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1Sammelwerk  Civic Identity and Civic Participation in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Brélaz, CédricRose, H. G. Els [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2022)

2Buchbeitrag  The Early Patriarchate (325-726)
Rapp, Claudia. (2021) - In: A Companion to the Patriarchate of Constantinople S. 1-23

3Sammelwerk  Historiography and identity 6: Competing narratives of the past in Central and Eastern Europe, c.1200-c.1600
Rychterová, PavlínaKalhous, David [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2021)

4Buchbeitrag  Christian Piety in Late Antiquity: Contexts and Contestations
Rapp, Claudia. (2021) - In: Empire and religion in the Roman world S. 161-186

5Artikel  Citizenship Discourses in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Rose, H. G. Els. (2021) - In: Frühmittelalterliche Studien Bd. 55 (2021) S. 1-21

6Artikel  Monastic Jargon and Citizenship Language in Late Antiquity
Rapp, Claudia. (2020) - In: Al-Masaq Bd. 32 (2020) S. 54-63

7Sammelwerk  Materials for the Study of Late Antique and Medieval Greek and Latin Inscriptions in Istanbul. A Revised and Expanded Booklet
Rhoby, AndreasToth, Ida [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2020)

8Artikel  The Energetics of Lost Cargoes: A New Perspective on the Late Antique Marzamemi 2 Wreck
Russell, BenLeidwanger, Justin. (2020) - In: Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome Bd. 65 (2020) S. 194-260

9Buchbeitrag  Anchoring the rock: the Latin liturgical cult of Peter in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages
Rose, H. G. Els. (2020) - In: The Early Reception and Appropriation of the Apostle Peter (60-800 CE) S. 277-292

10Buchbeitrag  Die asketische Generation. Historischer Wandel und Generationswechsel in der Spätantike
Rebenich, Stefan R.. (2020) - In: FS Wolfram Kinzig S. 97-118

11Buchbeitrag  Die asketische Generation: Historischer Wandel und Generationswechsel in der Spätantike
Rebenich, Stefan R.. (2020) - In: Kirchengeschichte. Historisches Spezialgebiet und-oder theologische Disziplin S. 97-118

12Buchbeitrag  The Monastic Laboratory: Perspectives of Research in Late Antique and Early Medieval Monasticism
Rapp, ClaudiaDiem, Albrecht. (2020) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval Monasticism in the Latin West 1 S. 19-39

13Buchbeitrag  Latin Inscriptions in Late Antique Constantinople
Rhoby, Andreas. (2020) - In: Materials for the Study of Late Antique S. 91-96

14Buchbeitrag  Introduction: The Language of Affect from Late Antiquity to Early Modernity
Ruys, Juanita FerosChampion, Michael W.Essary, Kirk. (2019) - In: Before emotion. The language of feeling, 400-1800 S. 1-7

15Artikel  New Religion-New Communities? Christianity and Social Relations in Late Antiquity and Beyond
Rapp, Claudia. (2019) - In: Etudes byzantines et post-byzantines Ser. NS, Bd. 1 (2019) S. 29-45

16Buchbeitrag  Variation in the Continuity of Land-Use Patterns through the First Millennium AD in Lowland Britain
Rippon, Stephen J.Fyfe, Ralph M.. (2019) - In: Environment and society in the long late antiquity S. 135-154

17Buchbeitrag  Late Antiquity, a Gentleman Scholar and the Decline of Cultures: Oswald Spengler and 'Der Untergang des Abendlandes'
Rebenich, Stefan R.. (2018) - In: Reading Late Antiquity S. 105-120

18Buchbeitrag  Konstantin - Theodosius - Justinian: Anmerkungen zum Bild dreier spätantiker Kaiser in der Darstellung Hermann Dörries'
Ritter, Adolf Martin. (2017) - In: FS Hanns Christof Brennecke S. 204-224

19Monographie  Priscien lu par Guillaume de Champeaux et son école: les Notae Dunelmenses (Durham, D.C.L., C.IV.29)
Guilelmus <de Campellis>. Grondeux, AnneRosier-Catach, Irène [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2017)

20Artikel  Forme e funzioni dello spazio urbano in Campania nella tarda antichità
Rotili, Marcello. (2017) - In: Hortus artium medievalium Bd. 23 (2017) S. 708-728

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