RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Asien

1Monographie  Women in early medieval China
Hinsch, Bret. - Lanham [u.a.] (2019)

2Sammelwerk  Crusading and trading between West and East: studies in honour of David Jacoby.
Menasheh, SofiahKedar, Benjamin ZeevBalard, Michel [Hrsg.]. - London [u.a.] (2019)

3Monographie  Reading Sima Qian from Han to Song: the father of history in pre-modern China
Klein, Esther Sunkyung. - Leiden [u.a.] (2019)

4Buchbeitrag  Migration to and within Palestine in the early Islamic period: two archaeological paradigms
Taxel, Itamar. (2019) - In: Migration and migrant identities in the Near East from antiquity to the middle ages S. 222-243

5Buchbeitrag  Medieval silk textiles from excavations in the land of Israel
Shamir, OritBaginski, Alisa. (2019) - In: Studies David Jacoby (2019) S. 327-335

6Buchbeitrag  Land Reclamation and Irrigation Programs in Early Islamic Southern Mesopotamia Self-Enrichment vs. State Control
Verkinderen, Peter. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside S. 500-527

7Buchbeitrag  David Jacoby publications
Jacoby, David. (2019) - In: Studies David Jacoby (2019) S. XIII-XXXIII

8Monographie  China und Asiens maritime Achse im Mittelalter: Konzepte, Wahrnehmungen, offene Fragen.
Ptak, Roderich. - Berlin (2019)

9Artikel  Xenophilie in den illuminierten persischen Handschriften: am Beispiel des Heidelberger Šahname-Manuskripts (Cod. Trübner 8)
Rahmani, Sara. (2019) - In: Codices manuscripti & impressi Bd. 114/115 (2019)

10Sammelwerk  Savants, amants, poètes et fous: séances offertes à Katia Zakharia
Pinon, Catherine [Hrsg.]. - Beyrouth (2019)

11Buchbeitrag  Land Tenure, Land Tax and Social Conflictuality in Iraq from the Late Sasanian to the Early Islamic Period (Fifth to Ninth Centuries CE)
Campopiano, Michele. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside S. 464-499

12Buchbeitrag  The Idea of an Apocalyptic Fire According to the Old and Middle Iranian Sources
König, Götz. (2019) - In: Finding, inheriting or borrowing? Construction and transfer S. 313-342

13Zeitschrift  The Journal of Mesopotamian Studies
(2018 -)

14Buchbeitrag  "The journeys of my soul in this land of Canaan" by Yitshak ben Sirota
Gruber, Isaiah. (2018) - In: Portraits of Medieval Eastern Europe, 900-1400 S. 166-177

15Sammelwerk  Portraying the Land: Hebrew Maps of the Land of Israel from Rashi to the Early 20th Century
Rubin, Rekhav [Hrsg.]. - Berlin (2018)

16Sammelwerk  Morality and responsibility of rulers: European and Chinese origins of a rule of law as justice for world order
Carty, AnthonyNijman, Janne Elisabeth [Hrsg.]. - Oxford (2018)

17Buchbeitrag  Imperial Elites, Bureaucracy, and the Transformation of the Geography of Power in Tang-Song China
Tackett, Nicolas. (2018) - In: Die Interaktion von Herrschern und Eliten in imperialen Ordnungen des Mittelalters S. 170-190

18Artikel  Recent trends in Middle East economic history: Cultural factors and structural change in the medieval period 650-1500
Shatzmiller, Maya. (2018) - In: History Compass Bd. 16, 12 (2018)

19Buchbeitrag  Weighing in on Evidence: Documents and Literary Manuscripts in Early Medieval Japan
Adolphson, Mikael S.. (2018) - In: Manuscripts and archives. Comparative views on record-keeping S. 297-318

20Buchbeitrag  A Persian in a Pear Tree: Middle Eastern Analogues for Pirro/Pyrrhus
Lewis, Franklin Dean. (2018) - In: Reconsidering Boccaccio. Medieval contexts and global intertexts S. 305-343

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