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Deskriptoren: 5. Jahrhundert

1Monographie  Phrenitis and the pathology of the mind in Western medical thought: (fifth century BCE to twentieth century CE)
Thumiger, Chiara. - Cambridge (2024)

2Buchbeitrag  How an Earthquake Shaped the Foundations of a New City: Cordoba from the 3rd to the 5th Century ad
Márquez, CarlosMonterroso Checa, Antonio J.. (2023) - In: A Companion to Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Cordoba S. 1-21

3Buchbeitrag  The Development of the Visigothic Court in the Hagiography of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries
Wood, Ian N.. (2023) - In: Rome and Byzantium in the Visigothic Kingdom. Beyond Imitatio Imperii S. 53-72

4Buchbeitrag  Episcopal correspondence in fifth-century Gaul: leadership in times of crisis.
Rodríguez García, Àngel. (2023) - In: (Not) all roads lead to Rome. Interdisciplinary approaches to mobility in the Ancient World S. 168-178

5Buchbeitrag  Dynasty and aristocracy in the fifth century
Croke, Brian. (2023) - In: Croke, Roman Emperors in Context S. 29-50

6Buchbeitrag  Threatening Metropolitan Authority in Fifth-Century Gaul
Poveda Arias, Pablo. (2023) - In: Bishops under threat. Contexts and episcopal strategies in the late antique and early medieval west S. 27-54

7Buchbeitrag  Constructing New Leaders: Bishops in Visigothic Hispania Tarraconensis (Fifth to Seventh Centuries)
Pérez Martínez, Meritxell. (2023) - In: Leadership, Social Cohesion, and Identity in Late Antique Spain and Gaul (500-700) S. 131-158

8Buchbeitrag  Rich Corduba on the Quiet Baetis: Politics, Society, and Economy in a Hispanic Provincial Capital between the 3rd and 5th Centuries
Panzram, Sabine. (2023) - In: A Companion to Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Cordoba S. 22-50

9Artikel  Practice and function of ecclesiastical recommendation in Late Antiquity (fourth-fifth centuries AD)
Tamas, Hajnalka. (2023) - In: New Europe College. Yearbook (2023) S. 287-316

10Buchbeitrag  The Reception of Paul in Ephesus from the Second to the Fifth Century CE
Trebilco, Paul Raymond. (2023) - In: Essays Margaret M. Mitchell S. 351-378

11Artikel  "Najbardziej elokwentni z Ojców" a metoda przepowiadania w Kosciele przelomu IV i V wieku [‘The most Eloquent of the Fathers': The Method of Preaching in the Church at the Turn of the 4th and 5th Centuries]
Nowaszczuk, Jaroslaw. (2023) - In: Vox patrum Bd. 85 (2023) S. 73-90

12Artikel  Attempts of Muluk Al-Tawa'if to legitimise their Rule during the Fifth AH/ the Eleventh Century
Alenezi, Meshal. (2023) - In: Revista de humanidades (Sevilla) Bd. 48 (2023) S. 111-124

13Sammelwerk  A global crisis?: The Mediterranean World between the 3rd and the 5th century CE
Cimadomo, Paolo [Hrsg.]. - Roma (2022)

14Buchbeitrag  Crusades in 15th-Century Iberia and the Vexed Issue of Late Medieval Nation-Building
Jaspert, Nikolas. (2022) - In: Spanien auf dem Weg zum religiösen Einheitsstaat (15. Jh.) S. 33-57

15Artikel  Gelasius and the Ostrogoths: jurisdiction and religious community in late fifth-century Italy
Cohen, Samuel. (2022) - In: Early medieval Europe Bd. 30 (2022) S. 20-44

16Artikel  The role of drought during the Hunnic incursions into central-east Europe in the 4th and 5th c. CE
Hakenbeck, Susanne E.Büntgen, Ulf. (2022) - In: Journal of Roman archaeology Bd. 35 (2022) S. 876-896

17Buchbeitrag  Church Fathers and Antisemitism from the 2nd Century through Augustine (end of 450 CE)
Garroway, Joshua. (2022) - In: The Cambridge companion to antisemitism S. 66-82

18Buchbeitrag  Art, Iconography, and Orthodoxy between the Fourth and Fifth Centuries: The Case of the Ascension
Fernández Lahosa, Marta. (2022) - In: Living on the Edge. Transgression, Exclusion, and Persecution in the Middle Ages S. 141-158

19Artikel  Analyse de fausses monnaies du IVe et Ve siècle
Françoise, JoelleBayle, Marine. (2022) - In: Bulletin de la Société française de numismatique Bd. 77 (2022) S. 44-50

20Artikel  Idee politiche negli epitomatori latini dei secoli IV-V. L'unità e l'unicità della storia romana
Zugravu, Nelu. (2022) - In: Classica & Christiana Bd. 17 (2022) S. 617-640

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 7170