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Deskriptoren: Clagett, Marshall (1916-2005)

1Buchbeitrag  The impact of Archimedes on medieval science
Clagett, Marshall. (2000) - In: The scientific enterprise in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Readings from Isis S. 337-347

2Buchbeitrag  Mechanics, an excerpt from the Leonardo da Vinci entry
Clagett, Marshall. (1999) - In: Leonardo's science and technology. Essential readings for the non-scientist S. 1-20

3Buchbeitrag  Art. Archimedes in the Middle Ages
Clagett, Marshall. (1982) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 1 S. 433-440

4Buchbeitrag  Conic sections in the fourteenth century. The nature of the latus rectum of a parabola
Clagett, Marshall. (1981) - In: Studi Anneliese Maier S. 179-217

5Monographie  La scienza della meccanica nel medioevo
Clagett, Marshall. - Milano (1981)

6Monographie  Archimedes in the Middle Ages. 4: Supplement on the medieval latin traditions of conic sections: (1150-1566)
Clagett, Marshall. - Philadelphia, Pa. (1980)

7Sammelwerk  Studies in medieval physics and mathematics
Clagett, Marshall. - London (1979)

8Buchbeitrag  Francesco Maurolico's use of medieval Archimedean texts: the "De Sphaera et cylindro"
Clagett, Marshall. (1978) - In: Studies Edward Rosen S. 37-52

9Monographie  Archimedes in the middle ages. Bd. 3: The fate of the medieval Archimedes, 1300 to 1565. Tl.1: The Moerbeke translations of Archimedes at Paris in the 14th century
Clagett, Marshall. - Madison (1978)

10Monographie  Archimedes in the middle ages (Vol. 1-5)
Clagett, Marshall. - Madison [u.a.] (1976 - 1980)

11Buchbeitrag  Archimedes in the Late Middle Ages
Clagett, Marshall. (1971) - In: Perspectives in the History of Science and Technology S. 239-259

12Artikel  Leonardo da Vinci and the medieval Archimedes
Clagett, Marshall. (1969) - In: Physis. Rivista internazionale di storia della scienza Bd. 11 (1969) S. 100-151

13Sammelwerk  Critical Problems in the history of science .
Clagett, Marshall [Hrsg.]. - Madison [u.a.] (1969)

14Monographie  Nicole Oresme and the medieval geometry of qualities and motions: a treatise on the uniformity and difformity of intensities known as Tractatus de configurationibus qualitum et motuum
Nicolaus <Oresmius>. Clagett, Marshall [Hrsg.]. - Madison [u.a.] (1968)

15Buchbeitrag  Some Novel Trends in the Science of the Fourteenth Century
Clagett, Marshall. (1967) - In: Art, Science, and History in the Renaissance S. 275-303

16Monographie  Giovanni Marliani and late medieval physics
Clagett, Marshall. - New York, NY [u.a.] (1967)

17Buchbeitrag  Archimedes and scholastic geometry
Clagett, Marshall. (1964) - In: Mélanges Alexandre Koyré S. 40-60

18Sammelwerk  Twelth-century Europe and the foundations of modern society: proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Division of humanities of the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Institute for medieval and Renaissance studies, november 12-14, 1957
Clagett, MarshallPost, GainesReynolds, Robert [Hrsg.]. - Madison (1961)

19Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Clagett, MarshallPost, GainesReynolds, Robert. (1961) - In: Twelth-century Europe and the foundations of modern society S. V-XI

20Buchbeitrag  A Medieval Treatment of Hero's Theorem on the Area of a Triangle in Terms of Its Sides,
Clagett, Marshall. (1961) - In: Studies Anselm M. Albareda S. 77-96

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