RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Backhouse, Janet (1938-2004)

1Buchbeitrag  The published writings of Janet Backhouse (1938 - 2004)
Backhouse, Janet. Prescott, Andrew J. [Bearb.]. (2009) - In: Signs and symbols. Proceedings of the 2006 Harlaxton Symposium S. 192-204

2Buchbeitrag  Patronage and commemoration in the Beaufort Hours
Backhouse, Janet. (2007) - In: Tributes Lucy Freeman Sandler S. 331-344

3Buchbeitrag  The case of Queen Melisende's Psalter: an historical investigation
Backhouse, Janet. (2006) - In: Tributes Jonathan J. G. Alexander S. 457-470

4Buchbeitrag  The Psalter of Henri VI (London, BL, ms Cotton Dom. A. XVII)
Backhouse, Janet. (2004) - In: The illuminated psalter. Studies in the content, purpose and placement of its images S. 329-336, 540-542

5Buchbeitrag  Aldred (fl. c.970), provost of Chester-le-Street and glossator
Backhouse, Janet. (2004) - In: Oxford dictionary of national biography

6Monographie  The illuminated page: ten centuries of manuscript painting in the British Library
Backhouse, Janet. - London (2004)

7Buchbeitrag  The Lovel Lectionary: a Memorial Offering to Salisbury
Backhouse, Janet. (2003) - In: Essays Pamela Tudor-Craig S. 112-125

8Sammelwerk  The medieval English cathedral. Essays in honour of Pamela Tudor-Craig ; proceedings of the 1998 Harlaxton Symposium
Backhouse, Janet [Hrsg.]. - Donington (Lincolnshire) (2003)

9Artikel  Art and patronage in late medieval England
Backhouse, Janet. (2003) - In: History Today Bd. 53, 10 (2003) S. 11-19

10Buchbeitrag  The Hours of Charlotte de Bourbon at Alnwick Castle
Backhouse, Janet. (2002) - In: Liber amicorum Maurits Smeyers S. 71-90

11Buchbeitrag  A further illuminated devotional book for the use of Lady Margaret Beaufort
Backhouse, Janet. (2002) - In: Essays Margaret M. Manion S. 221-236

12Buchbeitrag  Memorials and manuscripts of a Yorkist elite
Backhouse, Janet. (2001) - In: St George's Chapel, Windsor, in the late Middle Ages S. 151-160

13Monographie  Medieval birds in the Sherborne Missal
Backhouse, Janet. - Toronto (2001)

14Monographie  Medieval rural life in the Luttrell Psalter
Backhouse, Janet. - London (2000)

15Buchbeitrag  Charles of Orléans illuminated
Backhouse, Janet. (2000) - In: Charles d'Orléans in England (1415-1440) S. 157-163

16Buchbeitrag  The Lady Margaret Beaufort Hours at Alnwick Castle
Backhouse, Janet. (2000) - In: Studies Andrew Martindale S. 336-348

17Buchbeitrag  The Royal Library from Edward IV to Henry VII
Backhouse, Janet. (1999) - In: The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain Tl. 3 S. 267-273

18Buchbeitrag  Art. Lindisfarne Gospels
Backhouse, Janet. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia S. 424

19Buchbeitrag  Art. Londra (lat. Londinium, ingl. London, Londonia nei docc. medievali)
Backhouse, Janet. (1996) - In: Enciclopedia dell'arte medievale Tl. 7

20Buchbeitrag  Illuminated manuscripts associated with Henry VII and his immediate family
Backhouse, Janet. (1995) - In: The reign of Henry VII S. 175-187

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