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1Buchbeitrag  The fomaldarsögur in modern fantasy writing
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2018) - In: The legendary legacy. Transmission and reception of the Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda S. 377-398

2Sammelwerk  Old English philology: studies in honour of R.D. Fulk
Neidorf, LeonardPascual, Rafael J.Shippey, Thomas A. [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge (2016)

3Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2016)

4Buchbeitrag  Beowulf Studies from Tolkien to Fulk
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2016) - In: Studies R. D. Fulk S. 392-413

5Buchbeitrag  Names in Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon England
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2014) - In: The Dating of Beowulf. A Reassessment S. 58-78

6Buchbeitrag  Modernity
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2014) - In: Medievalism. Key critical terms S. 149-155

7Buchbeitrag  The Weil-Spoken Saint: Speech and Script in the Old English Andreas
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2012) - In: Papers Ursula Schäfer S. 39-54

8Buchbeitrag  Beowulf 'for the Big-Voiced Scullions
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2012) - In: Beowulf at Kalamazoo. Essays on translation and performance S. 364-370

9Buchbeitrag  Family Drama in the Middle English Breton Lays
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2011) - In: Essays Keith Busby S. 417-432

10Buchbeitrag  The Fall of King Hae[th]cun': or, mimesis 4a, the chapter Auerbach never wrote
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2010) - In: On the aesthetics of Beowulf and other Old English poems S. 247-265

11Buchbeitrag  Proverbs and proverbiousness in 'rafnkels saga Freysgoda'
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2010) - In: Essays George Clark S. 127-141

12Buchbeitrag  Hrólfs saga kraka and the Legend of Lejre
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2010) - In: Making History. Essays on the fornaldarsögur S. 17-32

13Buchbeitrag  Medievalisms and Why They Matter
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2009) - In: Defining Medievalism(s) S. 45-54

14Buchbeitrag  Historical Fiction and the Post-Imperial Arthur
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2009) - In: A companion to Arthurian literature S. 449-462

15Artikel  Klaeber's Beowulf Eighty Years On: A Triumph for a Triumvirate
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2009) - In: Journal of English and Germanic Philology Bd. 108 (2009) S. 360-376

16Buchbeitrag  The Case of Beowulf
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2008) - In: Editing the nation's memory textual scholarship and nation-building in nineteenth-century Europe S. 223-240

17Artikel  Tolkien, medievalism, and the philological tradition
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2008) - In: Costerus Bd. 174 (2008) S. 265-279

18Buchbeitrag  Tolkien, medievalism, and the philological tradition
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2007) - In: Bells chiming from the past cultural and linguistic studies on Early English S. 265ff

19Buchbeitrag  Imagined Cathedrals: Retelling Myth in the Twentieth Century
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2007) - In: Myth in early Northwest Europe S. 307-332

20Buchbeitrag  Academic Publications
Shippey, Thomas A.. (2007) - In: Essays T. A. Shippey S. 357-366

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