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Deskriptoren: Clayton, Mary (1954-)

1Sachtitel  Old English poems of Christ and his saints
Clayton, Mary [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge, Mass. (2013)

2Sammelwerk  Two Aelfric Texts: the twelve abuses and the vices and virtues: an edition and translation of Aelfric's Old English versions of De duodecim abusiuis and De octo vitiis et de duodecim abusiuis
Clayton, Mary [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge (2013)

3Artikel  The Source of Aelfric's Catholic Homilies II 12, lines 531-539
Clayton, Mary. (2012) - In: Notes and queries Bd. 59 (2012) S. 476-478

4Artikel  Christ and Satan, Line 729
Clayton, Mary. (2012) - In: Notes and queries Bd. 59 (2012) S. 1

5Artikel  Christ and Satan, lines 458-459
Clayton, Mary. (2012) - In: Notes and queries Bd. 59 (2012) S. 306-308

6Buchbeitrag  De Duodecim Abusiuis, Lordship and Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England
Clayton, Mary. (2012) - In: New perspectives Hugh Magennis S. 141-163

7Artikel  The Old English Poem Guthlac A, line 35a
Clayton, Mary. (2012) - In: Notes and queries Bd. 59 (2012) S. 155-156

8Artikel  Suicide in the Works of Aelfric
Clayton, Mary. (2009) - In: The review of English studies Bd. 60 (2009) S. 339-370

9Artikel  The Old English Promissio regis
Clayton, Mary. (2008) - In: Anglo-Saxon England Bd. 37 (2008) S. 91-150

10Artikel  Temperance as the Mother of Virtues in Ælfric
Clayton, Mary. (2008) - In: Notes and queries Bd. 55 (2008) S. 1-2

11Buchbeitrag  Foreword
Clayton, Mary. (2007) - In: Studies Éamonn Ó Carragáin S. xxiii

12Artikel  Blood and the Soul in Ælfric
Clayton, Mary. (2007) - In: Notes and queries Bd. 54 (2007) S. 365-366

13Buchbeitrag  Ælfric's "De auguriis" and Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 178
Clayton, Mary. (2005) - In: Studies Michael Lapidge Tl. 2 S. 376-394

14Buchbeitrag  An edition of Ælfric's Letter to Brother Edward
Clayton, Mary. (2002) - In: Studies Donald G. Scragg S. 263-283

15Buchbeitrag  Changing fortunes: the cult of the Virgin in tenth-century England
Clayton, Mary. (2001) - In: Gli studi di mariologia medievale S. 87-96

16Buchbeitrag  Homiliaries and Preaching in Anglo-Saxon England
Clayton, Mary. (2000) - In: Old English prose. Basic readings S. 151-198

17Buchbeitrag  Ælfric and Æthelred
Clayton, Mary. (2000) - In: Essays Lynne Grundy S. 65-88

18Buchbeitrag  Aelfric's Esther: a Speculum Reginae?
Clayton, Mary. (1999) - In: Studies Joseph Donovan Pheifer S. 89-101

19Artikel  The Transitus Mariae: The Tradition and its Origins
Clayton, Mary. (1999) - In: Apocrypha. Revue internationale des littératures apocryphes Bd. 10 (1999) S. 74-98

20Buchbeitrag  Cult of the Virgin
Clayton, Mary. (1999) - In: The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England S. 461-462

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