RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,5 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Buchbeitrag  Paradise? America! The Metaphor of Paradise in the Context of the Iraqi-Christian Migration
Tamcke, Martin. (2017) - In: Roads to paradise. Continuity and change S. 806-815

2Reihe Public cultures of the Middle East and North Africa
- Bloomington, Ind. (2015)

3Buchbeitrag  An American Missionary's Maps of Jerusalem: Past, Present, and Future
Edson, Evelyn. (2014) - In: Visual constructs of Jerusalem S. 285-294

4Reihe Iran's age of empire
- Washington, DC (2014)

5Reihe Sheng Yen series in Chinese Buddhist studies
- New York, NY [u.a.] (2014)

6Zeitschrift  Lights. The Messa (Middle Eastern Studies Students' Association's) Journal
- Chicago, Ill. (2013 -)

7Reihe Princeton Series of Middle Eastern Sources in Translation)
- Princeton, NJ [u.a.] (2012)

8Reihe Cuadernos de la Cátedra "Ibn Khaldun" de Estudios de medio Oriente y África del Norte
- San José, C.R (2009 -)

9Buchbeitrag  American "New Jerusalems" ca. 1690 - 1890
Carr, Gerald L.. (2009) - In: Novye Ierusalimy. Ierotopija i ikonografija sakralnych prostranstv S. 850-881

10Buchbeitrag  The Introduction of American Food Plants into China
Ho, Ping-ti. (2009) - In: European intruders and changes in behaviour and customs in Africa, America, and Asia before 1800 S. 283-294

11Sammelwerk  Sacred history, sacred literature: essays on ancient Israel, the Bible, and religion in honor of R.E. Friedman on his sixtieth birthday
Dolansky, Shawna [Hrsg.]. - Winona Lake, Ind. (2008)

12Sammelwerk  Der Große Ploetz. Die Enzyklopädie der Weltgeschichte
- Freiburg i. Br. [u.a.] (2008)

13Sammelwerk  Religious refugees in Europe, Asia and North America: (6th - 21st century)
Lachenicht, Susanne [Hrsg.]. - Hamburg [u.a.] (2007)

14Reihe SUNY series in Chinese philosophy and culture
- Albany, NY (2005 -)

15Reihe Gender, culture, and politics in the Middle East
- Syracuse, NY (2005)

16Reihe Michigan monographs in Chinese studies
- Ann Arbor, Mich. (2004)

17Monographie  1421: la Cina scopre l'America: la vera storia del primo viaggio intorno al mondo
Menzies, Gavin. - Roma (2003)

18Reihe SUNY series in the social and economic history of the Middle East
- Albany, NY (2003)

19Artikel  Last writing: script obsolescence in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica
Houston, Stephen D.Baines, JohnCooper, Jerrold. (2003) - In: Comparative studies in society and history Bd. 45 (2003) S. 430-479

20Reihe Chicago studies on the Middle East
- Chicago, Ill. (2002 -)

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 93