RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Clanchy, Michael T. (1936-)

1Buchbeitrag  Was Abelard Right to Deny That He Had Written a Book of 'Sentences?
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2014) - In: Rethinking Abelard. A collection of critical essays S. 105-118

2Buchbeitrag  The ABC Primer: Was It in Latin or English?
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2011) - In: Vernacularity in England and Wales, c. 1300 - 1550 S. 17-40

3Buchbeitrag  Did Mothers Teach their Children to Read?
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2011) - In: Essays Henrietta Leyser S. 129-154

4Artikel  Abelard's Description of the School of Laon: What Might it Tell us About Early Scholastic Teaching?
Clanchy, Michael T.Smith, Lesley Janette. (2010) - In: Nottingham medieval studies Bd. 54 (2010) S. 1-34

5Buchbeitrag  Parchment and Paper: Manuscript Culture 1100-1500
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2008) - In: A companion to the history of the book S. 194-206

6Buchbeitrag  An Icon of Literacy: The Depiction at Tuse of Jesus Going to School
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2005) - In: Literacy in medieval and Early Modern Scandinavian culture S. 47-76

7Artikel  Images of ladies with prayer books: what do they signify?
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2004) - In: Studies in church history Bd. 38 (2004) S. 106-122

8Artikel  Documenting the self: Abelard and the individual in history
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2003) - In: Historical Research Bd. 76 (2003) S. 293-309

9Buchbeitrag  Foreword
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2003) - In: The poetic and musical legacy of Heloise and Abelard S. V-VIII

10Artikel  Discussion Group on the State: 'When and What was the State?' St. Peter's, Oxford. 29-31 March, 2001 - DGOS Programme - First session: Early Medieval - Does Writing Construct the State?
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2002) - In: Journal of historical sociology Bd. 15 (2002) S. 68-70

11Monographie  England and its rulers, 1066 - 1272: with an epilogue on Edward I (1272 - 1307)
Clanchy, Michael T.. - Oxford (2001)

12Buchbeitrag  Medieval mentalities and primitive legal practice
Clanchy, Michael T.. (2001) - In: Essays Susan Reynolds S. 83-94

13Monographie  Abaelard. Ein mittelalterliches Leben
Clanchy, Michael T.. - Darmstadt (2000)

14Monographie  Abelard: a medieval life
Clanchy, Michael T.. - Oxford [u.a.] (1997)

15Buchbeitrag  Inventing thirteenth-century England: Stubbs, Tout, Powicke - now what?
Clanchy, Michael T.. (1995) - In: Thirteenth Century England 5 S. 1-20

16Buchbeitrag  Abelard - knight (miles), courtier (palatinus) and man of war (vir bellator)
Clanchy, Michael T.. (1995) - In: Medieval Knighthood (1995) S. 101-118

17Monographie  From Memory to Written Record. England 1066-1307
Clanchy, Michael T.. - Oxford (1993)

18Monographie  Literacy and Law in Medieval England
Clanchy, Michael T.. - London (1990)

19Artikel  Abelard's Mockery of St. Anselm
Clanchy, Michael T.. (1990) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History Bd. 41 (1990) S. 1-23

20Buchbeitrag  Reading the signs at Durham Cathedral
Clanchy, Michael T.. (1989) - In: Literacy and Society S. 171-182

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