RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Clemoes, Peter (1920-1996)

1Buchbeitrag  Peter Hunter Blair: 1912-1982
Clemoes, Peter. (2002) - In: Interpreters of early medieval Britain S. 518-529

2Buchbeitrag  Cynewulf's image of the Ascension
Clemoes, Peter. (2001) - In: The Cynewulf reader S. 109-132

3Buchbeitrag  The Chronology of AElfric's Works
Clemoes, Peter. (2000) - In: Old English prose. Basic readings S. 29-72

4Sachtitel  Aelfric's Catholic homilies: the first series: text
Clemoes, Peter [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (1997)

5Monographie  Interactions of thought and language in old English poetry
Clemoes, Peter. - Cambridge [u.a.] (1995)

6Buchbeitrag  King and creation at the crucifixion: the contribution of native tradition to The Dream of the Rood 50-6a.
Clemoes, Peter. (1994) - In: FS André Crépin S. 31-43

7Buchbeitrag  The production of an illustrated version (from "The Old English illustrated Hexateuch")
Clemoes, Peter. (1994) - In: Anglo-saxon manuscripts. Basic readings S. 365-372

8Buchbeitrag  The Cult of St Oswald on the Continent
Clemoes, Peter. (1994) - In: Bede and his World. The Jarrow Lectures Tl. 2 S. 587-610

9Buchbeitrag  History of the manuscript and punctuation (from "Aelfric's first series of Catholic homilies - British Library, Royal 7.C.xii, fols. 4-218")
Clemoes, Peter. (1994) - In: Anglo-saxon manuscripts. Basic readings S. 345-364

10Buchbeitrag  Le passage de la poésie à la prose vernaculaire à la cour du Roi Alfred
Clemoes, Peter. (1993) - In: Cours princières et châteaux S. 59-79

11Buchbeitrag  King Alfred's debt to vernacular poetry: the evidence of ellen and cræft.
Clemoes, Peter. (1992) - In: Studies Helmut Gneuss S. 213-238

12Artikel  Second progress report: Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: a register of written sources used by authors in Anglo-Saxon England.
Clemoes, Peteru.a.. (1987) - In: Old English newsletter Bd. 20, 2 (1987) S. 22-23

13Artikel  Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A register of written sources used by authors in Anglo-Saxon England - first progress report.
Clemoes, Peteru.a.. (1986) - In: Old English newsletter Bd. 19, 2 (1986) S. 17-19

14Buchbeitrag  "Symbolic" language in Old English poetry
Clemoes, Peter. (1986) - In: Essays Stanley B. Greenfield S. 3-14

15Artikel  Language in context: her in the 890 Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Clemoes, Peter. (1985) - In: Leeds studies in English Ser. NS, Bd. 16 (1985) S. 27-36

16Buchbeitrag  Style as the criterion for dating the composition of Beowulf
Clemoes, Peter. (1981) - In: The Dating of Beowulf S. 173-185

17Buchbeitrag  Action in Beowulf and our perception of it
Clemoes, Peter. (1979) - In: Old English Poetry. Essays on Style S. 147-168

18Buchbeitrag  Late Old English literature
Clemoes, Peter. (1975) - In: Tenth-Century Studies. Essays in Commemoration of the Millennium of the Council of Winchester S. 103-114, 230-233

19Buchbeitrag  The common origin of Aelfric fragments at New Haven, Oxford, Cambridge and Bloomington
Collins, Rowland LeeClemoes, Peter. (1974) - In: Studies John C. Pope S. 285-326

20Monographie  The Old English Illustrated Hexateuch: British Museum Cotton Claudius B.iv
Clemoes, PeterDodwell, Charles Reginald. - Copenhagen (1974)

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