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Deskriptoren: Coureas, Nicholas (20. Jh.)

1Buchbeitrag  The Ruling Christian Elite of Lusignan Cyprus (1192-1473) and the Extent to which it included non-Latin Christians
Coureas, Nicholas. (2017) - In: Élites chrétiennes et formes du pouvoir (XIIIe-XVe siècle) S. 17-30

2Buchbeitrag  The Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus and the sea, 13th-15th centuries
Coureas, Nicholas. (2017) - In: The Sea in history. 2. The medieval world S. 369-381

3Buchbeitrag  The Cartulary of the Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom of Nicosia: Editorial principles and contents
Coureas, Nicholas. (2017) - In: Studies Jirí Kejr S. 181-185

4Buchbeitrag  The events of the Fifth Crusade according to the Cypriot chronicle of 'Amadi'
Coureas, Nicholas. (2017) - In: The Fifth Crusade in Context. The Crusading Movement in the Early Thirteenth Century S. 185-191

5Buchbeitrag  The Perception and Evaluation of Foreign Soldiers in the Wars of King Peter i of Cyprus: The Evidence of the Cypriot Chronicles and Its Shortcomings
Coureas, Nicholas. (2017) - In: The Medieval chronicle 11 S. 108-126

6Buchbeitrag  Latin Cyprus and its relations with the Mamluk sultanate, 1250-1517
Coureas, Nicholas. (2016) - In: The Crusader World S. 391-418

7Buchbeitrag  Commercial Relations Between Lusignan Cyprus and the Kingdom of Naples in the Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries
Coureas, Nicholas. (2016) - In: Crusader landscapes in the medieval Levant S. 277-288

8Buchbeitrag  The manumission of Hospitaller slaves on fifteenth-century Rhodes and Cyprus
Coureas, Nicholas. (2016) - In: The Military Orders 6 Tl. 1 S. 106-114

9Artikel  A Process of Secularization? Venetian Hospitallers and Hospitaller Estates in Cyprus after 1474
Coureas, Nicholas. (2016) - In: Ordines militares Bd. 21 (2016) S. 111-127

10Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Coureas, Nicholas. (2016)

11Buchbeitrag  The Latin and Greek Churches in Former Byzantine Lands under Latin Rule
Coureas, Nicholas. (2015) - In: A Companion to Latin Greece S. 145-184

12Buchbeitrag  Islands East and West: Commerce between Cyprus, Majorca and Sardinia in the Early Fourteenth Century
Coureas, Nicholas. (2015) - In: Medieval Cyprus - a place of cultural encounter S. 175-183

13Artikel  How Frankish was the Frankish Ruling Class of Cyprus? Ethnicity and Identity
Coureas, Nicholas. (2015) - In: Epeteris Bd. 37 (2015) S. 61-78

14Buchbeitrag  Pottery and its Uses in the Latin Church of Cyprus (ca. 1283-1367)
Coureas, Nicholas. (2014) - In: Cypriot Medieval Ceramics. Reconsiderations and New Perspectives S. 247-253

15Buchbeitrag  Animals and the Law: A Comparison Involving Three Thirteenth-century Legal Texts from the Latin East
Coureas, Nicholas. (2014) - In: Essays Peter Edbury S. 135-144

16Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Walsh, Michael J. K.Kiss, TamasCoureas, Nicholas. (2014) - In: The Harbour of all this Sea and Realm. Crusader to Venetian Famagusta S. 3-19

17Buchbeitrag  Apprentice Artisans and craftsmen in Famagusta in the Notarial Deeds of Lamberto di Sambuceto and Giovanni da Rocha, 1296-1310
Coureas, Nicholas. (2014) - In: The Harbour of all this Sea and Realm. Crusader to Venetian Famagusta S. 69-75

18Buchbeitrag  Religion and Ethnic Identity in Lusignan Cyprus: How the various groups saw themselves and were seen by others
Coureas, Nicholas. (2014) - In: Identity-Identities in Late Medieval Cyprus S. 13-25

19Artikel  Between Hospitaller Rhodes and Lusignan Cyprus: The Case of the Zaplana Family
Coureas, Nicholas. (2014) - In: Ordines militares Bd. 19 (2014) S. 143-156

20Buchbeitrag  Amanieu Son of Bernard. Count of Astarac, Croisé Manqué? Deconstructing the Myth of an Eighteenth-century Crusader
Olympios, Michales. (2014) - In: Essays Peter Edbury S. 145-154

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