RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: 8. Jahrhundert

1Buchbeitrag  Religion and Orthodox Eastern Europe, 700-1500
Briel, Matthew. (2022) - In: The Oxford handbook of religion and Europe S. 60-78

2Sammelwerk  Things and thingness in European literature and visual art, 700-1600
Eming, JuttaStarkey, Kathryn [Hrsg.]. - Berlin [u.a.] (2022)

3Artikel  Middle and Late Byzantine sigilliographic evidence from western Anatolia: eighth- to early twelfth-century lead seals from Bergama (ancient Pergamon)
Lafli, ErgünSeibt, W.Caglayan, D.. (2022) - In: Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Bd. 46, 1 (2022) S. 1-23

4Artikel  A Glimpse into the Fourth Generation of the Philosarapis Archive. SB III 7244 Revised and its Unpublished Recto
Amory, Yasmine. (2022) - In: Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete Bd. 68 (2022) S. 1-37

5Artikel  Digital Perspectives on Overland Travel and Communications in the Exarchate of Ravenna (Sixth through Eighth Centuries)
McMahon, Lucas. (2022) - In: Studies in Late Antiquity Bd. 6 (2022) S. 284-334

6Monographie  International law in Europe, 700-1200
Benham, Jenny. - Manchester (2022)

7Buchbeitrag  Recent archaeological research on fortifications in France, Belgium and Switzerland, 750-1000
Bourgeois, Luc. (2021) - In: Early medieval militarisation S. 130-151

8Monographie  Principi, vescovi e reliquie a Benevento tra i secoli VIII-IX: la traslazione di San Gennaro da Napoli nell'anno 831
Iadanza, Mario. - Firenze (2021)

9Artikel  Cervená Hora - 730 let od první písemné zmínky
Bibrle, Petr. (2021) - In: Rodným krajem Bd. 62 (2021) S. 16-19

10Buchbeitrag  Innovation and Diversification in the Production of Iron Objects in England and Northern Europe, c. 700-1100
Ottaway, Patrick. (2021) - In: Les transferts culturels dans les mondes normands médiévaux (VIIIe-XIIe siècle) S. 263-285

11Monographie  Sculture medievali del Museo archeologico nazionale di Aquileia (VIII-XIV secolo)
Murat, ZuleikaVedovetto, Paolo. - Caselle di Sommacampagna (Verona) (2021)

12Artikel  El silencio y la escucha: métodos para la obtención del conocimiento en la literatura árabe formativa (ss. II-VIII/III-IX)
Samba Campos, Estrella. (2021) - In: Anaquel de estudios árabes Bd. 32 (2021) S. 207-226

13Artikel  Los Guevara (siglo VIII - Siglo XVI): Morir antes que ser deshonrado: proceso de consolidación de un linaje en su paso de la Edad Media a la Edad Moderna
Minguito Palomares, Ana. (2021) - In: Hidalguía Bd. 386 (2021) S. 13-40

14Sammelwerk  Land and trade in early Islam: the economy of the Islamic Middle East 750-1050 CE
Kennedy, Hugh N.Bessard, Fanny [Hrsg.]. - Oxford (2021)

15Sammelwerk  1218/2018: il ripristino della Diocesi di Terni e la predicazione di san Francesco in città: a 800 anni: per i 75 anni di padre Giuseppe Piemontese OFM vescovo di Terni-Narni-Amelia: Convegno nazionale, Terni, Museo diocesano e capitolare 9-10 novembre 2018
D'Angelo, Edoardo [Hrsg.]. - Verona (2021)

16Buchbeitrag  reflections on the women's monasteries of southern Italy in the eighth to twelfth centuries
Martin, Jean-Marie. (2021) - In: Studies Graham A. Loud S. 245-261

17Buchbeitrag  From Homologia to Antilogia: Resistance and Propaganda by Byzantine Hagiographers of the Eighth and Ninth Centuries
Koutrakou, Nike. (2021) - In: Byzantine Authors and their Times S. 117-144

18Artikel  Learning from Muslims and Jews: In Search of the Identity of Christ from Eighth-century Baghdad to Seventeenth-century Hague
Lim, Paul Chang-Ha. (2021) - In: Church history Bd. 90 (2021) S. 753-775

19Artikel  Urban Market Production and Coastal Trade in the Early Viking Age: A Study of Eighth-Century ad Blue Period Millefiori Beads in Central and Northern Norway
Maixner, Birgit. (2021) - In: Journal of urban archaeology Bd. 4 (2021) S. 167-191

20Sammelwerk  Professional Mobility in Islamic Societies (700-1750). New Concepts and Approaches
El-Merheb, MohamadBerriah, Mehdi [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2021)

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 15682