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1Buchbeitrag  John Bale and reconfiguring the 'medieval' in Reformation England
Shrank, Cathy. (2007) - In: Reading the medieval in early modern England S. 179-192

2Buchbeitrag  "Cum excuterem pulverem et blattas": John Bale, John Leland, and the "Chronicon Tinemutensis coenobii"
Carley, James Patrick. (2005) - In: Essays Anne Hudson S. 163-187

3Artikel  The Beauties of the Land: Bale's Books, Aske's Abbeys, and the Aesthetics of Nationhood
Schwyzer, Philip. (2004) - In: Renaissance Quarterly Bd. 57 (2004) S. 99-125

4Artikel  Gower's early latin poetry: text-genetic hypotheses of an Epistola ad regem (ca.1377-1380) from the evidence of John Bale
Carlson, David Richard. (2003) - In: Mediaeval Studies Bd. 65 (2003) S. 293-318

5Monographie  'Thys vysyble sygne do here to yow declarez': John Bale's medieval dramatic heritage and the Protestant emphasis on the English Bible
Bovee, Kimberly Marie. - [Loyola University Chicago] (2002)

6Buchbeitrag  Misattributions and ghost entries in John Bale's 'Index Brittanniae Scriptorum': some representative examples "Ex bibliotheca Anglorum regis"
Carley, James Patrick. (2001) - In: Essays A. G. Rigg S. 229-242

7Artikel  A Catalogue of Illustrations in the Books of John Bale
Happé, Peter. (2001) - In: Leeds studies in English Bd. 32 (2001) S. 81-118

8Artikel  Civitas to Congregation: Augustine's Two Cities and John Bale's Image of Both Churches
Minton, Gretchen E.. (1999) - In: Augustinian studies Bd. 30, 2 (1999) S. 237-256

9Buchbeitrag  Bale, John
Carley, James Patrick. (1999) - In: The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England S. 53

10Artikel  An English Carmelite abroad: John Bale's visit to Northen Italy in 1527
Copsey, Richard. (1998) - In: Carmelus Bd. 45 (1998) S. 163-178

11Artikel  Gerard of Nazareth, John Bale and the Origins of the Carmelite Order
Jotischky, Andrew. (1995) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History Bd. 46 (1995) S. 214-236

12Monographie  John Bale's use of history
Kesselring, Krista. - [Dalhousie University] (1995)

13Sachtitel  Index Britanniae scriptorum. John Bale's index of British and other writings
Bale, John. Poole, Reginald LaneBateson, Mary [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (1990)

14Artikel  John Bale and the development of Protestant hagiography in England
Fairfield, Leslie P.. (1973) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History Bd. 24 (1973) S. 145-160

15Artikel  Two notes on Bale's 'King John.' 1. l. 1291. 2. ll. 1851-5
Pafford, John Henry Pyle. (1961) - In: The modern language review Bd. 56 (1961) S. 553-555

16Monographie  John Bale and his 'Anglorum heliades'
Hamilton, Mary Grace. - [University of California, Berkeley] (1931)

17Artikel  Bale's "King John"
Pafford, John Henry Pyle. (1931) - In: Journal of English and Germanic Philology Bd. 30 (1931) S. 176-178

18Artikel  Additional lines for Bale's "Kynge Johan"
Cason, Clarence E.. (1928) - In: Journal of English and Germanic Philology Bd. 27 (1928) S. 42-40

19Artikel  On some sixteenth-century references to religious orders and saints. Bale's "John, King of England", act I, ll. 450-70
Summers, Montague. (1917) - In: The modern language review Bd. 12 (1917) S. 345-349

20Artikel  Two passages in Bale's 'John, king of England'
Summers, Montague. (1916) - In: The modern language review Bd. 11 (1916) S. 215-216

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