RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Caie, Graham D. (1945-)

1Buchbeitrag  Doomsday and Nature in the Old English Poem Judgement Day II
Caie, Graham D.. (2014) - In: Aspects of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval England S. 93-104

2Buchbeitrag  Beowulf - Dinosaur, Monster or Visionary Poem?
Caie, Graham D.. (2012) - In: Beowulf at Kalamazoo. Essays on translation and performance S. 297-300

3Buchbeitrag  A Case of Double Vision: Denmark in Beowulf and Beowulf in England
Caie, Graham D.. (2011) - In: From Beowulf to Caxton. Studies in medieval languages and literature, texts and manuscripts S. 9-28

4Buchbeitrag  The relationship between MS Hunter 409 and the edition of Chaucer's works edited by William Thynne
Caie, Graham D.. (2011) - In: Communicating early English manuscripts S. 149-161

5Buchbeitrag  The Hunterian Collection at the University of Glasgow
Caie, Graham D.. (2010) - In: Textual healing. Studies in medieval English medical, scientific and technical texts S. 29-34

6Buchbeitrag  Chaucer and the Bible
Caie, Graham D.. (2010) - In: Chaucer and religion S. 24-34

7Buchbeitrag  The manuscript experience: what medieval vernacular manuscripts tell us about authors and texts
Caie, Graham D.. (2008) - In: Medieval texts in context S. 10-27

8Buchbeitrag  "Ealdgesegena worn": What the Old English "Beowulf" Tells Us about Oral Forms
Caie, Graham D.. (2008) - In: Oral art forms and their passage into writing S. 109-120

9Sammelwerk  Medieval texts in context
Caie, Graham D.Reveney, Denis [Hrsg.]. - London [u.a.] (2008)

10Buchbeitrag  Codicological clues: reading Old English Christian poetry in its manuscript context
Caie, Graham D.. (2004) - In: The Christian tradition in Anglo-Saxon England S. 3-14

11Artikel  "New corn from old fields": the auctor and compilator in fourteenth-century English literature
Caie, Graham D.. (2003) - In: Revista canaria de estudios ingleses Bd. 47 (2003) S. 59-71

12Sammelwerk  The European sun: proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Language and Literature, University of Strathclyde, [16 - 21 August], 1993
Caie, Graham D.Lyall, Roderick J.Simpson, K. [Hrsg.]. - East Linton (2001)

13Buchbeitrag  Hypertext and Multiplicity: The Medieval Example
Caie, Graham D.. (2000) - In: The Renaissance text. Theory, editing, textuality S. 30-43

14Sachtitel  The old English poem Judgement Day II: a critical edition with editions of De die iudicii and the Hatton 113 homily Be domes dœge
Caie, Graham D. [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge (2000)

15Buchbeitrag  The editing of Old English: to emend or not to emend?
Caie, Graham D.. (1999) - In: Problems of Editing S. 89-95

16Buchbeitrag  "This was a thrifty tale for the nones": Chaucer's Man of Law
Caie, Graham D.. (1999) - In: Essays Norman Blake S. 47-60

17Buchbeitrag  Text and context in editing Old English: The case of the poetry in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 201
Caie, Graham D.. (1999) - In: The editing of Old English. Papers from the 1990 Manchester conference S. 155-162

18Artikel  Drama on the Wall: Medieval Drama Illustrated by Danish Church Wall Paintings
Caie, Graham D.. (1999) - In: European medieval drama Bd. 3 (1999) S. 11-18

19Artikel  Innocent III's "De miseria" as a gloss on "The Man of Law's Prologue and Tale"
Caie, Graham D.. (1999) - In: Neuphilologische Mitteilungen Bd. 100 (1999) S. 175-185

20Artikel  'Unfaithful wives and weeping bitches': Den utro hustru Graham Caie
Caie, Graham D.. (1998) - In: European medieval drama Bd. 2 (1998) S. 99-110

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