture of the time
Miles, David. (2017) - In: Minerva. The international review of ancient art and archaeology Bd. 28 (2017) S. 28-32

4Buchbeitrag  Orderic Vital et la justice sous Guillaume le Conquérant
Gazeau, Véronique. (2017) - In: La culture judiciaire anglaise au Moyen Âge S. 93-102

5Buchbeitrag  William the Peacemaker: the Submission of the English to the Duke of Normandy, October 1066-January 1067
Dalton, Paul. (2015) - In: Essays Edmund King S. 21-44

6Monographie  Guillaume le conquérant: le bâtard de Normandie
Davy, Gilduin. - Paris (2014)

7Artikel  Anglo-Norman Artillery in Narrative Histories, from the Reign of William I to the Minority of Henry III
Fulton, Michael S.. (2014) - In: The journal of medieval military history Bd. 12 (2014) S. 1-32

8Artikel  Richard Ier, duc de Normandie, et la construction de l'identité normande - Le duc Richard Ier selon Dudon de Saint-Quentin et Guillaume de Jumièges
Bouet, Pierre. (2014) - In: Annales de Normandie Bd. 64, 1 (2014) S. 15-38

9Buchbeitrag  Coinage and Currency Under William I and William II
Allen, Martin. (2014) - In: Studies Mark Blackburn S. 85-114

10Artikel  Imagining the Conqueror: The Changing Image of William the Conqueror, 1830-1945
Gazeau, Véronique. (2013) - In: The Haskins Society journal Bd. 25 (2013) S. 245-264

11Monographie  The man behind the Bayeux Tapestry: Odo, William the Conqueror's half-brother
Rowley, Trevor. - Stroud (2013)

12Monographie  Guillaume le Conquérant: le batard qui s'empara de l'Angleterre
Neveux, FrançoisRuelle, Claire. - Rennes (2013)

13Monographie  History of William the Conqueror
Abbott, Jacob. - New York, NY (2013)

14Buchbeitrag  1066: Als Wilhelm von der Normandie Caesar in den Schatten stellte. Zur Antikentransformarion in den Gesta Guilkimides Wilhelm von Poitiers
Clauss, Martin. (2013) - In: Antikes erzählen. Narrative Transformationen von Antike in Mittelalter und Früher Neuzeit S. 51-74

15Buchbeitrag  Anger, emotion and a biography of William the Conqueror
Bates, David R.. (2012) - In: Studies Pauline Stafford S. 21-34

16Monographie  'The English Church shall be free': Roots of the Reformation from William I to Henry VIII"
Lenihan, Thomas. - [Georgetown University] (2011)

17Monographie  Guillaume le Conquérant: l'épopée normande
Chauvin, Yannik. - Saint-Malo (2011)

18Monographie  Histoire des Normands / Guillaume de Jumièges
Guilelmus <Gemeticensis>. Guizot, François Pierre Guillaume [Bearb.]. Germain, Yves [Hrsg.]. - Clermont-Ferrand (2011)

19Monographie  William the Conqueror: the bastard of Normandy
Rex, Peter. - Stroud (2011)

20Sammelwerk  Signum in bonum: Festschrift für Wilhelm Imkamp zum 60. Geburtstag
- Regensburg (2011)

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