RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,8 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Anglistik

1Monographie  Alchemy and Exemplary Poetry in Middle English Literature
Runstedler, Curtis Thomas. - Cham (2023)

2Artikel  The Battle of Brunanburh: The Yorkshire Hypothesis
Cavill, Paul R.. (2023) - In: English studies. A journal of English language and literature Bd. 104 (2023) S. 19-38

3Buchbeitrag  Swallowed and Forgotten: Christ III and the Mouth of Hell in Early English Literature
Clements, Jill Hamilton. (2023) - In: Studies Charles D. Wright S. 399-422

4Buchbeitrag  Miscellaneity in Practice. A Further Look at the English Text Known As the Lay Folks' Catechism
Salter, Elisabeth. (2023) - In: Medieval translations and their readers S. 167-184

5Monographie  Þe boke of Ypocras in late middle English manuscripts
Diego Rodríguez, Irene. - Las Palmas (2023)

6Sammelwerk  The Routledge companion to medieval English literature
Radulescu, Raluca LuriaRíkharðsdóttir, Sif [Hrsg.]. - New York, NY [u.a.] (2023)

7Monographie  Gaming the Medieval English Text: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Cotton Nero A.x Manuscript
Couch, Julie NelsonBell, Kimberly Kristina. - Kalamazoo (2023)

8Buchbeitrag  Hispanismos y la influencia española en la lengua inglesa
Fernández Bayo, JavierMillán del Pozo, Elena. (2023) - In: En torno a la lengua. Proyecto basado en San Millán de la Cogolla S. 205-211

9Artikel  An Essay on Contextual Indeterminacy in Early Modern English Intellectual History: Past-Relationships, Historicity, Languages, and the Conceptual Realm
Condren, Conal. (2023) - In: Parergon Bd. 40 (2023) S. 51-72

10Sammelwerk  Sources of Knowledge in Old English and Anglo-Latin Literature: Studies in Honour of Charles D. Wright
Clark, StephanieEricksen, Janet SchrunkGodlove, Shannon [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2023)

11Artikel  One Scribe or Two? On the Copying of Sir Gawayn and the Carl of Carlisle in NLW Brogyntyn ii.1
Carrillo-Linares, María José. (2023) - In: English studies. A journal of English language and literature Bd. 104 (2023) S. 1333-1362

12Artikel  Sensology: Sensory Approaches to Middle English Literature and Culture
Cushman, H. M.Newhauser, Richard G.Russell, Arthur J.. (2023) - In: Exemplaria Bd. 35 (2023) S. 193-196

13Artikel  West Midland Elements in the Language of the Auchinleck Couplet Guy of Warwick: A Reinterpretation
Okumura, Yuzuru. (2023) - In: English studies. A journal of English language and literature Bd. 104 (2023) S. 39-62

14Artikel  Hrothgar and Etzel: Beowulf Analogues in Middle High German Literature
Neidorf, Leonard. (2023) - In: English studies. A journal of English language and literature Bd. 104 (2023) S. 1317-1332

15Artikel  Middle English Manuscript Collections of Verse Romances
Edwards, Anthony Stockwell Garfield. (2023) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 58 (2023) S. 300-310

16Buchbeitrag  Strong Language: An Old Norse Word and Northern English
Dance, Richard. (2023) - In: Essays Heather O'Donoghue S. 209-228

17Artikel  The Politics of Ælfric's Maccabees
Rubinstein, S. I.. (2023) - In: The review of English studies Bd. 74 (2023) S. 589-604

18Sammelwerk  Language contact and the history of English: processes and effects on specific text-types
Mazzon, Gabriella [Hrsg.]. - Berlin [u.a.] (2023)

19Artikel  The Discourse of Sighs in Medieval English Literature
Windeatt, Barry A.. (2023) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 58 (2023) S. 442-455

20Artikel  Addenda: One Middle English Manuscript and Four Editions of Medieval Works Known to J. R. R. Tolkien and What They Reveal
Cossio, Andoni. (2023) - In: ANQ. A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews Bd. 36 (2023) S. 164-171

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 6495