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Deskriptoren: Camille, Michael (1958-2002)

1Monographie  The gargoyles of Notre-Dame: medievalism and the monsters of modernity
Camille, Michael. - Chicago, Ill. [u.a.] (2009)

2Buchbeitrag  Dr Witkowski's Anus: French doctors, German homosexuals and the obscene in medieval church art
Camille, Michael. (2006) - In: Medieval obscenities S. 17-38

3Monographie  Arte gótico. Visiones gloriosas
Camille, Michael. - Tres Cantos (2005)

4Buchbeitrag  Bodies, names and gender in a Gothic psalter (Paris, BNF, ms lat. 10435)
Camille, Michael. (2004) - In: The illuminated psalter. Studies in the content, purpose and placement of its images S. 377-386, 557-558

5Buchbeitrag  At the sign of the "Spinning Sow": the "other" Chartres and images of everyday life of the medieval street
Camille, Michael. (2003) - In: History and images. Towards a new iconology S. 249-276

6Monographie  Image on the edge: the margins of medieval art
Camille, Michael. - London (2003)

7Buchbeitrag  The iconoclast's desire: Deguileville's idolatry in France and England
Camille, Michael. (2002) - In: Images, idolatry and iconoclasm in late medieval England S. 151-171

8Buchbeitrag  Seductions of the Flesh. Meister Francke's Female "Man" of Sorrows
Camille, Michael. (2002) - In: Frömmigkeit im Mittelalter S. 243-270

9Artikel  A Bibliography of the Writings of Michael Camille
Camille, Michael. Boeye, Kerry [Bearb.]. (2002) - In: Gesta Bd. 41 (2002) S. 141-144

10Buchbeitrag  "Seeing and lecturing": disputation in a twelfth-century tympanum from Reims
Camille, Michael. (2002) - In: Reading medieval images. The art historian and the object S. 75-87

11Buchbeitrag  Signs on Medieval Street Corners
Camille, Michael. (2001) - In: Die Strasse. Zur Funktion und Perzeption öffentlichen Raums im späten Mittelalter S. 91-117

12Buchbeitrag  The pose of the queer: Dante's gaze, Brunetto Latini's body
Camille, Michael. (2001) - In: Queering the Middle Ages S. 57-86

13Buchbeitrag  Illuminating thought: the trivial arts in British Library, Burney Ms. 275
Camille, Michael. (2001) - In: Studies George Henderson S. 343-366

14Artikel  'For Our Devotion and Pleasure': The sexual objects of Jean, Duc de Berry
Camille, Michael. (2001) - In: Art history Bd. 24 (2001) S. 169-194

15Buchbeitrag  Before the gaze. The internal senses and late medieval practices of seeing
Camille, Michael. (2000) - In: Visuality Before and Beyond the Renaissance. Seeing as Others Saw S. 197-223

16Buchbeitrag  Signs of the city. Place, power, and public fantasy in medieval Paris
Camille, Michael. (2000) - In: Medieval Practices of Space S. 1-36

17Monographie  Die Kunst der Liebe im Mittelalter
Camille, Michael. - Köln (2000)

18Buchbeitrag  Adam's House at Angers: Sculpture, Signs and Contrasts on the Medieval Street
Camille, Michael. (2000) - In: Kontraste im Alltag des Mittelalters S. 143-178

19Buchbeitrag  Die Wollust und die Gier Sündenregister in Stein
Camille, Michael. (2000) - In: Das 12. Jahrhundert. Kreuzfahrer, Kaufleute, Kolonisten S. 73-85

20Buchbeitrag  Art. Opicinicus de Canistris (1296-1355)
Camille, Michael. (2000) - In: Trade, travel, and exploration in the Middle Ages S. 459-460

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