RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,8 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Andere Religionen

1Sammelwerk  Longing for perfection in late antiquity: studies on journeys between ideal and reality in pagan and Christian literature
Leemans, JohanRoskam, GeertDeun, Peter van [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2024)

2Artikel  Encountering the Internal Other: Non-Shii Family Members among the Imami Shia
Hayes, Edmund. (2024) - In: Medieval encounters Bd. 30 (2024) S. 280-301

3Sammelwerk  The Routledge handbook of Jews and Judaism in late antiquity
Hezser, Catherine [Hrsg.]. - Abingdon (2024)

4Sammelwerk  The Attributes of God in Islamic Thought. Contemplating Allah
Khalilizand, Mansooreh [Hrsg.]. - London (2024)

5Artikel  Historical Insights into "Mutuality of Being": Marshall Sahlins's Kinship Theory in Early and Classical Islam
Nawas, John A.. (2024) - In: Medieval encounters Bd. 30 (2024) S. 263-279

6Artikel  La fuite des Iyad au " Pays des Romains ": une théorie de migration transfrontalière aux débuts de l'Islam
Pierre, Simon V.. (2024) - In: Arabica. Journal of arabic and islamic studies Bd. 71 (2024) S. 181-229

7Artikel  From Asharism to wahda mutlaqa in Andalusi Sufism: A Survey of Historical Sources on the Shudhiyya
Bellver, José. (2023) - In: Studia Islamica Bd. 118 (2023) S. 48-103

8Monographie  Visualizing Sufism: Studies on Graphic Representations in Sufi Literature (13th to 16th Century)
Martini, Giovanni Maria. - Berlin [u.a.] (2023)

9Buchbeitrag  Archaeology and Jewish Cemeteries: Political and Religious Issues
Polonovski, Max. (2023) - In: Letters in the dust. The epigraphy and archaeology of Medieval Jewish cemeteries S. 295-310

10Buchbeitrag  Sabbath as a Temporal Marker in Luke-Acts
Lárus Jónsson, Sigurvin. (2023) - In: Mediterranean Flows. People, Ideas and Objects in Motion S. 111-128

11Monographie  A History of the Middle East Since the Rise of Islam: From the Prophet Muhammad to the 21st Century
Lesch, David W.. - Oxford (2023)

12Artikel  "Smash His Head with a Rock": Imamic Excommunications and the Production of Deviance in Late Ninth-Century Imami Shiism
Hayes, Edmund. (2023) - In: Al-Masaq Bd. 35 (2023) S. 54-75

13Artikel  Islam and Judaism: Religious Attitudes and Identity in the Medinan Era
Ahmed, Mohamed Ibraheem. (2023) - In: Al-Masaq Bd. 35 (2023) S. 194-216

14Buchbeitrag  Fashioning the Gendered. Classed and White Self: A Sephardi Cultural Project
Frojmovic, Eva. (2023) - In: Out of bounds. Exploring the limits of medieval art S. 157-184

15Monographie  Alte Feste in neuer Zeit: zur Entwicklung der paganen Festkultur unter dem Einfluss des spätantiken Christentums
Kreisel, Silvester. - Rahden, Westf. (2023)

16Artikel  Early and Medieval Islamic Views on Maternal Authority in Circumstances of Religious Differences
Simonsohn, Uriel I.. (2023) - In: Al-Qantara Bd. 44 (2023) S. [1-16]

17Artikel  The Production and Transmission of Knowledge in Islamicate Courts of the Middle and Early Modern Periods
Mauder, Christian. (2023) - In: Intellectual history of the islamicate world Bd. 11 (2023) S. 1-23

18Monographie  Biblical heroes and classical culture in Christian late antiquity: the historiography, exemplarity, and anti-Judaism of Pseudo-Hegesippus
Bay, Carson. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2023)

19Sammelwerk  Archéologie du judaïsme en Europe
Salmona, PaulBlanchard, PhilippeSagasser, Amélie [Hrsg.]. - Paris (2023)

20Artikel  "The Abomination of Desolation": Eastern Christian Apocalyptic Literature and the Symbolic Construction of Islam
Grypeou, Emmanouela. (2023) - In: Collectanea christiana orientalia Bd. 20 (2023) S. 57-71

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 22278