RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Cooper, Helen (1947-)

1Buchbeitrag  A Bibliography of Helen Cooper's Published Works
Cooper, Helen. (2016) - In: Essays Helen Cooper S. 279-284

2Buchbeitrag  Afterword: Malory's Enigmatic Smiles
Cooper, Helen. (2015) - In: Emotions in medieval Arthurian literature S. 181-188

3Buchbeitrag  Arthur in transition: Malory's Morte Darthur
Cooper, Helen. (2015) - In: Romance and history. Imagining time from the medieval to the early modern period S. 120-136

4Buchbeitrag  Romance Patterns of Naming in Piers Plowman
Cooper, Helen. (2014) - In: FS A. V. C. Schmidt S. 37-64

5Artikel  Medieval Drama in the Elizabethan Age
Cooper, Helen. (2013 - 2014) - In: Selim Bd. 20 (2013/14) S. 237-262

6Sammelwerk  Medieval Shakespeare
Morse, RuthCooper, HelenHolland, Peter [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge, UK [u.a.] (2013)

7Buchbeitrag  The afterlife of personification
Cooper, Helen. (2013) - In: Medieval Shakespeare S. 98-116

8Buchbeitrag  The Ends of Storytelling
Cooper, Helen. (2013) - In: Traditions and innovations in the study of Middle English literature S. 188-201

9Buchbeitrag  Literary reformations of the Middle Ages
Cooper, Helen. (2011) - In: The Cambridge companion to medieval English culture S. 261-278

10Buchbeitrag  Choosing Poetic Fathers: The English Problem
Cooper, Helen. (2011) - In: Medieval and early modern authorship S. 29-50

11Artikel  Malorys for Teaching and Reading
Cooper, Helen. (2010) - In: Arthuriana Bd. 20, 1 (2010) S. 95-99

12Buchbeitrag  Poetic fame
Cooper, Helen. (2010) - In: Cultural reformations. Medieval and renaissance in literary history S. 361-378

13Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Cooper, Helen. (2010) - In: Chaucer and religion S. XI-XIX

14Buchbeitrag  Translation and Adaptation
Cooper, Helen. (2009) - In: A concise companion to Middle English literature S. 166-187

15Buchbeitrag  When Romance Comes True
Cooper, Helen. (2008) - In: Boundaries in medieval romance S. 13-28

16Buchbeitrag  Guy as early modern English hero
Cooper, Helen. (2007) - In: Guy of Warwick. Icon and ancestor S. 201-214

17Buchbeitrag  Guy as Early Modern English Hero
Cooper, Helen. (2007) - In: Guy of Warwick. Icon and ancestor S. 185-199

18Buchbeitrag  Love before Troilus
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Writings on Love in the English Middle Ages S. 25-44

19Buchbeitrag  A Tale of Robin Hood: Robin Hood as Bishop
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Essays Stephen Knight S. 75-90

20Buchbeitrag  London and Southwark Poetic Companies: 'Si tost c'amis' and the Canterbury Tales
Cooper, Helen. (2006) - In: Chaucer and the City S. 109-125

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 76