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Deskriptoren: Cormack, Robin (1937-)

1Monographie  Byzantine art
Cormack, Robin. - Oxford (2018)

2Buchbeitrag  Curating exhibitions of Byzantium and lessons to be learned
Cormack, Robin. (2016) - In: Viewing Greece. Cultural and political agency in the medieval and early modern Mediterranean S. 293-304

3Buchbeitrag  Komnenian art
Cormack, Robin. (2014) - In: Byzantine Culture. Papers S. 133-141

4Buchbeitrag  "Of what is past, or passing, or to come"
Cormack, Robin. (2013) - In: Wonderful things. Byzantium through its art S. 19-32

5Buchbeitrag  "Faceless icons": the problems of patronage in byzantine art.
Cormack, Robin. (2013) - In: Patronage. Power and agency in medieval art S. 194-205

6Buchbeitrag  Looking for Iconophobia and Iconoclasm in late Antiquity and Byzantium
Cormack, Robin. (2012) - In: Iconoclasm and text destruction in the Ancient Near East and beyond S. 471-484

7Buchbeitrag  Icons of the eastern church
Cormack, Robin. (2012) - In: The new Cambridge history of the bible. 2. From 600 to 1450 S. 821-834

8Buchbeitrag  The architectural heritage of Byzantine Constantinople
Cormack, Robin. (2010) - In: From Byzantion to Istanbul. 8000 years of a capital

9Buchbeitrag  The icon in Constantinople around 1400
Cormack, Robin. (2010) - In: The hand of Angelos. An icon painter in Venetian Crete S. 48-57

10Buchbeitrag  The Art of Byzantium: 330-1453
Cormack, RobinVassilaki, Maria. (2008) - In: Byzantium 330 - 1453 S. 35-44

11Sammelwerk  Oxford handbook of byzantine studies
Jeffreys, Elizabeth M.Haldon, John FrederickCormack, Robin [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2008)

12Buchbeitrag  The symbolic world. Art and iconoclasm
Cormack, Robin. (2008) - In: Oxford handbook of byzantine studies S. 750-757

13Artikel  Rediscovering the Christ Pantocrator at Daphni
Cormack, Robin. (2008) - In: Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes Bd. 71 (2008) S. 55-74

14Buchbeitrag  The political geography of the Byzantine world. Buildings and their decoration. Wall-paintings and mosaics
Cormack, Robin. (2008) - In: Oxford handbook of byzantine studies S. 385-396

15Buchbeitrag  L'arte bizantina
Cormack, Robin. (2008) - In: L'arte occidentale. Europa mediterraneo e mondo contemporaneo S. 153-173

16Sammelwerk  Byzantium: 330 - 1453; [... on the occasion of the Exhibition "Byzantium 330 - 1453", Royal Academy of Arts, London, 25 october 2008 - 22 march 2009]
Cormack, Robin [Hrsg.]. - London (2008)

17Buchbeitrag  Painter's guides, model-books, pattern-books and craftsmen: or memory and the artist?
Cormack, Robin. (2007) - In: L'artista a Bisanzio e nel mondo cristiano-orientale S. 11-29

18Buchbeitrag  But is it art?
Cormack, Robin. (2007) - In: Late antique and medieval art of the Mediterranean world S. 301-314

19Monographie  Icons
Cormack, Robin. - London (2007)

20Buchbeitrag  "... and the word was God": art and Orthodoxy in late Byzantium
Cormack, Robin. (2006) - In: Byzantine orthodoxies. Papers from the Thirty-sixth Spring Symposium S. 111-120

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