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Deskriptoren: Cheyette, Frederic L. (1932-)

1Buchbeitrag  The Mediterranean Climate
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (2014) - In: A companion to Mediterranean history S. 11-25

2Buchbeitrag  ' Feudalism': A Memoir and an Assessment
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (2010) - In: Essays Stephen D. White S. 119-134

3Artikel  The disappearance of the ancient landscape and the climatic anomaly of the early Middle Ages: a question to be pursued
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (2008) - In: Early medieval Europe Bd. 16 (2008) S. 127-165

4Monographie  Ermengarde de Narbonne et le monde des troubadours.
Cheyette, Frederic L.. - Paris (2006)

5Artikel  Love, Anger, and Peace: Social Practice and Poetic Play in the Ending of Yvain
Cheyette, Frederic L.Chickering, Howell D.. (2005) - In: Speculum Bd. 80 (2005) S. 75-117

6Buchbeitrag  Art. Ermengard of Narbonne
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (2004) - In: Women in the Middle Ages. An encyclopedia S. 329-331

7Buchbeitrag  Some Reflections on Violence, Reconciliation, and the "Feudal Revolution".
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (2003) - In: Conflict in Medieval Europe. Changing Perspectives on Society and Culture S. 243-264

8Buchbeitrag  A cada cual lo suyo
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (2003) - In: La Edad Media a debate S. 273-288

9Artikel  Georges Duby's Maconnais after fifty years: reading it then and now
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (2002) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 28 (2002) S. 291-317

10Monographie  Ermengard of Narbonne and the world of the troubadours
Cheyette, Frederic L.. - Ithaca, NY [u.a.] (2001)

11Buchbeitrag  Women, poets, and politics in Occitania
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1999) - In: Aristocratic Women in Medieval France S. 138-177, 225-233

12Buchbeitrag  On the Fief de reprise
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1999) - In: Hommage Pierre Bonnassie S. 319-324

13Buchbeitrag  Giving each his due
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1998) - In: Debating the Middle Ages. Issues and Readings S. 170-179

14Artikel  Women In Troubadour Song: Of the Comtessa and the Vilana
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1998) - In: Women and music Bd. 2 (1998) S. 26-45

15Buchbeitrag  Art. Saint-Gilles
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1995) - In: Medieval France. An Encyclopedia S. 840-841

16Buchbeitrag  Art. Villages: settlement
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1989) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 12 S. 442-447

17Buchbeitrag  Art. Toulouse
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1989) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 12 S. 90-92

18Buchbeitrag  Art. Simon de Montfort
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1988) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 11 S. 296-297

19Artikel  The "Sale" of Carcassonne to the Counts of Barcelona (1067-1070) and the Rise of the Trencavels
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1988) - In: Speculum Bd. 63 (1988) S. 826-864

20Buchbeitrag  Art. Livres de jostice et de plet, LI
Cheyette, Frederic L.. (1986) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 7 S. 635-636

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