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Deskriptoren: Coppack, Glyn (20. Jh.)

1Artikel  Reconstructing Kirkstead Abbey, Lincolnshire: The Charters, Earthworks and Architecture of a Lost Cistercian House
Coppack, Glyn. (2014) - In: Journal of the British Archaeological Association Bd. 167 (2014) S. 1-50

2Buchbeitrag  'And then he added Canons': Gilbert, the Order of Sempringham, and the Developing Framework of Gilbertine Life
Coppack, Glyn. (2011) - In: The regular canons in the medieval British isles S. 291-312

3Buchbeitrag  "Make straight in the desert a highway for our God": the Carthusians and community in late medieval England
Coppack, Glyn. (2008) - In: Monasteries and society in the British Isles in the later Middle Ages S. 168-179

4Buchbeitrag  The church of Mount Grace Priory: its development and origins
Coppack, GlynHall, Jackie. (2008) - In: Studies in Carthusian monasticism in the late middle ages S. 299-322

5Artikel  How the other half lived: Cistercian nunneries in early sixteenth-century Yorkshire
Coppack, Glyn. (2008) - In: Citeaux Bd. 59 (2008) S. 253-298

6Monographie  Abbeys & priories
Coppack, Glyn. - Stroud (2006)

7Buchbeitrag  "According to the Form of the Order": The Earliest Cistercian Buildings in England and their Context
Coppack, Glyn. (2004) - In: Essays Peter Fergusson S. 35-46

8Artikel  Sawley Abbey: The Architecture and Archaeology of a Smaller Cistercian Abbey
Coppack, GlynHayfield, ColinWilliams, Rich. (2002) - In: Journal of the British Archaeological Association Bd. 155 (2002) S. 22-114

9Monographie  Christ's poor men: the Carthusians in Britain
Coppack, GlynAston, Michael A.. - Stroud [u.a.] (2002)

10Buchbeitrag  The planning of Cistercian monasteries in the later Middle Ages: the evidence from Fountains, Rievaulx, Sawley and Rushen
Coppack, Glyn. (2002) - In: The religious orders in pre-Reformation England S. 197-209

11Artikel  Sawley Abbey: An English Cistercian Abbey on the Edge of 'Stabilitas'
Coppack, Glyn. (2001) - In: Citeaux Bd. 52 (2001) S. 319-336

12Buchbeitrag  Fountains Abbey: archaeological research directed by conservation and presentation
Coppack, Glyn. (2001) - In: Monastic archaeology. Papers on the study of medieval monasteries S. 175-182

13Buchbeitrag  Free-Standing Cloister Lavabos of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries in England, their Form, Occurrence, and Water Supply
Coppack, Glyn. (1999) - In: Wasser, Lebensquelle und Bedeutungsträger S. 37-43

14Buchbeitrag  The water-driven corn mill at Fountains Abbey: a major cistercian mill of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
Coppack, Glyn. (1998) - In: Studies in Cistercian Art and Architecture 5 S. 271-296

15Monographie  The White Monks: The Cistercians in Britain 1128-1540
Coppack, Glyn. - Stroud (1998)

16Buchbeitrag  Rievaulx Abbey
Coppack, Glyn. (1998) - In: Cistercian abbeys of Britain S. 160-164

17Buchbeitrag  A gazetteer of the Cistercian abbeys in Britain
Coppack, GlynFawcett, RichardRobinson, David. (1998) - In: The Cistercian abbeys of Britain S. 62-205

18Artikel  Helmsley Castle
Coppack, Glyn. (1997) - In: The archaeological journal Bd. 154 (1997) S. 286-287

19Artikel  Byland Abbey
Coppack, Glyn. (1997) - In: The archaeological journal Bd. 154 (1997) S. 283-285

20Artikel  Rievaulx Abbey
Coppack, Glyn. (1997) - In: The archaeological journal Bd. 154 (1997) S. 285

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