RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Monographie  Leonis VI Sapientis Imperatoris Byzantini Homiliae
Leo <Imperium Byzantinum, Imperator, VI.>. Antonopoulou, Theodora [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2008)

2Buchbeitrag  Unpublished Scholia on the Aposde Paul and John Climacus by the Emperor Leo VI
Antonopoulou, Theodora. (2007) - In: FS Wolfram Hörandner S. 20-34

3Buchbeitrag  The ruler as instructor, pastor and wise: Leo VI of Byzantium and Symeon of Bulgaria
Shepard, Jonathan. (2003) - In: Reuter, Alfred the Great S. 339-360

4Buchbeitrag  Leo VI, 'the Wise', Byzantine emperor
Tougher, Shaun F.. (2001) - In: The Oxford companion to military history S. 502

5Artikel  Lexicographical addenda from the homilies of the Emperor Leo VI
Antonopoulou, Theodora. (2000) - In: Byzantion Bd. 70 (2000) S. 9-24

6Buchbeitrag  Art. Leo VI (928)
Roberts, William. (1999) - In: Encyclopedia of the Vatican and papacy S. 266-267

7Buchbeitrag  The imperial thought-world of Leo VI, the non-campaigning emperor of the ninth century
Tougher, Shaun F.. (1998) - In: Byzantium in the ninth century: dead or alive S. 51-60

8Artikel  Saint Eudokia and the imperial household of Leo VI
Gerstel, Sharon E. J.. (1997) - In: The Art bulletin Bd. 79, 4 (1997) S. 699-707

9Artikel  A new palimpsest manuscript of the Homilies of the emperor Leo VI: Petropolitanus Graecus 675.
Antonopoulou, Theodora. (1996) - In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift Bd. 89 (1996) S. 1-10

10Artikel  Verses in praise of Leo VI
Antonopoulou, Theodora. (1996) - In: Byzantion Bd. 66 (1996) S. 281-284

11Buchbeitrag  The canons of the Council in Trullo in novels of Emperor Leo VI
Troianos, Spyros N.. (1995) - In: The Council in Trullo Revisited S. 189-198

12Artikel  Leo VI, Theophano, A magistros called Slokakas, and the Vita Theophano (BHG 1794)
Alexakis, Alexander. (1995) - In: Byzantinische Forschungen Bd. 21 (1995) S. 45-56

13Monographie  The homilies of the Emperor Leo VI: prolegomena to a critical edition
Antonopoulou, Theodora. - [University of Oxford] (1995)

14Artikel  Ibn al - Mangalí (Mandlí) and Leo VI: New Evidence on Arabo-Byzantine Ship Construction and Naval Warfare.
Christides, Vassilios. (1995) - In: Byzantinoslavica Bd. 56 (1995) S. 83-96

15Buchbeitrag  The wisdom of Leo VI.
Tougher, Shaun F.. (1994) - In: New Constantines. The Rhythm of Imperial Renewal in Byzantium, 4th-13th Centuries S. 171-179

16Monographie  The reign of Leo VI (886-912): personal relationships and political ideologies.
Tougher, Shaun F.. - [University of St. Andrews] (1994)

17Buchbeitrag  Leo VI and the narthex mosaic of Saint Sophia
Oikonomidès, Nicolas A.. (1992) - In: Oikonomidès, Byzantium from the ninth century to the fourth crusade S. 153-172

18Artikel  Leo VI Arabus? A Fragment of Arabic Translation from the "TACTICA"" by Leo VI the Wise (886-912) in the Mamluk military Manual by Iban Mankali (+ 1382)
Serikoff, Nikolai I.. (1992) - In: Macedonian Studies Bd. 9 (1992) S. 57-61

19Artikel  Saint Demetrios and Leo VI.
Magdalino, Paul. (1990) - In: Byzantinoslavica Bd. 51 (1990) S. 198-201

20Artikel  Competing mentalities: the legislator Leo VI at work.
Fledelius, Karsten. (1987) - In: Cahiers de l'institut du Moyen Âge grec et latin, Université de Copenhague Bd. 54 (1987) S. 83-90

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