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Deskriptoren: Clopper, Lawrence M. (1941-)

1Buchbeitrag  Plowman, Piers
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2013) - In: Oxford bibliographies online

2Buchbeitrag  Langland and the Franciscans on "Dominium"
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2009) - In: Essays John V. Fleming (2009) S. 85-104

3Artikel  The Chester and the Other English Shepherds' Plays
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2008) - In: Medieval English theatre Bd. 30 (2008) S. 81-98

4Buchbeitrag  Inscribing mentalities: Alan of Lille, the De Lisle psalter Cherub, and Franciscan meditation
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2006) - In: Essays Elizabeth D. Kirk S. 57-80

5Buchbeitrag  Inscribing Mentalities: Alan of Lille, the De Lisle Psalter Cherub, and Franciscan Meditation
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2006) - In: Essays Elizabeth D. Kirk S. 57-80

6Artikel  Is the Tretise of Miraclis Pleyinge a Lollard Tract against Devotional Drama?
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2003) - In: Viator Bd. 34 (2003) S. 229-271

7Buchbeitrag  Franciscans, Lollards, and reform
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2003) - In: Lollards and their influence in late medieval England S. 177-196

8Monographie  Drama, play, and game: English festive culture in the medieval and early modern period
Clopper, Lawrence M.. - Chicago, Ill. (2001)

9Artikel  Langland and Allegory: A Proposition
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2001) - In: The yearbook of Langland studies Bd. 15 (2001) S. 35-59

10Artikel  London and the problem of the Clerkenwell Plays
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2000 - 2001) - In: Comparative drama Bd. 34 (2000/2001) S. 291-303

11Artikel  The engaged spectator: Langland and Chaucer on civic spectacle and the "theatrum"
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (2000) - In: Studies in the age of Chaucer Bd. 22 (2000) S. 115-139

12Artikel  Issues in review: saint plays
Davidson, CliffordClopper, Lawrence M.Baldwin, Elizabeth. (1999) - In: Early theatre Bd. 2 (1999) S. 97-116

13Buchbeitrag  English drama: from ungodly Ludi to sacred play
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (1999) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval English Literature S. 739-766

14Artikel  Ordinatio and Rhetoric: Signs for Reading Cleanness
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (1998) - In: Chaucer yearbook Bd. 5 (1998) S. 117-138

15Sammelwerk  The performance of Middle English culture: essays on Chaucer and the drama in honor of Martin Stevens
Paxson, James JohnClopper, Lawrence M.Tomasch, Sylvia [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge (1998)

16Buchbeitrag  Langland's persona: an anatomy of the mendicant orders
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (1997) - In: Written work. Langland, labor, and authorship. S. 144-184

17Artikel  The God of the Gawain-poet
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (1996) - In: Modern philology Bd. 94 (1996) S. 1-18

18Artikel  A response to Robert Adams, "Langland's Ordinatio"
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (1995) - In: The yearbook of Langland studies Bd. 9 (1995) S. 141-146

19Buchbeitrag  The principle of selection of the Chester Old Testament plays
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (1993) - In: The Chester mystery cycle. A casebook S. 89-102

20Buchbeitrag  Shifting typologies in Langland's theology of history
Clopper, Lawrence M.. (1992) - In: Typology and English Medieval Literature S. 227-240

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