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Deskriptoren: 6. Jahrhundert

1Monographie  Early Christianity in Macedonia: from Paul to the late sixth century
Ogereau, Julien M.. - Leiden [u.a.] (2024)

2Buchbeitrag  To Be, or Not to Be Sterile: Tliat Is a Question of Well-being in Byzantine Medical Discourse of the Sixth Century AD
Groff, Elisa. (2024) - In: Disability, medicine, and healing discourse in early Christianity. New conversations for health humanities S. 67-83

3Artikel  The fabric of creation: theories of place and space in sixth to ninth-century Byzantine philosophy
Kunitz-Dick, Alisa. (2024) - In: British journal for the history of philosophy Bd. 32 (2024) S. 22-44

4Monographie  Der Bischof stirbt: zu Form, Funktion und Vorstellung bischöflicher Sterbeberichte (6.-12. Jahrhundert)
Weber, Matthias. - Göttingen (2023)

5Monographie  The Merovingians in Historiographical Tradition. From the Sixth to the Sixteenth Centuries
Fox, Yaniv. - Cambridge (2023)

6Artikel  El prefacio del De Comprobatione Sextae Aetatis en el contexto de las relaciones entre "judíos" y cristianos en el siglo VII: análisis y traducción
Castro, DoloresCohen, Rodrigo Laham. (2023) - In: Estudios de Historia de España Bd. 25 (2023) S. 166-183

7Buchbeitrag  The Cult of Saints in Constantinople (Sixth-Twelfth Century). Some Observations
Efthymiadis, Stephanos. (2023) - In: Interacting with saints in the Late Antique and medieval worlds S. 161-180

8Buchbeitrag  A Geological Approach to Syriac Miaphysite Christology (Sixth-Ninth Centuries): Detours of a Patristic Florilegium from Antioch to Tagrit
Fiori, Emiliano. (2023) - In: Florilegia Syriaca. Mapping a knowledge-organizing practice in the Syriac world S. 186-227

9Buchbeitrag  Sailing to Byzantium: Sixth-Century Popes under Threat in Constantinople
Cristini, Marco. (2023) - In: Bishops under threat. Contexts and episcopal strategies in the late antique and early medieval west S. 183-204

10Buchbeitrag  Female Patronage in Late Antiquity. Titles and Rank of Women Donors in Sixth- and Seventh-Century Palaestina and Arabia
Whiting, Marlena. (2023) - In: The public lives of ancient women (500 BCE-650 CE) S. 291-317

11Artikel  Piyyut, Mishnah and Rabbinization in the Sixth to Eighth Centuries
Landes, Yitz. (2023) - In: Jewish studies quarterly Bd. 30 (2023) S. 28-47

12Sammelwerk  Geopolitica del mondo antico: caratteri politico-militari del Mediterraneo dal II millenio a.C. al VI secolo d.C.
Landucci, FrancaZecchini, Giuseppe [Hrsg.]. - Roma (2023)

13Artikel  Emphyteusis in a Time of Death: What Can Laws on Church Property Really Tell Us about the Sixth-Century Plague?
Rockwell, David. (2023) - In: Studies in Late Antiquity Bd. 7 (2023) S. 561-586

14Artikel  A critical assessment of questionable solar eclipse memories in the Byzantine empire from the fourth to sixth centuries CE
Murata, KojiHayakawa, HisashiSôma, Mitsuru. (2023) - In: Journal for the history of astronomy Bd. 54 (2023) S. 193-212

15Artikel  Qui sont les " rustres " dans la Gaule du VIe siècle ? De quelques mots-clés de Grégoire de Tours
Piétri, Luce. (2023) - In: Revue du Nord Bd. 105 (2023) S. 523-534

16Monographie  Early Christianity in Athens, Attica, and adjacent areas: from Paul to Justinian I (1st-6th cent. AD)
Breytenbach, CilliersTzavella, Elli. - Leiden [u.a.] (2023)

17Artikel  The Conisbrough estate and the southern boundary of Northumbria: environmental and archaeological evidence from a late sixth-/early seventh-century structure and a later enclosure ditch at Conisbrough, South Yorkshire
Hey, David G.Buckland, Paul C.Buckland, Philip I.Gearey, BenO'Neill, RichardTyers, Ian. (2023) - In: Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and history Bd. 23 (2023) S. 167-205

18Artikel  Nom, renom et revers d'un général sassanide: pour une prosopographie d'Adurmahan (VIe siècle de notre ère)
Bernard, Alberto. (2023) - In: Antiquité tardive Bd. 30 (2023) S. 201-215

19Buchbeitrag  Christian monasticism as a facilitator of local self-governance: the case of sixth-century Gaza
Stenger, Jan. (2023) - In: Local Self-Governance in Antiquity and in the Global South. Theoretical and Empirical Insights from an Interdisciplinary Perspe. S. 177-202

20Sammelwerk  Cyprus in the long late antiquity: history and archaeology between the sixth and eighth centuries
Panayides, PanayiotisJacobs, I. [Hrsg.]. - Oxford (2023)

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