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1Monographie  Les anges et le lieu: quatre questions sur la localisation des substances séparées / Henri de Gand, Matthieu d'Aquasparta, Richard de Mediavilla, Pierre de Jean Olivi
Henricus <Gandavensis>Matthaeus <de Aquasparta>Richardus <de Mediavilla>Olivi, Petrus Johannes. Suárez-Nani, TizianaRibordy, OlivierEvangelista, Gabriele [Bearb.]. - Paris (2017)

2Monographie  Henrici de Gandavo Opera omnia / [Henricus de Gandavo]. 31: Summa (Quaestiones ordinariae): art. LIII - LV
Henricus <Gandavensis>. Wilson, Gordon Anthony [Hrsg.]. - Leuven [u.a.] (2014)

3Artikel  Giles of Rome, Henry of Ghent, and Godfrey of Fontaines on Whether to See God is to Love Him
Osborne, Thomas M.. (2013) - In: Recherches de théologie et philosophie médiévales Bd. 80 (2013) S. 57-76

4Monographie  Henri de Gand: Sur la possibilité de la connaissance humaine
Henricus <Gandavensis>. Demange, Dominique [Hrsg.]. - Paris (2013)

5Monographie  I dibattiti sullo statuto scientifico della teologia tra XIII E XIV secolo: l'eredità di Enrico di Gand
Arezzo, Anna. - [Università di Salerno] (2013)

6Buchbeitrag  L'acrasia nel pensiero di Enrico di Gand
Alliney, Guido. (2012) - In: Universalità della ragione. Pluralità delle filosofie nel Medioevo Tl. 2 S. 401-410

7Artikel  Henry of Ghent on real relations and the Trinity: the case for numerical sameness without identity
Williams, Scott M.. (2012) - In: Recherches de théologie et philosophie médiévales Bd. 79 (2012) S. 109-148

8Buchbeitrag  Truth as Rightness in Anselm of Canterbury and Henry of Ghent
Goehring, Bernd. (2012) - In: Saint Anselm of Canterbury and His Legacy S. 174-202

9Monographie  Divine production in late medieval trinitarian theology: Henry of Ghent, Duns Scotus, and William Ockham
Paasch, J. T.. - Oxford (2012)

10Monographie  Henry of Ghent's Summa of ordinary questions: articles thirty-one & thirty-two on God's eternity & the divine attributes in general
Henricus <Gandavensis>. Teske, Roland J. [Hrsg.]. - Milwaukee, Wis. (2012)

11Buchbeitrag  Assistance, Service and Subalternation: Theology, Philosophy and the Liberal Arts in Thomas Aquinas and Henry of Ghent
Porro, Pasquale. (2011) - In: FS Georgi Kapriev S. 259-282

12Monographie  Quaestiones quodlibetales: ausgewählte Fragen zur Willens- und Freiheitslehre; lateinisch-deutsch / Heinrich von Gent
Henricus <Gandavensis>. Müller, Jörn [Hrsg.]. - Freiburg (2011)

13Buchbeitrag  The chicken and the egg (suppositis fundamentis Philosophi): Henry of Ghent, Siger of Brabant and the eternity of species
Porro, Pasquale. (2011) - In: Christian readings of Aristotle from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance S. 185-210

14Artikel  Henry of Ghent on Teaching Theology
Spruyt, Joke. (2011) - In: Vivarium Bd. 49 (2011) S. 165-183

15Artikel  Intelligible Species in the Mature Thought of Henry of Ghent
Rombeiro, Michael E.. (2011) - In: Journal of the history of philosophy Bd. 49 (2011) S. 181-220

16Monographie  Henrici de Gandavo Opera omnia / [Henricus de Gandavo]. 8: Quodlibet 4
Henricus <Gandavensis>. Wilson, Gordon AnthonyEtzkorn, Girard J. [Hrsg.]. - Leuven [u.a.] (2011)

17Artikel  Two-staged doctrines of God as first known and the transformation of the concept of reality in Bonaventure and Henry of Ghent
Goris, Wouter. (2011) - In: American catholic philosophical quarterly Bd. 85 (2011) S. 77-97

18Buchbeitrag  The Roots of Love of Wisdom: Henry of Ghent on Platonic and Aristotelian Forms
Flores, Juan Carlos. (2011) - In: Tribute Stephen F. Brown S. 623-640

19Buchbeitrag  Henry of Ghent and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola: A Chapter on the Reception and Influence of Scholasticism in the Renaissance
Edelheit, Amos. (2010) - In: A companion to Henry of Ghent S. 369-398

20Monographie  Henrici de Gandavo Opera omnia / [Henricus de Gandavo]. 37: Syncategoremata: Henrico de Gandavo adscripta
Henricus <Gandavensis>. Braakhuis, Henk A. G.Wilson, Gordon Anthony [Hrsg.]. - Leuven [u.a.] (2010)

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 362