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Deskriptoren: Clark, Elizabeth A. (1938-)

1Artikel  Augustine and American Professors in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: From Adulation to Critique
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2017) - In: Studia patristica Bd. 98 (2017) S. 667-674

2Buchbeitrag  'Historical Development' and Early Christianity: George Tyrrell's Modernist Adaptation and Critique
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2015) - In: Christians shaping identity from the Roman Empire to Byzantium S. 454-477

3Artikel  From Patristics to Late Antiquity at The Catholic Historical Review
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2015) - In: The Catholic Historical Review Bd. 101, 2 (2015) S. 27-71

4Buchbeitrag  Bibliography of the Writings of Bernard Weiss
Weiss, Bernard G.. Clark, Elizabeth A. [Bearb.]. (2014) - In: Studies Bernard Weiss S. XVff.

5Artikel  Romanizing Protestantism in Nineteenth-Century America: John Williamson Nevin, the Fathers, and the 'Mercersburg Theology
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2013) - In: Studia patristica Bd. 69 (2013) S. 385-394

6Buchbeitrag  Jews, Camels, and "Literal" Exegesis. The Pelagian Treatise De Divitiis
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2013) - In: Asceticism and exegesis in Early Christianity S. 428-444

7Artikel  Happiness in Hell, Virtue in the Middle State: The Church Fathers and Some Nineteenth-Century Debates
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2010) - In: Studia patristica Bd. 48 (2010) S. 403-418

8Buchbeitrag  Asceticism, Class, and Gender
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2009) - In: A people's history of Christianity. 2. Late ancient Christianity S. 27-45

9Artikel  Contested bodies: early Christian asceticism and nineteenth-century polemics
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2009) - In: Journal of early Christian studies Bd. 17 (2009) S. 281-307

10Buchbeitrag  Fom patristics to early Christian studies
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2008) - In: The Oxford handbook of early Christian studies S. 7-41

11Buchbeitrag  Renouncing Renunciation: Early Christian Asceticism in America
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2007) - In: Studies Averil Cameron S. 357-376

12Buchbeitrag  Ideology, History and the Construction of Woman in Late Ancient Christianity
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2007) - In: A feminist companion to Patristic literature S. 101-124

13Buchbeitrag  Manly Women or Womanly Women? The Fathers, the Bible, and Gender Dilemmas
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2006) - In: Körper und Seele. Aspekte spätantiker Anthropologie S. 159-180

14Artikel  Theory and the Study of Premodernity: Introduction
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2006) - In: The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies Bd. 36 (2006) S. 1-2

15Buchbeitrag  Thinking with Women: the Uses of the Appeal to "Woman" in Pre-Nicene Christian Propaganda Literature
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2005) - In: The spread of Christianity in the first four centuries. Essays in explanation S. 43-52

16Artikel  Distinguishing "distinction": considering Peter Brown's reconsiderations
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2005) - In: Augustinian studies Bd. 36 (2005) S. 251-264

17Buchbeitrag  Creating Foundations, Creating Authorities: Reading Practices and Christian Identities ...
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2004) - In: Religious identity and the problem of historical foundation S. 553-572

18Artikel  Hal Drake's Constantine and the Bishops
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2002) - In: Scottish journal of theology Bd. 55 (2002) S. 356-362

19Artikel  Women, gender, and the study of Christian history
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2001) - In: Church history Bd. 70 (2001) S. 395-426

20Buchbeitrag  Generation, degeneration, regeneration: original sin and the conception of Jesus in the polemic between Augustine and Julian of Eclanum
Clark, Elizabeth A.. (2001) - In: Generation and degeneration S. 17-40

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