RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Callmer, Johan (1908-1985)

1Buchbeitrag  The Rise of the Dominion of the ar-Rus in the Northern Parts of Eastern Europe, Seventh to Ninth Centuries A.D.: A Case of Culture Construction
Callmer, Johan. (2017) - In: Identity formation and diversity in the early medieval Baltic and beyond S. 136-167

2Buchbeitrag  Identity Formation and Diversity: Introduction
Callmer, JohanGustin, IngridRoslund, Mats. (2017) - In: Identity formation and diversity in the early medieval Baltic and beyond S. 1-16

3Sammelwerk  Identity formation and diversity in the early medieval Baltic and beyond: communicators and communication
Callmer, JohanGustin, IngridRoslund, Mats [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2017)

4Buchbeitrag  The background and the early history of the neck rings of the Glazov type (also called Permian) and the beginning of East-West connections in Early Medieval Northern Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries
Callmer, Johan. (2015) - In: Studies Birgitta Hårdh S. 13-19

5Artikel  Skandinavskie drevnosti - Skaninaviska fornsaker i södra Rus'
Callmer, Johan. (2013) - In: Kuml (2013) S. 173-174

6Buchbeitrag  At the watershed between the Baltic and the Pontic before Gnezdovo
Callmer, Johan. (2013) - In: From Goths to Varangians. Communication and cultural exchange between the Baltic and the Black Sea S. 39-86

7Artikel  A picture programme in Eastern Central Sweden ca. AD 800?
Callmer, Johan. (2009 - 2010) - In: Lund archaeological review Bd. 15/16 (2009/10) S. 115-125

8Buchbeitrag  Scandinavia and the Continent in the Viking Age
Callmer, Johanu.a.. (2008) - In: The Viking world (2008) S. 439-461

9Buchbeitrag  Between Two Worlds: The Meaning of Womens' Ornaments
Callmer, Johan. (2008) - In: Nordic world. Prehistory to medieval times S. 185-207

10Buchbeitrag  Wulfstan and the coast of southern Scandinavia: sailing routes from Langeland to More
Callmer, Johan. (2008) - In: Wulfstan's voyage. The Baltic Sea region in the early Viking Age as seen from shipboard S. 114-134

11Artikel  The meaning of womens' ornaments & ornamentation: eastern middle Sweden in the 8th and early 9th century
Callmer, Johan. (2008) - In: Acta archaeologica Bd. 79 (2008) S. 185-207

12Buchbeitrag  Herrschaftsbildung und Machtausübung: Die Anfänge der ar-Rus (Rus') ca. 500-1000 n. Chr.
Callmer, Johan. (2008) - In: Bereit zum Konflikt. Strategien und Medien der Konflikterzeugung S. 103-130

13Artikel  Blue, white and red
Callmer, Johan. (2007) - In: Archaeologia Polona Bd. 45 (2007) S. 85-97

14Buchbeitrag  Urbanisation in Northern and Eastern Europe, ca. AD 700-1100
Callmer, Johan. (2007) - In: Post-Roman towns, trade and settlement in Europe and Byzantium Tl. 1 S. 233-270

15Buchbeitrag  Early West Slavic pottery and Scandinavian brooches and combs
Callmer, Johan. (2006) - In: Swiat Slowian wczesnego sredniowiecza S. 577-586

16Buchbeitrag  Ornaments, ornamentation, and female gender: women in eastern central Sweden in the eighth and early ninth centuries
Callmer, Johan. (2006) - In: Old Norse religion in long-term perspectives S. 189-194

17Buchbeitrag  Beads in Scandinavia in the early and high medieval periods, ca. AD 400-1200
Callmer, Johan. (2004) - In: Ornaments from the past, bead studies after Beck S. 38-46

18Artikel  Wayland: An essay on craft production in the early and high middle ages in Scandinavia
Callmer, Johan. (2003) - In: Acta archaeologica Lundensia 8° Bd. 40 (2003) S. 337-361

19Buchbeitrag  Wayland: an essay on craft production in the Early and High Middle Ages in Scandinavia
Callmer, Johan. (2003) - In: Centrality - regionality. The social structure of southern Sweden during the Iron Age S. 337-361

20Buchbeitrag  Archäologie und Nationalsozialismus als Gegenstand der modernen Forschung
Callmer, Johan. (2002) - In: Prähistorie und Nationalsozialismus S. 3-10

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