RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,7 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Buchbeitrag  The Late Roman imperial centre and its northwest frontier
Heather, Peter J.. (2017) - In: Social dynamics in the northwest frontiers of the late Roman Empire S. 11-38

2Buchbeitrag  Migration and the Roman empire
Heather, Peter J.. (2017) - In: Migration und Integration von der Urgeschichte bis zum Mittelalter S. 197-205

3Buchbeitrag  A tale of two cities: Rome and Ravenna under Gothic rule
Heather, Peter J.. (2016) - In: Ravenna. Its role in earlier medieval change and exchange S. 15-38

4Buchbeitrag  East & West in the Fifth Century
Heather, Peter J.. (2015) - In: Governare e riformare l'impero al momento della sua divisione. Oriente, Occidente, Illirico

5Buchbeitrag  The Huns and Barbarian Europe
Heather, Peter J.. (2015) - In: The Cambridge companion to the Age of Attila S. 209-229

6Artikel  Migrations
Heather, Peter J.. (2015) - In: Networks and Neighbours Bd. 3 (2015) S. 1-21

7Monographie  Die Wiedergeburt Roms: Päpste, Herrscher und die Welt des Mittelalters
Heather, Peter J.. - Stuttgart (2014)

8Monographie  The restoration of Rome: Barbarian popes & imperial pretenders
Heather, Peter J.. - Londorf (2013)

9Buchbeitrag  410 and the End of Civilisation
Heather, Peter J.. (2013) - In: The sack of Rome in 410 AD. The event, its context and its impact S. 433-448

10Buchbeitrag  Conclusions: the politics of accommodation
Heather, Peter J.. (2012) - In: Expropriations et confiscations dans les royaumes barbares. Une approche régionale S. 295-319

11Buchbeitrag  Roman law In the post-roman west: A case study in the Burgundian kingdom
Heather, Peter J.. (2012) - In: Das Vermächtnis der Römer S. 177-232

12Buchbeitrag  Law and Society in the Burgundian Kingdom
Heather, Peter J.. (2011) - In: Law, Custom and Justice in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages S. 115-154

13Monographie  Invasion der Barbaren: die Entstehung Europas im ersten Jahrtausend nach Christus
Heather, Peter J.. - Stuttgart (2011)

14Monographie  Empires and barbarians: the fall of Rome and the birth of Europe
Heather, Peter J.. - New York, NY (2010)

15Buchbeitrag  Afterword: Neglecting the Barbarian
Heather, Peter J.. (2010) - In: Neglected Barbarians S. 605-624

16Buchbeitrag  Elite militarisation and the post-roman West
Heather, Peter J.. (2010) - In: Istituzioni, carismi ed esercizio del potere (IV - VI secolo d.C.) S. 245-266

17Buchbeitrag  Liar in winter: Themistius and Theodosius
Heather, Peter J.. (2010) - In: From the Tetrarchs to the Theodosians. Essays on later Roman history and culture S. 185-214

18Artikel  Liar in winter: Themistius and Theodosius
Heather, Peter J.. (2010) - In: Yale classical studies Bd. 34 (2010) S. 185-214

19Artikel  Why Did the Barbarian Cross the Rhine?
Heather, Peter J.. (2009) - In: Journal of late antiquity Bd. 2 (2009) S. 3-29

20Monographie  Empires and barbarians
Heather, Peter J.. - London (2009)

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